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Patch 4.0.3a hotfixes for Nov. 23

Earlier in the evening, Blizzard posted a list of hotfixes for yesterday's patch on the official World of Warcraft blog. Here are a few notable fixes:
  • Fishing daily quests in Stormwind and Orgrimmar have returned.
  • Shield Slam's damage has been reduced by about 28 percent at level 15, with smaller but still noticeable reductions at higher levels.
  • The title "Champion of [guildname]" can no longer be improperly awarded to players.
The full list of hotfixes are behind the cut below.

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Patch 4.0.3a, The Shattering: Patch notes

If you're trying to log into your World of Warcraft account right now, we're sorry -- the fictional world you intended to visit today is currently unavailable on account of still being in the process of being destroyed. Shatterings take time.

We know you're all eager to survey the carnage, but before you do, you may want to familiarize yourself with all the not-so-Cataclysmic changes that are coming in patch 4.0.3a. We've made the official patch notes available for you after the break -- but first, a few quick highlights:
  • The Barrens Totally shattered.
  • Stranglethorn Vale Totally shattered.
  • Warlocks Shattered, but only by about 12 percent.
  • Fringe In the process of being shattered, following a move to a Friday time slot.

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