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The Dos and Don'ts of getting a port {WoW}

Dec 23rd 2008 3:19PM I think he called you a troll because 'retard' is politically incorrect. A mage isn't the shopkeeper in a portal store. Unless they're spamming portals for sale in trade, there's an expectation of some common courtesy when you interrupt whatever they're doing.

The Dos and Don'ts of getting a port {WoW}

Dec 23rd 2008 2:57PM I'm quite generous with my tips, although it's generally only once per toon to set hearth to the highest level city. I just go to Org and whisper the first high level mage I see between the AH and mailbox. "can I buy a port to Dalaran?" has always been sufficient, unless they're afk. On my main I tipped 20g because it was a big event for me and signified some effort on the mage's part to be leveled, on subsequent toons I've been tipping 10g, just because. All but once the simply invited and opened the port without asking how much or waiting for it up front, and I opened trade as they were casting. One time the mage immediately responded "5g", so that's all he got.

Forum post of the day: Table plz {WoW}

Jul 9th 2008 3:18PM @ Pål

Do you even comprehend that you just reinforced what people are saying about mages? Look up primadonna in the dictionary - to paraphrase your post, "I won't contribute to the group until they sufficiently please me." They have to not only ask for a table, but ask nicely enough that you grant their wish? Nobody should have to ask before you perform your role ... putz.

Forum post of the day: Table plz {WoW}

Jul 9th 2008 2:15PM Mages seem to have become the primadonnas of WoW. My priest blows 24 reagents each and

every AV, that's over 2 gold per round. Do you see anyone asking for fort buffs? Not

likely because they already have them - I like my team to be as strong as possible. And

I don't do it for the thank yous or attention, I genuinely enjoy contributing to my

team regardless of recognition. It's pretty clear people feel the need to smother mages in thank you's when they can be bothered to drop a table and I understand full well that mages need a little extra patting to keep them interested in team play... So keep kissing their asses if it gets me biscuits, that means more prolific heals and buffing for all of you.

The argument that people should have their own food is moronic. We all have our own

food, but it makes the team stronger to have a greater supply. A person is a lot more likely to top off their health or mana every time they have a non-battle moment when it's free and convenient to do so. When I have a huge amount of biscuits I'll buff everyone in sight, every time we're not in battle, then sit and recover that mana. Same for dropping renews on everyone in range with the slightest loss of health. If I have to dip into my more limited and costly supply of water I don't go that extra mile.

I'm not sure if some mages are lazy, cheap, or ignorant - but too many of them have a real chip on their shoulder about dropping tables. Biscuits help the team and sometimes you can go several rounds before finding a mage that is a team player. After extended periods of triple buffing the raid and seeing multiple mages do nothing of the sort, it gets to the point where I wish I could remove the buffs I gave them, but again I'm a team player so their sorry asses go into the fight with the best support I can give them - clueless all the while and probably mumbling under their breath about selfish and demanding teammates who had the nerve to request a table /rolleyes

Racism in arena names {WoW}

May 13th 2008 3:23PM Comedy is disrespectful - you must be very sad when you watch Letterman or Family Guy. Sure the name is in bad taste and will offend legions of fat white nerds who think they're defending something, but I'm more offended by the author's ignorant accusations that everyone involved in that team are racists and so are their "racist friends".

Same stupid argument all over again, what'll we get offended about today, religion, race, the word "gay"? Unclench, or do you intend to carry your chair around with you every time you stand up?

Curse launches oddly familiar WoW database {WoW}

Feb 5th 2008 11:23AM What's with the constant fellating of Wowhead by WowInsider? I've always found Wowwiki, Allakazam, and even Thottbot to be superior. Who cares if a second rate site is getting copied.

Reasoning out 2.3 patch timing {WoW}

Nov 6th 2007 3:54PM Blizz hasn't said anything about giving us notice, that's the arena season 3 you're thinking of and it isn't tied to patch 2.3. It'll be out within a week or 2, they don't push the content to pre-download unless it's close.

Money money money by the pound {WoW}

Oct 29th 2007 8:47PM Another tip to get you over that dry spell - between 1000 and 2000g it seems that 5000g is just unattainable, that you'll run out of energy getting there. What I did (and so did a co-worker I suggested it to):

Have a fire sale. Everything must go. All those random obects you've been saving, all those enchanting mats, all that incredibly useful stuff you've packratted away. Sell it. Sell that extra spellcloth or mooncloth or whatever. Dump those primals onto the market.

You make a sick amount of money, and the beauty of it is, you can BUY IT BACK. When you need any of those fantastic items, you can find one on the AH and at worst you're paying a tiny markup over what yours sold for. But if you have your epic flyer earning gold is now very very easy, so who cares.

Sell your crap, sell your valuables. Get your epic flyer. Make crazy cash and buy wtf-ever you want. This got me from 2000g to about 3500g mainly from hoarded primal shadows (cleverly bought before the drop rate got nerfed), spellcloth/mooncloth, and enchanting mats, yes ALL of them except 1 stack of each outland one.

If you ahve trouble selling anything just use the current AH prices. Don't go by auctioneer, just look at current market value, undercut it, sell. I perpetually had 3 stacks of 2 greater planars on the AH, and various sizes of arcane dust, replacing them whenever they sold. Same for spellcloth, 2 singles at a time, and they kept on selling until that 10-stack had transformed into 500g. And guess what, my mage dutifully kept cranking out spellcloth and only had to wait an extra week or two for his spellcloth set. Also once the cash was flowing (epic mount) it was easier to just buy the required primal fires than to grind them out.

Money money money by the pound {WoW}

Oct 29th 2007 8:32PM Pick up mining and do your dailies.

There are 4 in ogri'la and 2 in skettis, which was 78g direct cash when i was doing them. So add in the random drops (fire elementals in ogri'la, cloth etc.., a green or three) and it's 100g a day. These can be done in an hour (I had ogri'la down to 30 minutes for all 4 over lunch break)

So that's balpark 700g a week from ONLY the dailies. Assuming you do any other questing or farming you can easily bump that up to 1000g a week. That's 5 weeks for an epic mount doing an hour of dailies and maybe an extra hour or two a week of farming.

Mining is just gravy, but it comes into play mainly after your epic mount. Once you're in netherwing the gold flows like water. There are more dailies in a more concentrated area. Do mining as you do your booterang (and ore) quest and it's just free money. I was back over 2000g in what felt like a matter of days.

The ore nodes that drop the special turn-in only ore for netherwing also drop the usual node goodies, expect lots of primal earth and primal fire, with a bonus blue gem every day or two (there's another 50g windfall). Because they are quest ore nodes they respawn quickly and are plentiful. It was so easy to make money I found myself doing so many circuits of netherwing island that I was afraid I had OCD, I just couldn't stop making free cash. Stack upon stack of adamantite and even the turn-in ore vendors for 3g a stack.

Say hello to epiced out lowbie alts, because money is no object. Hell I bought 11 50g-ish gems with +spell hit for my mage simply because I wanted him to have more +hit rolling into Kara. And there's another moneymaker, a 2nd 70 doing his 100g of dailies :) I simply don't have the time to collect all that cash...

PTR Notes: Shadowstep slightly buffed, repair bot cheapened {WoW}

Oct 24th 2007 2:36PM oooh it holds 20 pots? even better!