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WoW Archivist: Blizzard's April Fool's jokes are more real than you think

The EPEEN system
WoW Archivist explores the secrets of World of Warcraft's past. What did the game look like years ago? Who is etched into WoW's history? What secrets does the game still hold?

It all began in 2003, when Blizzard announced pandaren as a playable race -- for Warcraft III. This never happened, of course. The announcement was an April Fool's joke. But you know that someone at Blizzard back then really wanted to play as a panda. Nine years later, with the Mists of Pandaria expansion, we can all be pandaren now.

When Mists was first revealed, the outcry from some in the community was fierce. Much of it centered around how "pandaren were just an April Fool's joke." Most of us, I would hazard to guess, have been won over by them in this expansion. With their incredibly deep history, love of life/beer, and gorgeous architecture, not to mention the amazing voice acting and animations that bring them to life, the pandaren have been a bigger hit for WoW than many ever imagined they could be.

In 2004, a playable goblin tinker for Warcraft III was another April Fool's joke. An overwhelmingly enthused response for playable tinkers led to Blizzard adding them to the game.

Given the origins of the pandaren and goblin tinkers, it's safe to say that any April Fool's joke that Blizzard has done over the years could one day spawn a tangible addition to the game, or perhaps a spinoff under the WoW brand. Let's look back at Blizzard's WoW-related April Fool's jokes to see which ones could be the next to become real -- and which ones already have.

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[1.Local]: Yo, it's April, fools!

Reader comments -- ahh, yes, the juicy goodness following a meaty post. [1.Local] ducks past the swinging doors to see what readers have been chatting about in the back room over the past week.

April Fool's Day around usually means bracing for impact with emails and comments from nerd-raging readers who haven't ... quite ... caught on that there's something special going on. This year, though, you all really outdid yourselves. You played along! You danced, you sang, you /fishslapped, you showed us your sunflowery sunny dispositions, you popped back in every two hours like clockwork to see what new havoc was going on. Special thanks go to Kelly Aarons and Zach Yonzon for oudoing themselves on the fabulous artwork, and three cheers to Justin Glow for helping us change out the site header every two hours. Gather 'round for a group hug, everybody -- ya'll are an awesome bunch.

Sedirex: All 5 iterations had their own logo, top stories, and hot topics (on the right). The evil part of this joke is that if you're like me, you felt obligated to check every 2 hours to see them, as, unlike the posts, they don't remain after the site changes focus again.

Jayfitty: That was actually a pretty awesome routine. I'm not sure how I feel about so much turmoil happening here at Hopefully we can just settle on one type of Insider and commit to that. Every time the website changes I have to update my wardrope, Facebook page, Twitter and haircut to reflect said changes. And to go from Edward hair to Gaga hair in one day isn't easy.

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April's fooled? Players rubbed the wrong way

As you probably figured out on Friday, I love April Fool's Day (yes, I posted the joke on Friday, but it was Phat Loot Phriday, and if I'd posted it yesterday, no one would have fallen for it! Lots of people did, though, and I'm glad everyone liked it so much-- shout out to my good friend Tamzarian on Thunderhorn for coming up with the idea). But even though I love not believing anything I read on April 1st, there is a case to be made that it's getting a little out of hand. Everyone on the Internet is lying through their teeth around this time every year.

And some people are a little miffed. While most players enjoyed the CM/poster role-reversal on the forums (which spawned Tseric's now immortal phrase "lol wut?"), not everybody did. A few players say that Blizzard is outright making fun of their customers. Jonas over at MBAzeroth says the same thing: that the CMs are calling players, some of whom have real concerns about their gameplay experience, "trolls." What if, after waiting for twenty minutes in the grocery store line, the cashier made fun of you when you walked up to check out?

Now personally, I think that's a load of hooey. Blizzard is responding to player concerns as best they can, and no one can keep everyone happy all of the time. And even if Blizzard is making fun of their customers, it's an April Fool's Day joke on a videogame forum. Have a sense of humor, guys. As I said yesterday, the best part of the whole "blue for a day" joke wasn't when the CMs made fun of the players, it was when the players made fun of the CMs by parroting their own words back at them.

I won't tell anyone what's funny, though-- if being fooled isn't your thing, you'll just have to turn the computer off next year and come back on April 2nd. And if you think Blizzard is laughing at their customers instead of listening to them, quitting the game is still completely free. Because for some people, April Fool's is serious business.

