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Breakfast Topic: Where did you hit level 90?

Getting to level 90 may seem like old hat this late in the expansion cycle, but I bet you all remember just when and where you first (or last) hit the level cap. For my part, after skipping out of WoW for all of Cataclysm, I decided to play all the way through each Cataclysm zone with my monk before moving on to Pandaria. The result? I hit level 90 pretty early in Valley of the Four Winds, before even getting around to doing any of Hemet Nessingwary's grind-tastic -- and experience-tastic -- quests. Though after that, I wound up jumping over the wall into the Vale in order to train flying because I'd not yet done the gate opening quests... so it's probably not a leveling experience I'll repeat.

Now that I've shared my level 90 story, how about yours? When and where did you hit level 90?

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10 things to do once you hit level 90

So you've gotten a character to 90. Perhaps it's your first or perhaps it's one alt of many. But now you're left with a conundrum: what do you do now? The trip up to level 90 is fairly guided, with quests and bread crumb trails to lead you to the best places to level up and collect experience. But after you hit max level, you're on your own for what to do -- which is great if you know what you want, but problematic if you don't.

So for those of you just hitting level 90, read on for ten suggestions on where you can go from here.

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