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Collect Ironpaw Tokens for cooking essentials

Ironpaw tokens something something something ANY
One of the complaints about the new cooking Ways is regarding Ironpaw Tokens. Ironpaw Tokens are the currency for many things, from required cooking materials to fun vanity items.

I think that if you try for Master of the Ways right off the bat, you will run into problems getting enough Ironpaw Tokens to complete everything at once. There's a rush of tokens that you get at the start for completing the initial Way quests, but it soon drops off to a daily quest reward and whatever you can pile together as extra groceries. It's clearly meant to be completed at a gradual pace, in line with the pandaren's greeting, "Slow down!"

But regardless of the pace at which you wish to gain Ironpaw Tokens, here's the list of how you can get them.

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Have it your Way with the materials for 525-600 cooking

materials for cooking 525600 insert cool title here
You are not alone. The new branches of cooking in Pandaria are overwhelming for a lot of people. But remember the advice of various pandaren NPCs -- "Slow down" -- and don't try to rush everything at once. You will be Master of the Ways, someday. Just take it one punch at a time.

Know that you've already done a lot. You've leveled your cooking to 525. You've learned how the Ways work and perhaps you've chosen a Way already. It's now time to gather the ingredients until you master those Ways.

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