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/silly: Arturis's farewell

Well, it was fun while it lasted. Due to personal reasons I can not and will not discuss here, I will no longer be drawing the weekly /silly comic for WoW Insider. I am thankful to you, the thriving mass of WoW Insider readers, for taking the time to view my strip for the past 11 weeks. To those that commented with support and praise, I offer an even larger helping of the Thank You pie. You are the reason I stayed up those late Monday nights, forcing myself to draw out the twisted images in my head in order to share them with the world. I sought your approval, and I received it in spades.

Will there be a future for /silly, after I am gone? That is up to the higher-ups at WoW Insider to decide. If they do replace me and continue on with the series, I hope you all will show the new artist the respect and support that you gave to me. And I hope that the comics will make me laugh as much as mine made you.

As for my future, do not worry. I have more passion for gaming than most people you will ever meet, burning deep within my soul like a warlock DoT that will never expire; like the Light that drives a paladin to battle against overwhelming odds. I will find another way to be a part of the industry that I love, and with a little luck, you will see the name Arturis again.

Arthur E. "Arturis" Orneck

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/silly postponed until Thursday

Due to unforeseen circumstances brought about by that dreaded time waster between WoW sessions we call Real Life[TM], it unfortunately comes to pass that this week's /silly will not be ready for your Tuesday morning perusal. Fear not, good friends! Not only will I have a dumbfoundingly witty (or unwittingly dumb, depending on your point of view) comic for you come Thursday A.M., but I also have gifts today to tide you over until then. Below, you will find links to a wallpaper based on the art from the third installment of /silly, featuring the ever-lovable Shadowsilk in both hand drawn and in-game model forms. For a refresher on who she is and why you would want to have a wallpaper of her, feel free to click the image above and reread the original comic. To skip straight to snagging the wallpaper, select your screen resolution from the links below.
1024 x 768
1280 x 1024
1680 x 1050

I now return you to your regularly scheduled WoW Insider, already in progress.

Arthur E. "Arturis" Orneck apologizes for any inconvenience his murderous rampage may have caused, and reminds you that squirrels can be deadly when cornered.

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/silly: The dough-based confectionery is a falsehood

I will come right out and say it - it is just plain silly how incredibly under appreciated mages are. I'm not referring to how they are treated on the forums for how much DPS they can dish out or what absurdly high numbers they can crit up to. No, I'm talking about the services that mages do for others on a daily basis. As illustrated in today's comic, they open rifts through the fabric of reality to help you get around quickly and conveniently, and far more amazing then that, they give you food. How can you beat that? Next time you are munching down on a health and mana rejuvenating slice of conjured heaven, take a moment to give some kind words or a hug to your guild's resident chef/chauffeur. Every time you thank a mage, an angel gets its wings. (and then a warlock rips them off and sets them on fire, but that is a fairy tale for another time)

This is the first comic Ive done that draws from a source outside of the Warcraft Universe, and I'm hoping that the majority of our readers will "get it" even with the external reference. The way I see it, we WoW players do not live in a gaming vacuum - we are aware of other worlds out there beyond our cherished Azeroth, and possibly even spend time in them ourselves. As always, I will keep a close eye on the comments to gauge how well this little diversion came across. If you like it, you will let me know. If you don't, you will let me know even more verbosely. But hey, at least we have our new comment system so you can all show how much you agree/disagree with each others opinions, and all this feedback will help shape the comics to come. At least, until you all figure out my home address and assemble the lynch mob. Let me just state for the record that I'd hate to be burned at the stake... again.

Every Tuesday, Arthur E. "Arturis" Orneck posts another hand drawn snapshot into his demented little mind, because he learned way back in kindergarten that its polite to share, unless what you are trying to share is lycanthropy, vampirism or the T-Virus.

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/silly: Void where prohibited

I would assume that the life of a warlock is saturated in paranoia. To start with, it is a well known fact that 'locks play loosely with that whole "morality" concept. Both the Alliance and Horde tend to distrust them, and for good reason; never leave a warlock alone with your virgin daughter if you don't want bloody demonic ritual mess all over your carpet. Worse then that, however, is the unspoken truth that Zahktib or Jhar'kruk or whatever the heck randomly named demon they currently have as their minion is doing so entirely under coercion, and most likely has dark, bitter, perhaps slightly silly revenge thriving in their shadowy demonic minds, as illustrated in the comic above. Special thanks go out to a strategically placed forearm/bracer, preventing me from having to submit the image for ESRB approval or label the post NSFW.