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April Fools Alert #4: Blizzard buys Wowhead

Skosiris of Wowhead graciously let us know that they are being bought by Blizzard, for no less than nine million dollars! This is great news for my favorite WoW data site. In addition, Skosiris and Evilseed will be joining Blizzard as WoW's new lead class designers. They promise the following immediate improvements:
  • Removal of the Hunter class
  • Implementation of Pandaren as a playable race
  • New Engineering schematic for Mages to let them create an actual vending machine
Kudos, Wowhead, for making it big-time. I hope this doesn't affect the quality of your layout, though; make sure not to let Blizzard's web designers near your site. And as far as Hunters go -- it's about time!

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April Fools Alert #3: Blizzard gets rid of gold farmers

Gold barsTobold reports that in patch 2.1.0 Blizzard is planning on getting rid of gold farmers in just three simple steps. So in patch 2.1.0, you should expect the following:
  • The ability to send items, gold, or CoD packages via mail will be removed. You will only be able to send letters via the in-game mail system.
  • The ability to freely set prices in the auction house will be removed. Since players could transfer gold by putting up a worthless item for a high-price buyout, the minimum bid and buyout amounts will now be set automatically.
  • The ability to transfer gold via the trade window will be removed. However, to allow people to market tradeskills, the trade window will be transformed into a tradeskill window -- allowing the crafter to select a recipe and the buyer to insert materials, for a pre-set fee. When the buyer provides materials and the money, the crafted item winds up directly in the buyer's pack after crafting.
With no ways to transfer gold to potential buyers, the gold farming industry will quickly go out of business. Huzzah to Blizzard for finally solving this problem!

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April Fools Alert #2: WoW 2008 expansion leak!

Apparently the fine machinima makers over at Dementia Myndflame have managed to get a sneak preview of the next World of Warcraft expansion. And they've even managed to escape Blizzard HQ with video footage! I could explain the whole thing to you, but, really, that would spoil it -- just watch the video and enjoy!

[Thanks, Clint]

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April Fools Alert #1: MeoWWiki

Alert reader Scytherea of Dalaran sends in this breaking news: WoWWiki, a website we all know and love for its comprehensive World of Warcraft information, has transformed into MeoWWiki, a website of comprehensive cat information. Says the website formerly known as WoWWiki:

We are proud to announce that everyone's favourite wiki is now all about the cats of Warcraft!

And if you've ever been through the Blood Elf starting zone, you know there are plenty of varieties of cat in Azeroth.

[Thanks, Scytherea]

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Breakfast topic: Welcome to the first of April

The first of April is upon us again which means that for the rest of the day we need to be prepared for any sort of jokes by Blizzard and our fellow players -- and who knows what we can expect. Back in 2005, Blizzard announced the Pandaran Express. And in 2006, they fooled yours truly with a fake Burning Crusade race announcement. (Hey, they announced it on March 31st -- what were we to think?!) And this year? Well, nothing unusual has come from Blizzard yet -- but the day is still young!

So are you prepared to resist the onslaught of April fools' jokes -- or are you planning on playing some jokes of your own?

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Breakfast topic: April Fools' Day!

Blizzard is notorious for playing pranks on its customers on April Fools' Day, including the pandaren as a fifth race in Warcraft III, the 2005 "Burgercraft" fast food chain idea, and the two-headed ogre and wisp racial ideas in WoW. My personal favorite is Caydiem's "Evil Patch Notes 1.11", which is still one of the best pieces of WoW satire out there.

Now, as the end of March quickly approaches, we have to wonder what Blizzard will pull this time. They have a lot of options. How about "The Great Sea" expansion, which would be entirely underwater? Better make friends with some warlocks and shamans quickly. Or an announcement that due to "overly rapid raiding progression," all trash mobs in Karazhan, Serpentshrine Cavern, and Tempest Keep will have their HP and numbers doubled? It would be neat to have some in-game changes, but that's unlikely. I'd love a joke where for one day, you have to CHANGE history in the Caverns of Time and see that the world would actually be a better place if you killed Medivh or Thrall. Then the next day, whoops, back to preserving the timeline!

What do you think Blizzard is going to do for April 1? What sort of pranks and tricks do you think would be neat to see?

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More April Fool's... 1.11 Patch Notes!

Well, it's official - I'm rolling a Gnome druid in 1.11!  Caydiem has been running around the forums posting 1.11 patch notes, and all I can say is that they're utterly hilarious and you really must read them for yourself.  I warn against trying to read them if you happen to be surfing at work right now - it's hard to help laughing. 

[Thanks, Saba]

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April Fool's with Blizzard

While I could be wrong, I'm guessing this announcement of the new Alliance race is an early April Fool's joke.  Not just because the idea of a "wisp" race came completely out of the blue, but because their racial abilities seem downright odd.  My personal favorite has to be treeform, which turns the wisp into a tree for 30 seconds. During this time, spirit is increased by 300 but the wisp's chance to dodge or parry axes is reduced by 50%.

Edit: Eyonix claims this is "no joke" but I still think he's joking.

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