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WoW Moviewatch: 28 Patches Later

While we're talking about classics, let's not forget this historic piece of boomkin video. In 28 Patches Later, the master of moonkin tackles the question you didn't know to ask: What if the world were overrun with laser chickens?

Let me summarize the video. Scientists accidentally summon a moonkin horde. They travel across the country, tearing down planes, infiltrating boats, and even taking over the White House. What is the mysterious goal of these otherworldly creatures? More important, who cares? The whole thing is just awesome, whether you're an Azeroth fan or just like to see a feathered version of zombie movies.

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WoW Moviewatch: 28 Patches Later

, the Boss of Boomkin, the Maestro of Moonfire, the OPest of Owls is back with his new feathered fury piece 28 Patches Later. The video is pretty brief, and absolutely fun to watch. The author says the video is the first part in a series, which makes this an awesome first hint.

To sum up, a white light chamber is used to create or summon the Moonkin horde. They slowly move across the country, tearing down planes, infiltrating boats, and even taking over the White House. Of course, the ineffable nature of the Moonkin makes it difficult to read what's happening. Are the invading druids benevolent? Maybe they're protecting us from something. Are they mindless, or are they operating on an agenda?

Okay, so you may or may not find great literature in "28 Patches Later." But the video is fun, and I think that's the point. I always love Voodooray's quirky obsession with his signature critter, and I think the surreality of Moonkin lends a lot of strength to this video.

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