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  • Elemental: Can take points placed in Elemental Warding for other talents if so desired.
  • Enhancement:  Enhancement. Points in tier 2 can be placed either in Call of Flame or Elemental Warding.

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  • Three Classes In One?
    Like all true hybrids, Shamans are remarkably versatile. They can heal, they can melee, they can nuke. And like all true hybrids, they can only do one of these things, and then only if they properly gear and spec for it.
  • A summary of Shaman super skills
    A few days ago, I was playing on my shaman and received a strange tell from a GM in-game. "Excuse me, player, but you've been reported for using an exploit in the game." WHAT?!? I've been playing since day 1, and have never used anything but approved mods. What on Earth could I have been reported for doing?? "The person reported you using an exploit to walk on water."
  • Is the Shaman an endangered species?
    Why are there so few shamans in the game? If you look at the numbers we first saw in Mike's post this week, it's glaringly obvious that there are fewer shamans than any other class in the game by a huge margin.
  • Totem Twisting: Are Shamans the Bards of WoW?
    Totem Twisting is when you drop 2 totems of the same element in such a way that you have both of them active concurrently. Usually, the Shaman will drop Windfury to get the 10 second buff and then immediately drop Grace of Air until just before the Windfury buff is up. With creative use of hotkeys and a good rhythm, you can keep both totems active simultaneously. This technique is very mana intensive and severely limits the other things you can do at the same time.
  • Let's raid!
    Okay. You've hit 70. Now what? Now you begin working towards what they call endgame!
  • Shamans as pinch hitters
    This week, we'll talk about those times when, either by accident or design, you end up having to fill an off-spec role. Usually, this means an elemental or enhancement shammy has to fall back and throw some heals, but not always: my resto shaman has ended up in groups with other healers and actually had to switch over to casting lightning bolts at things on a couple of occasions.
  • The three trees
    Being a shaman, like the other hybrids, means that you end up picking a role and dedicating your time to it. You spend your talent points in one of the trees, run instances, PvP, and raid for gear to supplement that role, and you find yourself with lesser viability in other roles.
  • PvP and other pastimes
    PvP is a sensitive subject among some shamans. Elemental shamans basically PvP with a specific talent build that allows them a large burst of damage up front (so specific that it was nearly nerfed, which would have gutted elemental as a PvP build), enhancement shamans have been complaining of mobility and dispelling issues with their abilities for some time (leading up to some as yet still intended changes for the spec in 2.4) and resto shamans heal things and get killed for it.
  • Shaman guide for beginners
    The following document was created to help Shaman, specifically Draenei Shaman, as they find themselves as the new class in the Alliance. It's also useful for those who are about to group with a Shaman (or two or three), to understand what role a shammy will play in your group or raid.
  • So you've decided to roll a Shaman?
    As is the case with most classes, the first ten levels aren't representative of how the class plays later. Whether you're intending to be a healer, a melee DPSer or a caster, you'll be playing those ten levels more or less the same due to the limited spate of abilities you'll have access to.
  • Leveling from 21 to 40
    To my mind, this is where most of the meat of the class is, where you really start to get the cool abilities and understand how shamans work, how they amplify other classes and stand out from the pack.
  • Leveling from 41 to 60
    Parts one and two of the series got you up to level 40. You're wearing mail (most likely the Scarlet Monastery blues, especially for aspiring enhancement shamans) and ready to begin the march to Outland.
  • Leveling beyond the Dark Portal
    You've gone forth and run instances, done totem quests, gotten geared up, stripped the feathers off of trolls in Sunken Temple, and are now level 58 - 60. That means it's time to take a trip through the Dark Portal and into Outland, starring Sean Connery. No, no, I'm wrong, sorry about that. This particular Outland you're about to step into stars you, and a host of others played by your friends, guildmates, and even jerks who clog up general chat telling incredibly dumb jokes about their own 'Pits of Aggonar' which will have you putting them on ignore so fast your fingers will actually hurt afterwards.
