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New loot added to Zul'Aman timed event {WoW}

Jan 17th 2008 12:11PM alright, buddy. calm down, it's only a joke.

New loot added to Zul'Aman timed event {WoW}

Jan 17th 2008 11:06AM great, more gear for the casters. where's the holy paladin love, blizz?

Bugs confirmed for Cloak of Shadows and Vanish {WoW}

Dec 7th 2007 7:45PM Wait a min, there's a bug in the rogue's ability to use Cloak of Shadow and Vanish, and therefore they can't use it?

I say, GOOD!. Them fuckers are overpowered anyways. it's about time they learn fight like real men and stop running out of battle whenever they're live hits 20.

WoW Moviewatch: Hard like heroic {WoW}

Nov 7th 2007 12:14PM zomg. this made my day.

PTR Notes: Hypothermia reduced, weapon racials changed {WoW}

Nov 7th 2007 10:38AM Let the mages get the cd for their Iceblock reduced. I couldn't care less, I'll just my priest partner to dispell it.

Case closed.

The sad state of BG healing {WoW}

Oct 11th 2007 3:42PM Responding to Comment 49:

Again, you are not getting my point. The reason why WOW created a ret spec is they believe that paladin can do Dps, but guess what? we can't, anyone who believes that doesn't understand the role of paladin. Luckily, they made the holy tree the best spec to be in battground: best surviablity and best healing.

My point is, regardless if it's AV/WSG/AB the reason why alliance continues to lose is because noone heals. If you're dead, you are useless no matter how much your mace hits or whatever your firebolts crits.

Second of all, addressing the situtation of paladin defending a tower, 1) no priest is gonna waste soo much on a mass dispel for you bubble, 2) even if they do, with the correct holy spec, you can heal right through it, 3) if noone helps you or responds to your needs for help, that's not my problem, that's your grps problems.

Third: "PvP is trying to make the most use of your character's abilities and personal skills (I'm talking of initiative, determination and decision making rather than skill at playing)" I'm sorry you got that complete backwards. Battlegrounds ARE a taste of skills and NOT determination..etc. If you played arena you will understand that if you do understand the full range of your character, you will get killed and your team will lose.

Finally: I'll address my point again, you can play whatever spec you want, but ask yourself why do you want to be play another DPS when there are forty guys doing the same job? Wouldn't it make more sense to break out the healing gear and keep your comrades alive? I say yes but i'm sure you'll disagree with me, one that point i have no control over that.

The sad state of BG healing {WoW}

Oct 11th 2007 1:35PM Responding to 39:

"Classism" so be it. I have no problem being called that. "Popular" Ouch, I honestly did not play WoW just to be popular, thank you very much. But back to what you said..

Regardless of how much HKs and Towers you cap (which by the way, doesn't matter if we lose the game), the thought of being a ret pally is waste of space. It's bad enough the majority of the alliances teams thinks DPS is the only way to go, healing also the most important. You can do all the DPS you want and take the towers you needs, you still die and lose it someone in the team isn't healing you. BTW- are you telling me a holy paladin (withe best healing/suriviability in the game, cannot last long enough defending a tower until reinforments to come?)

Besides that, battleground and raid are very much similar by 90 percent. Both needs to have balance of the need for DPS and Healing, if one has more than the other, than the game is the gone, so you will get swamp.

And finally, my comment is strictly my opinion on what paladin should be regarding bg and that is healing. IF you want to play as ret and pretend to think you can do DPS, that's fine by me, then please do not start wondering why in the world is the alliance losing all the time. You may do a ton of dps, it still doesn't matter when you're dead and waiting 40 seconds in the graveyard.

The sad state of BG healing {WoW}

Oct 11th 2007 8:11AM Responding to everyone regarding Comment #1:

I do player a paladin who understands his role is to heal in battleground, therefore I have right to start questioning people decision to do dps instead of playing their class correctly that can benefit everyone in the game.

Secondly, regarding other class heals. I have no problem with that, but truthfully those class (ie, shaman, druids) are more likely to have uses as a tank and dps. Can anyone honestly say they would take a ret paladin over a boomkin or a elemenetal shammy? (Honestly, any good guild wouldn't take them for even raiding).

Third, I think Comment 17 said it the best, ". What should matter is winning, and people who can act like a team are the ones who win." After since patch 2.2 alliance has been complaining all the horde has been kicking their ass in AV, well one of the reason (not the only reason) is because alliances refused to understand there's more to battleground than getting more HKs and DPS. It's about winning. Therefore Alliances players shouldn't be complaining about horde winning if they don't want to be team player and play their class correctly.

The sad state of BG healing {WoW}

Oct 10th 2007 7:29PM I'm still waiting for all the paladin out to realize in battleground, their job is the heal, not wipe a big two-handled mace and pretend they can actually do damage.

Btw- that's one of the reasons why alliances loses.

Arena rating requirement likely 1800 or 1900 {WoW}

Sep 5th 2007 2:16PM that's just messed up.