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What we know about the Warcraft movie

Last week, we reported that the Warcraft movie may be on its way. Previously there had been speculation that the film's development would be pushed back, since director Sam Raimi was tied up by problems with Spider-Man 4. Raimi then unexpectedly walked away from Spider-Man 4, citing creative reasons, and it suddenly looked hopeful that he might soon be turning his attention to the Warcraft film.

So now, in preparation for more news on the film, we will be bringing you up to date on what we currently know about the Warcraft movie.

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Allow me to introduce my shield to your face

Ghostcrawler posted fairly heavily on the Warrior forums the other day, and while Warriors are not especially my territory, something the crabman said reminded me of something I've really liked about Wrath so far. Referencing Gladiator, "Watch how Maximus uses his shield -- he isn't cowering behind it -- he's bashing people in the face with it. Shields should be a viable form of combat, not the option to avoid combat." This was said in the context of Protection possibly being viable in the arenas in the nebulous future (not anytime soon), but it reminded me of general playstyles anyway.

To some extent, Warriors have fought like this for quite awhile. Shield Bash, Shield Slam, things like that. It wasn't just Shield Block. However, none of that stuff hit very hard. Sure, Protection Warriors shouldn't be able to rock the DPS with their shield, but Shield Slam was more like Shield Bump. The higher block values and thus higher Shield Slam damage is exciting, and the addition of Sword and Board puts even more emphasis on the shield.

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WoW Moviewatch: Voyage

From the WoW machinimator that brought you 300 Moonkins comes Voyage, a mixed-media adventure. Voodooray blended music, machinima, and clips from both music videos and real movies to create an alternate reality. In fact, it's so convincing that he had to post what he did to it for us to believe him!

He included scenes from 300, Underworld, and two different music videos. In some of them, he even digitally removed the real actors! Look out for cameos by Salma Hayek, Baron Soosdon's Nikita, and a crazy looking bird.


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WoW Moviewatch: Van Helsing Trailer

While the movie Van Helsing may have come and gone, the unholy union of WoW machinima and American movie trailers lives on. In the past we have profiled WoW-created trailers of The Omen, and, of course, 300, Moonkin style. Now it's Van Helsing's turn to be immortalized.

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WoW Moviewatch: 300 Moonkins

Yes, it's been done before, but I haven't seen it done so well. The trailer for this 300 parody makes me actually wish they would adapt the movie for druids. I'd love to see Voodooray would do with the actual film, a la Predatorcraft. Okay, so that hasn't been attempted yet, but we can still enjoy the trailer with it's beautifully done Moonkin stand ins and wonder what might be.

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WoW Moviewatch: 300 Gnomes

This isn't the first parody of the movie 300 we've seen on Moviewatch, and with the number of "FOR SPARTA!" cries I hear while wandering around the World of Warcraft, I doubt it will be the last, either. However, 300, with Gnomes? Next thing they'll be doing Sin City with Gnomes! Argh!

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WoW Moviewatch: 300 vs. World of Warcraft

I know -- this video is really just a guild promo. But it's such a nicely done guild promo! In case you're unfamiliar with the source material, the video is a recreation of parts of the movie 300 within our very own World of Warcraft. While Azeroth is not quite Sparta, I think it does a great job of mimicking the movie's official trailer.

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