As long as we are on the subject of warlock pets, one question has puzzled me from the moment I first saw their big blue gaseous level 10 companions:

Why are they called Voidwalkers, when don't have any legs?

No no, don't answer. Just ponder it for awhile. Let it rot away a few layers of precious brain cells. You'll thank me for it later, as those specific cells were the ones that were going to spark up next week and convince you that you should re-roll as a Dwarven melee hunter that only uses throwing weapons for ranged pulls. It wouldn't have been a pretty sight.

Arthur E. "Arturis" Orneck sold his soul for the honor of drawing this weekly web comic that you partake of each Tuesday morning. The WoW Insider staff went to great expense to have a real-world warlock turn it into a large purple shard, which he gets sent photos of once a week from various exotic locations, much like the gnome from Amelie.

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/silly: Can't see the forest for the trees

Clicking the above image will reveal the wondrous enigma that is this week's /silly comic. The inspiration for this comic actually came from one of my guild mates, who has a rather neglected level 70 warrior main trying to find her niche in the endgame world. The complaints I have heard about the strong weaknesses of each of the three warrior trees seemed like ripe pickings for a comic, so I went ahead and paraphrased in the most humorous way I could fashion. From a personal standpoint, I can't really take sides on the issue of where warriors stand compared to the other melee classes. It is well established that my main is a retribution paladin, and on top of that my highest level warrior is only level 23, so I am lacking in the experience to speak authoritatively. Deku, the adorable orc featured today, is only just coming to the point where talents factor into the game. Bonus points to those that know where the name came from, by the way.

So I hear there is a patch of some sort today? Did you guys hear anything about that? Man, I wish someone would mention it somewhere...

Arthur E. "Arturis" Orneck spends way too much time staring at monitors, whether it is for web development, gaming, or drawing on his tablet PC at odd hours of the morning in order to get this blasted web comic posted on time every Tuesday morning, so that all you fantastic readers have something to stare at while servers are down for maintenance.

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/silly: Where everybody knows your name

"Welcome, stranger. Pull up a stool and make yourself at home. Say, you look like you're a bit run down this morning. Tuesday gotchya down? I here ya. But I think I've got just the thing to perk you up. Nothing gets your blood pumping like a stiff shot of /silly. This ones on the house. I told ya last time, your money is no good here."

Once again I have pulled from my epic stable of alts to fill a starring role in this week's comic. The legendary Banhammer, level 9 dwarf warrior extraordinaire, is here to get his drink on. Which is what he does best. And most often. Not that I'm insinuating that he has a drinking problem, but he often refuses to enter combat unless he is properly "buffed". And by "buffed", I mean "completely sloshed out of his gourd." It's a time honored dwarven tradition, I hear.

It may be the lack of sleep talking, but I'm actually quite happy with the way this comic turned out. I employed a different technique of coloring that I had found in a digital art magazine a few months back, and the results are a lot more clean and professional then I had expected. Perhaps we will see more of this style in the near future - or perhaps I'll switch to drawing stick figures with sidewalk chalk, just to keep you guys on your toes. Expect the unexpected!

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/silly: Anything else would be uncivilized

"Ah, there you are. Caught me in the midst of an epic tome, I must say. Please, do have a seat by the fire, and welcome... to Blade Masterpiece Theater. Zug zug, good chap."

This week's dose of silly is a nice one panel sight gag that can be considered anything but high brow humor. I am fairly happy with how the shading came out on this one - once again I seem to be in good graces with the patron saint of Corel Painter, and I hope that particular buff doesn't fade any time soon. As always, I am constantly experimenting with the process I use to create these comics. In this particular instance, I left the sketch mostly intact, skipped the inking phase and went straight to coloring. The final results are less "clean" but more pleasing to the eye, I think. More experiments to follow in the coming weeks, I assure you.

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/silly: At a slight disadvantage

This week's delayed example of "the silly" features a small PvP skirmish, cut decidedly short in a way that would be technically impossible due to a minor thing called global cool downs, but suspending that tiny fact for a moment allows this minuscule joke to flow a little bit better.

I would like to keep an open line of communication between you and I, my blog reading friends, and so I will be completely honest when I say that I'm not at all happy with how this one came out. There *was* supposed to be shading, but it was so botched that I felt it was better to strip the comic back to it's base flat colors in order to get the comic up and mark this one down as a loss. It's a shame, too, as I think the joke itself has a lot of merit if I could only get the art to communicate it a little better. Let's see if I can hit that goal for next week.

