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Making 2.3 install in Vista

Apparently, the new patch has been having some problems under Windows Vista. Based on the description of the symptoms, I imagine this would be the same for other patches, so many of you may know this fix already. But then, some of you may have just upgraded to Vista. Anyway, here's the problem: the patch downloads OK, but the patcher fails to run correctly. According to Growl at Gitr's blog, this is because of permissions; the "normal" user on Vista doesn't have admin permissions, and therefore can't do things like run patchers.

Fortunately, Growl has an easy solution. Just right-click the WoW icon and select "Run as administrator" (as depicted); log in and WoW will spawn the patch download, which will inherit its administrator privileges and, in turn, spin off the patcher, also running with admin privileges. Safety is good, Microsoft, but Vista might be a little too safe for its own good. Couldn't we at least have an alert asking us if we wanted to authorize the patcher?

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2.2 in review

As we're looking forward to a new patch tomorrow, it's appropriate to look back at the last patch and what it added to the game. While there were also several tweaks to class mechanics and items, the main thing it added was Blizzard-supported voice chat. Earlier today, Mike admitted that he hasn't ever used the voice chat, and aside from experimenting with it a bit on the day it was released, I haven't either. I don't do pickup groups much these days, but the few I've been in haven't bothered with the chat at all. This may be due to the fact that its sound quality isn't all that great and there may be other issues as well. People being embarrassed to talk out loud to total strangers or simply being habituated to typing in pickup groups are both possible reasons why the chat may be neglected. What's your experience with it? Have you used it much?

One of the other major changes in patch 2.2 was reporting AFKers in Alterac Valley. While I personally like this change, (if nothing else, it gives me something to do while protecting a flag,) for whatever reason, it seems to have skewed the battleground in the Horde's favor (my main PvPer at the moment is Alliance). Honestly, I haven't read a lot about the reasoning behind this phenomenon, and for all I know, it's different on other battlegroups. What's it like on your server? Do you like this change?

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Hardware sound acceleration to return in 2.3

There's yet more Patch 2.3 news, this time for people who have been having problems with sound ever since the sound upgrades in 2.2. As Cicero noted from his experience on the test realms, "all my sound problems were gone. I can hear myself cast again, no more clipped sounds..."

Those of you who have been suffering unduly may wish to go to the test realms and try it out. I haven't been able to do so myself due to some computer limitations, but I wonder if our readers who have visited the test realms can comment on any differences they can hear.

Are things really as good as Cicero says?

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Brooms not going bye-bye (yet)

Everyone is having so much fun with their Headless Horseman brooms these days during the Hallow's End event in WoW, but with an incorrect tooltip and heaps of confusion (including our own) about just how long they'll last, most players aren't quite sure just how much fun they're going to have.

Bornakk clears up some of the confusion (which he also had a hand in creating), saying that "the items with a duration on them won't all vanish on November first, you just won't be able to get any new ones." So now here is the factual summary of the official words on blizzard regarding your beloved broom mounts:
  1. They last for 14 days, not just for one ride.
  2. They last for 14 days of played game time on the character that possesses them, not 14 days of real time, and extending beyond the Hallow's End event for however long you keep them on an unplayed character.
Just think about how those of you who were patient and saved up your brooms on an alt can try and sell them later on when Hallow's End is over, but people still wish they could ride in witchy (or Quidditchy) style. Do you think they'll be worth something?

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WoW Moviewatch: The 2.2 Spectral Tiger

Sure, we've seen video of the ultra-rare Spectral Tiger Mount before. So why am I showing you new footage? Because as of patch 2.2, the Spectral Tiger's graphics have changed. And a lot of people who have had the luck (or money!) to acquire their own Spectral Tiger, the change, which altered the look of the mount's armor, is not an improvement. Blizzard, on the other hand, maintains that the change is actually a bug-fix and makes the tiger look like their initial promotional screenshots. And, tiger-owners or not, what do you think? Is the new look for the better or worse?

Previously on Moviewatch...

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Breakfast Topic: How's 2.2 treating you?

Players on US and EU realms have all had a couple of days of playtime in Blizzard's latest release -- patch 2.2. And though all we're hearing about recently is the upcoming changes in patch 2.3, but patch 2.2 is what we're all playing right now. I'm guessing we've all had enough playtime to come to our own conclusions, so I'm asking what you think of patch 2.2! Are you loving the new voice chat feature (it's not running on my realm yet, so I can't comment), annoyed with issues in the battlegrounds, or find it impossible to deal with the new delay on auction house profits? We want to know -- tell us about your 2.2 experience.

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WoW's own Headless Horseman

Patch 2.2.2 (currently on the PTRs) doesn't just feature Oktoberfest... er, I mean Brewfest event -- there are also some changes to the regular Hallow's End event, in the form of a daily quest to summon the Headless Horseman from inside the Scarlet Monastery graveyard. And the Horseman isn't just here to celebrate the occasion -- MMO-Champion reports he also has an epic loot table featuring both useful gear and toys. On the useful side, there's a DPS caster ring, a healer ring, a physical DPS ring, and a DPS plate helm. But more interestingly, he can also drop broom mounts of four types, one for each level of riding skill. The downside? Your new cool broom mount is single-use only.

