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My greatest strength is knowing my weaknesses

My warrior is different than my friend's warlock. This might seem like a rather basic and unimportant statement to a lot of people, especially those reading a WoW blog, but examine it further to draw some conclusions:
  1. The way I approach encounters will be different
  2. The way I approach the game will be different
  3. I can do things my friend's warlock cannot
  4. My friend's warlock can do things I cannot
Okay, so now we're a little deeper. The underlying premise of different classes is that the game becomes a different experience. When you play a game that's forced with one-on-one direct combat, versus indirect combat, the stress is changed a lot. You have to actually walk to to an enemy and shout in their face, while on a warlock you can just sit back and laugh at them making jokes about how they look and smell like a paladin while your pet takes the brunt of it all (and complains rightly so).

So what am I getting at?

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