  • The ins and outs of totem placement
    I love playing a Shaman, and one of the main reasons is the unique gameplay of totem buffs. Paladins can buff just as well as we can (if not better-- those blessings are very nice, I'll admit), but no other class can just slam down a totem into the landscape, and either buff a group or damage mobs instantly.
  • Where do they get those wonderful totems?
    The totem quests are a fun, sometimes easy, sometimes challenging way for a new shaman to get a handle on the class. Well, I think they're fun, anyway. Except that water one,
  • The Sentry Totem
    Yes, this column is going to be about Sentry Totem. No, seriously. It really is. Okay, look, if I give you a few minutes to stop laughing, can we get serious about this? Okay? I'll just be over here, waiting. You collect yourselves and when you're done we'll get started.
  • Using your totems wisely
    I sputtered a lot and went on and on about kids today and their weird hairstyles and their baggy or overly tight jeans (whichever is currently the issue) and their non-totem dropping ways. What would be next, telling aspiring shamans not to use shocks? Don't cast lightning bolts? Why I never!
  • Build Shop: Shaman 40/0/21
    Shaggyg on Destromath thinks this build, taking points in both Ele and Resto, should "increase crits and improve casting performance" once his up-and-coming shaman hits endgame.
  • The masters of the elements
    Elemental shamans are the ones who burn your face off. They don't particularly want to get in people's faces and bash away, they're the smart ones who prefer to zap you at range. Most of the talents in the tree focus on increasing your range or damage with lightning bolt or chain lightning spells or lowering the cooldown and increasing the damage of your instant cast shock spells.
  • Leveling build for an Enhancement Shaman
    Due to popular demand, I'm going to talk about a Shaman leveling build, specifically the one I chose in getting to 60. After 60, due to itemization, you have a lot more options.
  • Build Shop: Shaman 0/45/16
    I'm looking at an Enhancement build this week that's built for raid damage yet provides a good amount of utility and group buffs. As expected, the majority of the points go into the Enhancement tree, but instead of putting the remaining points into Elemental to buff personal DPS, this build places them in Restoration in order to provide stronger utility for the raid and additional hit chance for you.
  • Training yourself to heal
    Maybe you leveled as enhancement or elemental and switched to resto at 70. Or maybe you're starting out levelling a healing shammy. Either way, you need to practice the fine art of healing.
  • Build Shop: Shamans 15/5/41
    And so I filled out Resto talents first off in mind of raiding, and secondly with the option to do some damage when possible. It worked well, because some of the Resto talents vibe really well with Shaman DPS capabilities
  • The ultimate guide to Restoration talents
    I have often made fun of how much gold Onnix has wasted on respecs. He used to spec one way for raiding and another for his non-raiding activities. He also experiments with new talents whenever he feels the urge. He has stayed with his current spec for some time now for survivability when soloing and healing for raiding.
  • The (healing) chaos at the back of the party
    So you've decided to heal. Maybe you're full resto, or maybe you're an enhancement or elemental shaman but you have good healing gear and you need to heal for some reason. Perhaps your raid needs just a little extra healing. Perhaps you really just want to get that Shadow Labs run out of the way before 2.4 comes in and the only slot open is for a healer. Maybe you just like being yelled at by people if you don't keep them at full health at all times.
  • Pre-raid gear: Belts, bracers, and boots
    This time we'll cover belts, bracers and boots for the three specs, as well as some generic pieces that can fill a need for more variety. Belts, bracers and boots are often the hardest things to find since they're not often covered in the new dungeon sets, so it seemed to make sense to start with them first.
  • Gearing up Elemental from 60 to 65 and 66 to 69
    Frankly, it's very tempting to spec elemental when you hit Outland if you haven't already, as there's a lot of decent spell damage mail available just from quests.
  • Hybrid itemization in patch 2.4 and beyond
    We do plan to have more specs share some loot. I know it's great when the Retribution-Paladin piece drops, but that's a piece that isn't good for 26 other classes/specs, so hopefully we can make it so the item will apply to more classes/specs so even the randomness of loot won't be so much of a big deal." -Bornakk on Wrath of the Lich King
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