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Sunwell Plateau's magical menagerie

We have some more info straight from World of Raids regarding patch 2.4. This time, we're digging into the spell tables. As a warning, some of these might be spoilers for the Sunwell Plateau raid zone, so read at your own risk. Also, when you come across any funky numbers and symbols in these, keep in mind that you don't often get to see the values for these things until you run into them in-game. You'll get the gist of what they do from their descriptions, though.

First, we have a duo of spells referencing Anveena:
  • Sacrifice of Anveena - Anveena sacrifices herself, causing Kil'jaeden to take $s1% increased Holy damage.
  • Anveena's Prison - A field of Arcane power traps Anveena.
So it seems that during the last battle of the Sunwell Plateau, we will have an NPC on our side, similar to the Illidan encounter.

Next up we have a few that point to the oh-so-pretty Kalecgos:

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