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Mage & Shaman Talent Calculators

Official talent calculators have been released for the recently reviewed mage and shaman talent trees.  These provide a clearer picture of the mage and shaman revisions than the already available text-based descriptions for the classes.  To those dissatisfied with these changes, I can only encourage you to wait until we see how they play out on the test realms. 

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What to Expect in 1.11

News about patch 1.11 has come from Blizzard at a snail's pace - one tiny bit at a time.  While there's been a good amount of information released, it's difficult to keep track.  However, WoWWiki has the answer, with a neatly compiled list of released changes, along with links to the source information.  But no, no, not even they know what's in store for the mage and shaman reviews.

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Innervate: Trainable Skill in Patch 1.11

In patch 1.11, the druid's 31-point restoration talent Innvervate will be made a trainable skill.  Replacing Innervate is a new talent called Swiftmend, which will consume a rejuvenation or regrowth effect to produce an instant heal (if you're familiar with the warlock's Conflagrate talent, it seems to be the same concept).  This should come as welcome news for raiding druids, who have long since been forced into restoration talent builds due to many guilds' requirement for Innervate.  Hopefully this change will allow end-game druids more flexibility to pick talent specs based on how they enjoy playing their characters, rather than their guilds' need for Innervate. 

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Inventory Management

Managing limited inventory space continues to be a hassle, but Blizzard continues to make small tweaks to make things a little easier.  In this round of changes, expected to show up in patch 1.11, increases the stack size of leather (20), hides (10), cured hides (20), enchanting shards (20), enchanting dust (20), rogue poisons (20), rogue poison reagents (20), and flash powder (20).  Additional changes (herbs? ore? minerals? potions?) may be possible, but this is what's currently on the agenda for 1.11.

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New Weekly WoW Rant has launched anew feature called Weekly World of Warcraft, which takes a slightly diff'rent perspective from most of your other WoW sites; WWW is devoted exclusively to rants & raves about the player's frustrations with WoW & the things that need review; or at the very least, some acknowledgment.

This weeks edition, the 3rd so far, mainly deals with the implementations of the new dungeons in 1.11. The author has some opinions I don't necessarily agree with, but he makes some very interesting points & it's a good, informative read. Check it out over at their homepage.

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Surprise: Shaman Review Coming in 1.11

A few weeks ago, Eyonix made a post assuring shaman players that their review was coming "shortly after" the mage's review.  Knowing that mages are scheduled for patch 1.11, myself (and others) assumed this meant the shaman review would show up in patch 1.12.  However, it seems that both shamans and mages will be getting reviewed in 1.11.  While I've seen some complaining that reviewing two classes at once short-changes both, both mages and shamans seem to be eagerly awaiting the change announcements.  The EU forums have a thread requesting feedback and class concerns, though there's nothing similar up on the US side of yet.

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Fake Patch 1.11 Notes?

There are some odd and interesting patch notes floating around recently, initially showing up on a Chinese fan site.  With the quality of the English translation, it's difficult to understand what some of the items in the notes are trying to say, and thus difficult to come to a solid conclusion as to their validity.  However, you can look over a translation here and come to your own conclusions.  Personally, I lean towards them being myth - CM Tyren has already coming out claiming as much, and with real leaks, threads on the topic tend to mysteriously disappear.

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Improving Nature Resist Itemization

I've talked before about how important nature resist is in parts of Ahn'Qiraj and how difficult it is to find in Azeroth.  Well, today the Cenarion Circle reputation page was updated with a selection of craftable cloth and plate nature resist gear.  CM Eyonix has informed us that these will go live in patch 1.11, along with leather patterns (I can only presume no reputation is required, since they are not on the Cenarion Circle page) for sale in Southwind Village.  Having options for nature resist that don't require me to farm Maraudon is big plus.

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Introducing Naxxramas

In Warcraft lore, Naxxrammas is the floating necropolis that is home to the lich Kel'Thuzad - and it's going to be introduced in World of Warcraft in patch 1.11.  (For more lore on Naxxramas and Kel'Thuzad, check WowWiki.)  There's little solid information on the place, other  than that it will be a raid dungeon with many bosses.  Tseric chimed in today with a little additional information on how casual players will be able to fit in to this grand story-line.  He cryptically informs us:

In one way or another, this war will touch on players lives more directly, now that the lair of Kel'Thuzad hovers over the lands and the lich's influence is tangibly focused.

In the past, Tigole has also mentioned a world even that he refered to as the Scourge Invasion, but it's still unclear as to how this will actually manifest in the game world.  Any opinions?

Introducing: Keyrings!

keysEyonix announced this afternoon that keyrings have been implemented in the game starting with patch 1.11.  The keyring will hold multiple dungeon keys, and the number of keys your keyring will hold is based on level (4 for levels 40 and under, 8 for 41 to 50, and 12 for 51 and over).  While a small change, it certainly makes me happy - my bank will no longer be cluttered with keys and I'll have far fewer moments where I arrive at a dungeon only to say "Oops... that key is in my bank."

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Warcraft Designers on Class Reviews

There's an interview with Lead Game Designer Tom Chilton up on the official site on the topic of class reviews.  It gives us a bit of insight into how the developers approach the process as well as providing a bit of insight into what to expect for mages in patch 1.11.  Chilton hints at some of the must have talents in the arcane tree (possibly Evocation and Improved Arcane Explosion) being made available to all mages, as well as reducing the mage's downtime and improving the viability of frost/fire combination builds.

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Class Reviews: Who's Next?

If you've been playing for very long, you've noticed that each patch Blizzard focuses on a single class to tweak and (hopefully!) improve.  While we all know that 1.10 will feature the priest review, the as of yet un-reviewed classes (mage, rogue, and shaman) have been wondering who's next.  Today Eyonix let slip that mages will be the next class up for review.  Mages, let's hope for good things in your future!

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