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Patch 4.2 PTR notes for May 10

Patch 4.2 is looking pretty promising on the content front, what with new raids, new dailies -- and oh yes, a legendary staff on the horizon. Today we've got some updates to the Patch 4.2 PTR notes, courtesy of Zarhym over on the official Warcraft blog. Included are a ton of notes for druids, paladins and shaman, among other classes, some changes to the way buffs are applied and some changes to the guild leveling system.
  • All class abilities that place a buff on friendly targets no longer generate threat, with the exception of buffs that directly cause healing or damage, such as Thorns or Renew.
  • When interrupted while casting a single-spell school, players will now be able to cast dual-school spells. In other words, if you're interrupted casting Frostbolt, you'll still be able to cast Frostfire Bolt despite being locked out of the Frost school.
  • The daily guild experience cap and weekly guild reputation cap have been increased by 25% -- and the guild experience cap is now removed at level 20 instead of level 23.
Follow after the break for the full list of patch notes.

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