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Robbing the guild bank

Players are reporting that their guild banks are being robbed by new guild recruits. While this is a known issue for Blizzard, many players are still unaware of the bug.

Currently, withdrawal limits are not reset when a character joins a new guild. Whatever a character's old guild status was carries over. In this way, officers are leaving guilds, joining new ones, and gaining officer access to the new guild's bank tabs. After withdrawing most of the loot, the character transfers servers or mails off the loot and deletes his toon. The guild logs report "Unknown" as the culprit.

In theory, any character could start their own guild, or get invited as an officer to a new guild (this is common when children start guilds), just to exploit this problem.

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List of 2.3 known issues and bugs

A list of the current known issues since patch 2.3 arrived has just been posted on the forums by Hortus. It should definitely be read through before you post any "new" issues, although do note that the list does not include issues that are still being researched. Also, if you are bemoaning the plight of your class, just give this list a read-through; compared to the warp chasers, you're doing pretty well. In addition, it looks like it is not just hunter pets that are having pathing issues.

  • Dwarven racial Find Treasure is deactivated on death.
  • Undead Males main hand weapon is appearing larger than previous builds.
  • Equipping a thrown weapon while in the middle of an Auto-Shot will cause animation issues.
  • Inappropriate tooltip is displaying when a player hovers over Shartuul's Transporter on a flying mount.
  • Relogging on the flight path from Southshore, Hillsbrad Foothills to Ironforge, Dun Morogh in the entrance to Ironforge causes players to fly through a wall.
  • The flight path from Stormwind to Rebel Camp, Stranglethorn Vale clips through a tree outside of Stormwind.
  • Alliance flight path between Booty Bay and Stormwind goes through a tree.
  • There is a Feralfen Idol that is sunk into the floor in Feralfen Village, Zangarmarsh.
  • There is a tin vein in Hillsbrad Foothills that is unreachable.
  • There is a section of water that is clipping oddly into one of the waterfalls in Hatchet Hills outside of Zul'Aman.
  • The message "Zul'Aman Exterior InvisMan gains Cosmetic - Flame Patch X.X" appears in the combat log whenever a troll hut is burning in Hatchet Hills. This is one of my favorites!
  • There is a leanto in Agama'gor, The Barrens that has no tooltip appearing but will be highlighted when moused over it.
  • Players can wall jump a portion of the hallway to Gruul in Gruul's Lair to reach a overhanging log beam where they can evade the mobs.

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Post 2.3 hunter chaos - updated

As many of you may have already heard, the Hunter forums are in an uproar today over several changes and bugs that have come with Patch 2.3. Unfortunately, some of the clamor is shadowing other important Hunter issues.

Amanda Rivera pointed out that hunters have lost their ability to double, or even triple, trap, and although many hunters were not using this exploit, a large proportion were. Even though this might be a fair fix, I imagine that for many hunters, the raids they have "on farm" will suddenly be much more confusing.

As Robin reported earlier, hunters can no longer use feign death on a boss fight in order to be removed from combat (you can still drop aggro) and go have a drink. Officially, this is a bug fix, and in fact, many hunters had not even realized that they could go take a swig during a boss encounter. Unfortunately, this is not just impacting a Hunter's ability to pump up their mana pool; it's also affecting their ability to feed their pets.

It is being reported that pets are losing happiness at a faster rate post-patch, and that while raiding, because a hunter can no longer feign death and feed their pet, the prospect of using their pet while raiding, or achieving maximum benefit from doing so, is looking somewhat grim for many.

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