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Patch 5.0.5 Hotfixes for September 28

Patch 505 Hotfixes for September 28
A new set of hotfixes have been announced by Blizzard for September 28th. They include various fixes to pet battles, including the repair of a bug that caused pets to inadvertently skip turns, and a fix to get the Win Streak achievement to function as expected.

Hit the break for the full set of hotfixes!

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3 reasons to like Cross-Realm Zones

3 reasons why I love CrossRealm Zones

Cross-Realm Zones are getting a bad rap. This recently introduced new feature seems to be stirring up all kinds of hostility on the forums, with players complaining about them left, right and center. And yes, they have definitely had their problems. I can totally understand why players on PvE servers weren't happy with being merged with PvP servers, for example, and why people weren't pleased about the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza being winnable within an instant of its starting.

I totally get that the spammy chat is annoying, and why being dismounted on crossing into a CRZ was really tiresome. And I do really understand how people are fed up with other players around stealing their nodes, and their Time-Lost Proto-Drakes. I can completely wrap my head around the many reasons why players are not enjoying the CRZ experience.

But, having read the thread Rygarius posted a few days back, it seems like Blizzard are listening to the concerns, and trying to take active steps to mitigate them. I hope we're going to see more official information coming from Blizzard soon regarding the problems players continue to experience.

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Patch 5.0.5 Hotfixes Compiled

Patch 505 Hotfixes

Blizzard have been hotfixing 5.0.5 thick and fast, as you would expect with a huge patch like this that introduces such a lot of additional content. To enable those of us who are so engaged with playing the game that we aren't fully in tune with the hotfixes, Blizzard have provided a compilation post for all the recent fixes.

The main angle for me when reading hotfixes is looking through them and wishing I'd been around to find out about the un-hotfixed bug. Some of them sound so cool, like the stag stacking from just after 5.0.4's release, or Queen Azshara's adds' unreasonably large arcane bomb. Also, the very high-speed chess in Karazhan! That would have been amazing to watch.

In the most recent set, from September 25, what are you looking at that sounds like it would have been fun to witness? I have heard very mixed reports on Drek and Vanndar in Alterac Valley. When I went in there not long ago, they seemed to have very low health, but people on twitter a while back were complaining that they had been boosted to way too high a level and were basically unkillable resulting in resource battles rather than the usual run -- run -- raid boss in Alterac.

Also the hotfix of a cross-realm zone bug where your passenger was dismounted from your flying mount sounds like something I really should have taken advantage of. I, particularly on my paladin, take great pleasure in flying up as high as possible, before right-clicking off my rocket and dropping people for a long parachute ride. Did anyone experience these bugs? And check for the compilation of all the hotfixes so far.

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