[Thanks Darkbeard and Boubouille!]

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Undocumented 2.2 patch notes

It's a familiar cycle with every patch -- some changes get properly documented in the official patch notes while other changes are sadly forgotten. However, industrious inividuals on the forums always band together to collect even the tiniest of changes into a community collection of undocumented patch notes. For 2.2, these are being compiled by Viral of Stormrage -- with the help of many an attentive player. The current list, for those of you who don't have access to the forums, is after the jump, but full details (complete with lots of rumor and debate) you have to go to the source.

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PTRs closed -- and you know what that means!

As any long-time player of World of Warcraft knows, the public test realms open up to allow players to help out Blizzard QA by giving future changes a good stress test. The test realms open as soon as Blizzard has a stable build of the upcoming patch and the test realms close as soon as Blizzard is satisfied that their patch is as polished as it's going to get. Hortus announced this morning that the PTRs were going offline, concluding public testing for patch 2.2. To me, this means we're going to see patch 2.2 coming our way very soon -- perhaps as early as next week! However, we have known Blizzard to close the PTRs weeks in advance of an official patch release, so a final date continues to elude us.

So what major changes should you expect come patch day?

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First Orc shoulders, now Draenei shoulders

Hot on the heels of the Orc shoulder scandal (to be fixed in patch 2.2), World of Raids has some screenshots suggesting that Draenei shoulder graphics are smaller on the PTRs. While I always thought the level of concern with shoulder size to be sort of odd, the outcry over Orc shoulders made it clear that it's an issue players care about. So why-oh-why is Blizzard restarting the debate over appropriate shoulder size by shrinking the shoulders of another race? We'll see if this graphical change, more minor (at least to my eyes) than the Orc alteration, causes the same level of public anger.

[Thanks, Akyl]

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Enchanting tweaks on the PTRs

World of Raids has pointed out some lowered enchanting costs that are showing up on the latest build of the public test realms. However, changes at present only seem to apply to enchanter-only ring enchants (if you're not familiar, these enchants soulbind the item when enchanted, so they're only useful to enchanters), so if you aren't an enchanter, the following is probably of no interest. However, if you are an enchanter, happy days! The cost of enchanting your rings seems to be dropping significantly in the next patch. For precise details on the current and future costs, read on!

[Thanks, Akyl]

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Lighting changes in 2.2

Over on YouTube, Neona has posted a couple of videos demonstrating a lighting effects change in patch 2.2. Sure, it's a minor cosmetic change, but it is pretty cool looking. (Of course, I'm always happy about more glowiness -- so a glowy sun is all good!)

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PTR Update: Hortus confirms and denies

Hortus has posted a sticky about the current PTR issues which addresses a lot of problems in and questions about 2.2. Most notably, he has confirmed that Zul'Aman and Guild Banks will not be in patch 2.2. He also has confirmed that Voice Chat will still be in 2.2, but it is not yet available for testing on the test server.

In addition, Hortus addressed some of the problems people are having with premade character copies. Hortus says that if you get an error when trying to copy a premade, the queue is full and to try again later. He does not address why the error message doesn't just say that...

Also, it seems that even though some premade characters are missing abilities or have abilities they are not supposed to have, they do not intend to fix them at this time.

Side note not mentioned by Horus: Copying characters that are not premade to the test realms is also on a several day wait.

Hortus denies that the Orc Shoulders are now bigger than before the bug:

Orc shoulders are now the correct size, they are not any larger than they were before, it's your imagination.

He also addresses Athlon errors, authentication issues and how not to get your post deleted.

It seems that with all of these issues and Voice Chat not even being tested yet, Patch 2.2 is a long way off. What are you most looking forward to or dreading in 2.2? Have you successfully copied a premade? If so, any problems and how long did it take?

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Current issues on the 2.2 PTRs

On the Test Realm Forums, Hortus has compiled a list of all known issues on the PTRs. While bugs are never fun, the good news here is that they're all being investigated by Blizzard QA, and we can hope they'll be fixed well before patch 2.2 hits the live realms. Items of note include:
  • Many items have pink textures.
  • Orc Shoulders are too small -- yes, it is a bug!
  • Resilience is reducing dot damage by more than indicated
  • Druid Cat form range is inconsistent.
  • Rogue Seal Fate is not working.
  • Hunter Feign Death is not immediately dropping aggro.
But for a full list, you'll want to see Hortus' post!

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Orc shoulders being fixed in patch 2.2

For the many Orc players unhappy about the state of their shoulder armor, I have good news and I have bad news. The good news is that Drysc has confirmed that the fix for the shoulder armor graphics has made it into the upcoming 2.2 patch! And the bad news? Well, no one knows quite when the 2.2 patch is going to get off the PTRs and on the live realms, so you're going to have to live with those oddly-sized shoulders for a while yet...

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