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Have prot warriors been left behind? {WoW}

Mar 13th 2008 4:18PM If there are three tanks you want one paladin, one druid and one warrior. No class but warrior sees a problem with this. You don't now look at "needs 5 healers" and think "needs five holy priests", and you shouldn't look at "needs 4 tanks" and think "needs 4 prot warriors".

Do I think there are a glut of prot warriors? Of course, but this is because it used to be the kings. And I think a lot of resentment against prot warriors comes from the ego that built up when they were essential, unique and required. That's not true any more, and I wish warriors would stop acting like this is some sort of crime. Warriors are like the spoiled children who have finally discovered that there are other kids who get to use the playground too.

The game now supports about a third of the prot warriors it used to, but the game is also growing still. Over time things will even out, but in the meantime don't assume that just because there are three times as many of you there should be three times as many roles for you to play.

Prot Paladins display their unrivaled threat generation {WoW}

Mar 10th 2008 11:06AM For Kael you not only are looking for a warrior, you are looking for a warrior with improved defensive stance. Alternatively you are looking for someone with 24k+ health, which is, let's face it, easiest for bears, easier for Paladins and wicked hard for warriors to hit at that gear level.

We use warrior tanks because, seriously, what else are you going to do with these sad warriors standing around looking lost? If we could we'd trim it down to two warriors (who'd rotate) and grab a pair of paladins and a pair of druids as the other rotating tanks. T6 content only needs 3 tanks, and padding out the healing or dps on pulls with one tank is a major win.

And really, there are times when a bear is the right answer. "How high is your health?" the boss asks. "High enough," says the bear.

On age discrimination {WoW}

Jan 4th 2008 12:40PM So I lied about my age on the internet for years. More, I participated in WikiWikiWeb, where comments could be completely anonymous. Why? Because people discount, patronize and generally treat you like a second class citizen when they discover you are under age 20 and the internet is the one place where I could have real discussion where people took me seriously. Now that I'm well over that age I try my best to keep that in mind when dealing with modern young people.

Look, we're playing a game. Yes, it is a social game with a social component, but it's still a GAME, with no real-life consequences. And we're PLAYING. Isn't that the definition of immature? And cursing constantly, yup, sounds like something teenagers do. The skills required for raiding are things that the newer generation is simply better at than the old. Smart kids can balance their homework and raiding the same way you can balance housework or time with your spouse/children. Understanding parents help them, just like understanding spouses will support your raiding habit.

I have met 30-year-olds in this game who use l33t speak and are jerks to the people around them. I've met 50-year-olds who loved to play but didn't understand their class. I'd much rather play with the kid who's excited, engaged, up on his class, role and expected behavior than an adult with entitlement issues, poor grammar and flaky commitment schedules. If you are saying 18+ because you want to be able to curse, fine, but know that the smart kids are going to tell you they are 19 or 20 and you will never know the difference.

Then again, I have an alt with whom I lie about my gender still for the same reason. Not with my main raiding group, but sometimes I like to skip out to Kara or 5-mans and get to be part of the crowd instead of a weird outsider no one takes seriously.

The internet is slowly making things like age and gender as irrelevant as they can be. When all that's left to judge you on is your behavior, how will you measure up?

Insider Trader: Some disenchanted evening {WoW}

Dec 21st 2007 3:26PM I am a rogue. If disenchanters are going to keep shards, I'd assume I get to keep the loot from the chest. After all we both leveled our "gathering" professions, right?

Shards are the expensive part of any enchant and we all need enchants. The way I get mine are through 5-man runs. I've *never* heard of enchanters getting preferential shards, and any that insisted on it I wouldn't run with. Period. You aren't willing to share loot, I'm not willing to help you get it.

When I'm on my enchanter I disenchant things no one needs. When you are on yours you do. The "gathering" part of your profession was all the 30 silver quest rewards I vendored off that you get to turn into real cash, or disenchanting your old gear when you get upgrades.

I will mule for guild/raiding alliance runs, but I roll on the spot in PUGs. I've had too many PUGs fall apart or disconnect or the disenchanter hop through a portal (probably innocuously) to be comfortable saving them for the end.

Encrypted Text: Upcoming Rogue changes {WoW}

Dec 21st 2007 2:29PM Try PvP, or a boss fight. Basically in PvE you are only dealing with Blizzard's server, but in PvP the checks for "you hit with an autoattack" as so small that if a hunter is autoshooting you will never successfully Vanish. All it is good for is getting pets to deaggro briefly.

Encrypted Text: Upcoming Rogue changes {WoW}

Dec 21st 2007 2:27PM Rogues aren't getting buffed.

Rogues of nearly any spec will do less damage after the patch, with the one exception of deep subtlety daggers. Shadowstep's sprint means it's possible it won't be completely useless (lag means you nearly always landed out of range), but it is not a real "buff".

I'm sorry, but 5% less damage on Subtlety's main attack multiplier is not a buff no matter how happy the ShSers are that the rest of us are getting nerfed.

Legal files reveal IGE and Affinity connection once and for all {WoW}

Dec 21st 2007 2:06PM The armory is ugly, slow, unstable and causes firefox to freeze up. It also has all the superfluous bits characteristic of the World of Warcraft official look.

Personally I'd still use Wowhead even if Blizzard began offering an alternative.

Enter to win a $5k Dell WoW Edition notebook {WoW}

Dec 16th 2007 7:20PM Alliance!

Insider Trader: Gatherers behaving badly {WoW}

Dec 10th 2007 2:48PM As a transmute specialist I payed 400g for a chance at those extra procs. I have two options I offer; One, I have mights already made up and you can pay me for the use of my transmute timer. 5g is reasonable, since I'm giving up about 15g in opportunity cost of not transmuting earth to water.

Alternatively I charge 30g for a transmute where all procs are yours. I will invite you into the group, transmute next to you, and hand them all back. Note, though, this may not result in anything since I haven't gotten a proc since 2.3 came out.

I have people demand that I sell any procs at some reduced rate and so forth, and I don't think they understand that if I wasn't doing this for them it's a straight-up 15g money maker for me, with an additional chance of up to 120g bonus. I'm not handing them things I've paid good money for the chance to get without some form of compensation. Even when I transmute for guildies none of them expect any extras to come for free; generally they are happy that they can get their batch in one day from the quantity I try to keep on hand.

WoW Moviewatch: A commercial parody {WoW}

Dec 10th 2007 2:09PM This commercial is... mostly kind of sad. Ah, well, they can't all be winners.

And I agree with Jess; I'm pretty annoyed that with 5 commercials they couldn't find a single woman. How are little girls supposed to grow up to be corpse-camping jerks without solid rolemodels? Seriously, though, as a woman gamer it's all the more alienating when the company doesn't seem aware of your existence, on top of all the stupid garbage you have to deal with from your fellow gamers.