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Gold Capped: GDKP raiding for fun and profit {WoW}

Jun 15th 2010 6:02AM On Muradin I started organizing GDKP Runs about 6 weeks ago.
I have 3 Level 80 toons. The full thread w/ explanations can be found at

Between, 3x ToC 25 and 2xICC 25's being run each week, here are some fun facts:

On average, 300,000 gold exchanges hands per week
The largest pot has been over 100,000gold
The ToC 25 Gold Run has never failed to do a full clear
The ICC 25 Gold Run is 7/12 +1 Hard Mode, making it 18th on 25M Progression according to WoWProgress as of 6/13/2010 (
17+ people report making over 10,000g from a single run from the cut+sales of BoE items!
2xpeople picked up the Blood for their ShadowMourne quest chain
1xperson picked up 7 Shards for his ShadowMourne quest chain

Total Gold distributed to date: 1, 002,002 gold.
Range of gold per person per run: 300g /person - 3670g / person
Last Run: ICC on 6/13/2010: 3:37:00 total length of time of run: 2650g/ person - 7/12 Bosses Down

Breakfast Topic: Where will you be on patch day? {WoW}

Nov 5th 2007 8:17AM I'll be casting fearward at random times. Why? BECAUSE I CAN!

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