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This is the arena that never ends

It just goes on and on my friend. Jbangalanga, Weaslelawd, Spiked and Deunan started playing it, not knowing what it was, and they continued playing it for ten hours and twenty minutes just because ...

Yes, you heard right: there was a 2v2 arena match that lasted for over ten hours. According to Weaslelawd, the DPSers of the teams -- the warrior and the warlock -- got killed in the first few minutes. This left Weaslelawd, an orc resto shaman, and Spiked, a night elf resto druid, to battle it out. Neither healer could out-DPS the other's heals, and both were too stubborn to give up. The druid was unable to rez his own partner due to cooldown restrictions, but stayed alert enough to interrupt any attempts from the shaman to rez the warrior.

Jbangalanga created a character on Spiked's server to try to negotiate a settlement, but talks fell through as neither Weaslelawd or Spiked was willing to throw the match or /roll for it. Weaslelawd actually talked to a GM halfway through, but unfortunately chose to host the picture on imageshack, where they can't be seen due to excessive bandwidth usage.

Eventually, it hit 5 AM in Spiked's area and he began to zone out. Also, he said, eight pieces of his gear were broken. He emoted to Weaslelawd that he was ready and let the shaman kill him. Weaslelawd walked away from his ten-hour match with ... 15 added to his arena rating. Wow.

Spectators on both Burning Legion and Shadowmoon have suggested that both teams deserve a couple thousand arena points and a Manly Man award for a ten-hour fight. I would probably have given up around the twenty minute mark. What would you have done in the same situation -- fight it out or give up?

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This week in the Arena

Players participating in Arena PvP get more than cool prizes -- the top 0.5% of participating teams are also going to be immortalized in Blizzard's Hall of Fame. And the top teams from season one have just shown up.

Also, the second qualifying round for the 2v2 Championship Gaming Series has begun. The live CGS tournament will be taking place at BlizzCon in August -- and everyone here at WoW Insider wishes the competing teams the best of luck.

And finally in Arena news for the week, we've got stats on the top 20 US Arena teams compiled by Caster. The data, as always, is interesting (if a bit disheartening for some classes). Here's the basic class breakdown, but for more details on precise numbers of each class and talent spec breakdowns, check the original post.

5v5 Arenas
  • Paladin: 18%
  • Warrior: 18%
  • Priest: 14%
  • Shaman: 12%
  • Mage: 12%
  • Warlock: 11%
  • Rogue: 6%
  • Hunter: 5%
  • Druid: 4%
3v3 Arenas
  • Warrior: 16%
  • Priest: 15%
  • Paladin: 15%
  • Warlock: 14%
  • Mage: 13%
  • Rogue: 12%
  • Shaman: 8%
  • Druid: 6%
  • Hunter: 2%
2v2 Arenas
  • Warlock: 21%
  • Priest: 15%
  • Paladin: 15%
  • Warrior: 14%
  • Rogue: 13%
  • Druid: 9%
  • Mage: 5%
  • Shaman: 5%
  • Hunter: 2%

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Selling arena titles for fun and profit

Death and Taxes has made WoW headlines for many things, mostly due to their raiding achievements. But today on the forums another aspect of the guild's performance made heads turn: their PvP arena teams. In the PvP arena 3v3 bracket Death and Taxes guild members have been using the current rule system to their benefit. What exactly does this entail? Well, to be specific, members of the top ranked teams are sharing their skill with lower ranked PvP players in order to raise their standings and get them the coveted Armored Netherdrake and an easy title. Seeing the success of one D&T arena team after another is frustrating their opponents, and therefore the vocal forum protest.

Members of D&T have naturally spoken up in their own defense, and fairly eloquently I might add. One of the accusations leveled at the guild was that they are using top crafted items to gain an edge in PvP, essentially using their power as a PvE guild to dominate the PvP domain.

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Burning Crusade Arena PvP

The folks over at WoW Vault managed to get some information about the new Arena PvP in the Burning Crusade via Nethaera from Blizzard. Nethaera repeats some info we already know, and lets out a little bit of new stuff as well. While I am not a heavy PvPer by any means, these points caught my eye...

  • The Arena system will attempt to match people up by gear. This seems like a fabulous idea.
  • Abilities, spells and items with cool downs longer than 15 minutes cannot be used while in the arena.
  • You can't use consumables beyond bandages and conjured items while in the Arena.
  • The rating system is explained. If you want a more careful explanation of how the rating system will work, check out Relmstein's article on the subject.
Again, I am by no means a PvP expert, but I can see some of this really annoying certain classes. There is a bunch more info in the article. so you should definitely head over to WoW Vault and check this story out for yourself and let me know what you think of the proposed plan.

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