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/silly postponed until Thursday

Sorry to start your Tuesday morning with such horrid, gut wrenchingly bad news, guys and gals. This week's /silly comic is a longer work of sequential art then the ones I've posted previously, and its taking a bit more time to complete then I intended. So I'm going to have to take the next few nights to finish the comic up and have something for your optical enjoyment by Thursday. In the mean time, I offer up the above page out of my sketchbook to tide you over, a concept I had dreamed up for Gnomish racial armor. I figured that each piece of the set would have its own on click ability, something odd and most likely electricity based with a chance of completely backfiring upon yourself and/or your entire party. Fun times to be had by all!

Until Thursday!

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The History of the World (of Warcraft), part I

It appears that it is time for me to branch out from my usual silly antics here on WoW Insider, and take a moment to flex my writing skills instead of my artistic ones. Today I would like to speak to you about some of the long history of WoW, but not in the "Know Your Lore" sense of history. WoW Insider reader Tim wrote in to request some information on the evolution of World of Warcraft, from its infancy in beta to launch and beyond and I, having been here through the majority of it, decided that I should put pen to paper (fingers to keyboard?) and share what I know and what I have witnessed along the way.

Are you aware (and I'm sure some of you are) that at one point in World of Warcraft, there was an experience penalty suffered when you were slain? Indeed, even though the lack of experience loss is one of the things that sets current WoW apart from other MMOs, back in its infancy the death penalty was practically the same as what you would find in EverQuest or Final Fantasy XI, though without the de-leveling found in the latter.

Let us take a moment to sit down, pull up a cup of your favorite socially acceptable beverage, and go over a handful of the many changes that WoW has gone through since Blizzard introduced it to a select number of beta testers back in 2004.

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/silly: The tension is mounting

You know, this strip is called /silly, and it's the one dedicated place here on WoW Insider where you don't have to worry about the weight of the world (of Warcraft), but I dont think this guy pictured above is enjoying himself in the slightest. If looks could kill, poor Mr. Tauren would probably cause a very slow and painful death to anyone who met his gaze, like being run over by a steamroller or being nibbled to death by ravenous toothless kittens. I can't really blame him for being miserable, though. The WoW Dev Team in the fictional alternate dimension he is stuck in seem to have it out for his entire race. Click the image above to find out what I'm talking about. For those who weren't around during the original Beta, here is a little bit more info about what you missed. Don't worry, we wont hold it against you. (Slacker :P)

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/Silly: Shadow of the Colossal Mistake

Greetings all! Welcome once again to another /silly, my weekly attempt to bring a little spark of humor into your topsy-turvy lives. Today I would like to introduce you to the lovely lady pictured above. But not until after "the jump", as the cool kids are calling it nowadays. No, really, they do call it that. You just can't make something like that up.

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/silly: Dire Straits

Greetings, my brothers in arms! Once again it is time to delve into the land of my artistically rendered personal views on this walk of life we call World of Warcraft. A few hours of private investigations deep into my inner psyche brought forth this small one panel sight gag, aimed at those sultans of swing, the Feral Druid. Since this ended up being a mere one panel affair, I invested extra time into the quality of the art, so no one should feel that they wasted their money for nothing.

Addendum: Check after the jump for a nifty bonus pic!

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/silly: The WoW Insider web comic

Welcome to the first official WoW Insider web comic, from here on titled /silly! I would be your host, artist, and creative mind behind these little forays into the realm of visual expression, Arthur E. "Arturis" Orneck. Each week, I plan to bring a new slice of /silly pie to share with all of you WoW Insider readers, so BYO Sense of Humor and we will see where things go with this!

As a disclaimer for the future, please keep in mind that a sense of humor is a subjective thing - Some of these comics will tickle your bone de funny, and some will not. If I happen to post something the doesn't exactly strike your fancy, please hang in there and hopefully next week's submission will hit the spot.

Another thing to keep in mind as we go through this, my art style is is subject to change from comic to comic (or even panel to panel) and layout isn't set in stone either, so some comics may have a ton of panels while others can be a single frame experience. I'm learning this as I go, and hopefully we all will enjoy the ride.

With that said, click the above teaser panel for the full comic, and let me know what you think in the comments! Time to charge in to this thing headfirst in official WoW fashion:

"Let's do this. Leeeeerroooooooooooooooooyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy..."

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