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Patch 1.10 changes revealed

In an unprecedented move, Blizzard has released notes for patch 1.10, as found in Community Manager Bashiok's personal notebook. Some of the changes will include:
  • Quests completed at the level cap that no longer increase experience will now reward gold.
  • Many items in Blackrock Depths will become blue quality items, better representing the dungeon's difficulty.
  • Many bracers, belts and gloves will become bind on equip, making gearing up for harder dungeons like BRD and UBRS easier and more accessible.
Here's the full annoucement:

New changes
I found an old notebook in a box and so I wanted to share some changes we're expecting to come through.

In patch 1.10 we're going to make it so that when you're at level cap completing quests will turn XP into gold. So that should be a good change, there will still be a reason to complete quests at max level. We're also going to update some items. In BRD almost all items are going to become blue quality, so that should be a nice upgrade for people. Also all bracers, belts, and gloves will be BoE. Which should help get more people geared up through the AH to tackle this difficult dungeon.

We'll keep you updated should we find any other old notes that are no longer new or exciting.

We live in exciting times.
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Blizzard Suspends Thousands of Accounts

Gold farmers beware: Blizzard has been cracking down hard on TOS violations since the 1.10 patch, and according to the official website, they have cancelled over 5,000 accounts & suspended another 10,000 for using third-party programs & other cheats in order to secure gold or items in the game.

I, for one, applaud Blizzard's stance & tenacity on this subject...but I also think they're fully aware that those 15,000 or so people will just be plunking down another $50 for the game again soon, so it's win/win for the boys in blue. I still like the crucifixion idea, myself...

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More Rumblings About the Weather

Well, I still haven't seen one single snowflake. not a raindrop...nothing. I've been running around Ellwyn Forest & Stranglethorn Vale all week, and it's been dry as a bone the entire time. And I even bought a nice, new umbrella for the occasion...

I guess there really are weather effects in there somewhere now, though, because has a lengthy article on the new weather system, with some interesting bits of behind-the-scenes trivia about it from the devs. Five years in the making? Great, but can I just see it for five seconds, please?

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Updated Mods for 1.10

If you've logged into WoW since the new patch & found that your favorite add-on no longer works, head over to WoW Vault; they've posted a constantly-updating list of the latest UI add-ons to be updated for v1.10.

Personally, I'm not a big user of add-ons & extras, but I do love my fishing buddy, and I'm glad to have him back!

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Thoughts on 1.10 So Far

Now that we've all had a (free) day or so to experience some of the changes in patch 1.10, people all over the net are starting to weigh in. A lot of players are, as to be expected, pretty disgruntled over the extended downtime & repeated outages, and some of the early reports from folks who have done the re-vamped instances have reported little noticable changes. And me...I still haven't seen a single raindrop. Not to mention the little incident with my corpse last night.

So, does anyone have anything positive to say about v1.10? Has any better loot dropped in the reworked dungeons? Been caught in a cool rainstorm? Found you can now rock the house with your re-built Priest? Give us some good news, people...

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Dude, Where's My Corpse?

Ok, usually I don't spend much time complaining about bugs, and I know we just went through a major update & there are bound to be some, but this is just downright annoying. Both my teammate & I got jumped by a couple of slightly-higher level Horde in Stranglethorn Vale, and when we awoke as ghosts, our graves were nowhere to be seen on the mini-map, and when we finally found & reached our corpses, there was no option to rez; we had to high-tail it all the way back to the spirit healer. Now I remember why I hate death penalties so darn much...

A few other people on the server are having the same problem; any of you guys out there unable to return to the land of the living?

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Where's the Weather?

Well, just like the rest of you, I waited patiently all day for the servers to come back online to see all the pretty new bells & whistles in v1.10; especially the new weather effects. Unfortunately for me, the forecast on Lightninghoof must have been clear with no chance of showers, because I ran all over the updated zones trying to spot so much as a cloud & I saw nothing.

How about you guys? Any of you storm chasers encounter any bad weather? Any rain in Ellywn Forest or snow over in Dwarf lands? Got any cool screenshots to share with us?

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Patch 1.10.1?

Community manager Drysc informs us that all servers have been taken offline (as of approximately 6:20 PM PST) to fix an "issue" with patch 1.10.  There's no current ETA on bringing the servers back online, nor any information (that I can locate) about what the problem may be.  More updates as they come!

Update: As of 9:00 PM PST the login message reports that the issue has been resolved and we should expect to see servers back online within the next 90 minutes.

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Official 1.10 Patch Notes

The 1.10 patch notes seem to be live on the official World of Warcraft site, though they have not yet been linked from the front page.  Read on, and be prepared for the test realms coming up next week!

Major highlights include....
  • Weather effects
  • Level 60 dungeon re-itemization
  • Maximum level of players allowed into some dungeons has been lowered
  • Level 60s will now be able to complete quests for monetary rewards instead of experience
  • Final destination flight paths

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Patch 1.10 News: Priest Updates

If you're a priest, you're no doubt looking forward to patch 1.10 with both anticipation and dread.  That's right, 1.10 is the priest's turn for a class review, and while final details are scarce, the announcements so far are promising. 

On Blizzard's agenda:
  • New talents - expect from one to four brand new talents in each tree
  • Talent reorganization - streamlining of all trees, with a focus on Holy and Discipline
  • Racial abilities - Dwarves are still the only ones with fear ward, but the proposed changes make other racials look appealing, as well
  • Inner Fire - the attack power bonus is being removed and replaced with... something!  Hopefully there will be more info on this soon.
  • Greater Heal - will have its casting time reduced by a full second and be made more mana efficient (though whether that will be by lowering its mana cost or increasing the amount healed is unclear)
  • Holy Fire - will no longer require a talent investment
  • Power Word: Shield - Eyonix has stated that they're working on improving its scaling (for those of you unfamiliar with PW:S, all of a priest's healing spells can be improved by aquiring healing gear, while the power of PW:S remains static), but has not yet provided any details on actual changes
  • Group buffs - expect group versions of both divine spirit and shadow protection

Eyonix is collecting feedback on the racial changes, so if you have a suggestion, you may want to post it!

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Read my lips, no new instances...

Some confusion has surfed on the forums about what will be in patch 1.10. Caydiem has come out to set everyone straight, no new instances in 1.10!  I guess someone confused the fact that a new tier (dubbed 0.5) armor set is being released in the next patch, so they assumed that meant a new place to farm for that new set.

What other 1.10 patch rumors are you guys hearing?

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