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Everything known (and unknown) about patches 2.4 and 2.3.2

MMO-Champion has compiled two handy listings of information about upcoming patches: everything we know so far about patch 2.4, as well as patch 2.3.2.

WoW Insider, of course, has covered all the upcoming content in patch 2.4, as well as the changes in 2.3.2, but for those who would love to see a concise summary of the information, laid out in an easy to understand format, these pages at MMO-Champion are handy indeed.

Of course the obvious question one must ask whenever we see a list of "everything we know about X" is: "what about all that stuff we don't know?" I for one am particularly looking forward to finding out what sorts of rewards will be made available from the new Shattered Sun Offensive faction. Some sort of new mounts perhaps? Will there be a flyable dragonhawk at last? What sort of items would make people start drooling at the mouth enough to devote all kinds of time to all those daily quests?

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Nagle's Algorithm has been defeated!

The latest 2.3.2 mini-patch on the Public Test Realm has been updated. World of Raids and MMO-Champion both have a list of the 10 changes listed in the notes. Druids and Rogues get a boost to their large damage attack out of stealth, Warmasters and Warmarshalls in AV get a stacking +20% boost to each other's max health and damage and Rogues get some more tweaks on abilities. The fact that pre-mades are available again remains the most exciting news.

And, of course, the nerf of Nagle's Algorithm. What? You haven't heard of the beast? It roams the land killing unsuspecting adventurers through its almighty lag inducing abilities. Actually, It's a method of handling information packets across the Internet. Applying it makes for slower, more efficient packet transmission, but for online games that require constant communication, it can cause lag. Bad, naughty, slideshow of death lag. Ok, not that bad, but removing it will increase responsiveness of the game. And that doesn't suck.

Class over. PTR's are up. Log in on those pre-mad- uh, with your transferred mains and their hard earned and well-deserved equipment to test it out.

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2.3.2 patch notes updated

Earlier today, Salthem posted updated patch notes on the European WoW site and Teza has reposted them at World of Raids with all the changes highlighted. From my quick scan of the list, it appears that resto druids are getting nerfed, mages' Mana Emeralds as well as rogues' Hemorrhage ability are receiving some rather neutral changes, and rogues' Shadowstep is getting buffed.

From my understanding, tree druids are currently able to maintain a high level of healing per second through careful upkeep of Lifebloom on their targets. This is due to the fact that a druid can pop all his trinkets to maximize his +healing and then cast the spell. As long as he keeps refreshing the HoT before it "blooms", it will maintain that maximized level of +healing, thus making for a very efficient and powerful spell. As I understand the new patch notes, this will no longer be possible since the incoming Lifeblooms will overwrite the +healing value of the previous ones. I don't play a tree druid, but I'm sure some of my guild mates will be ranting over this in tonight's raid.

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Mage changes in next patch

A few weeks ago, Eliah reported that buffs to the Mage class were slated for an upcoming patch and more details were released today. A few hours ago, Eyonix posted a listing of the changes that will be included in the next patch, 2.3.2. It sounds like the frost tree will be getting some nice buffs, but magi of all types will have reason to rejoice. Read the entirety of his post below.

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