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Captain Blackbeard's favorite piratical quests

Yarrr maties! It be me, ol' Cap'n Blackbeard, here ta tell ya about some of of me favorite quests in Azeroth! What, ye don't think us pirates are noble enough t'go on quests? Well, ye're right-- obeying is for landlubbin' scallywags. But we'll do anything to get piratey treasure, so occasionally yer pirate captain assists in a quest or two in between his normal piratical duties (those being combing his luxurious black beard, and makin' landlubbers walk the plank).

And when that happens, it's only best pirate quests for your blackbearded leader! Here's my favorite pirate quests in the game, in no particular order, ye scurvy-ridden dogs!

Pirate Hats Ahoy! Pirate hats ahoy is right! There's no bigger humiliation to a pirate than stealin' 'is hat, and those Southsea scallywags are askin' fer it! Go to Steamwheedle Port in Tanaris at level 40, and talk to Haughty Modiste-- she'll send you south to a secret pirate cove where it'll be time for fisticuffs! And don't forget to grab Southsea Shakedown while you're there, too-- you'll need to kill the same lubbers for that one.

Deep Ocean, Vast Sea
The ocean, she's a mean mistress, and ye can't know Davy Jones' locker until ye been down in it, fightin' fer yer life! At level 12 in Darkshore (at Auberdine), Gorbold Steelhand will send ye on the hardest journey ye've ever seen-- some say the hardest in the game! I don't know what ye mongrels are caterwhalin' about. Just swim down there and get the chests! And when you get back, scrub the deck until yer cap'n can see his handsome face in it! Finish the job or get fed to the kraken!

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WoW Moviewatch: The Bloodsail Grind

Those who have grinded faction with the Bloodsail Buccaneers are a unique bunch. They've put a lot of time and effort into alienating themselves from the Goblins (and essentially outcasting themselves from Booty Bay, Everlook, Gadgatzen, Ratchet, and Area 52) all for a swanky pirate outfit that confers no game bonuses other than making you look cool. Wouldthatbeokay, who posted this particular video, gives us a brief taste of what you'll be devoting hours of your life to doing, all in the name of a pirate hat.

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Hope for the Pirates?

There's been a lot of frustration among those who spent time factioning up with the Bloodsail Buccaneers - which automatically lowers your standing with the Steamwheedle Cartel.  Those who made the grind to get revered with the pirates to get their pirate hat are now discovering that they're unable to acquire their Dungeon 2 armor set, because the second step of the quest requires you to visit Gadgetzan, where loyal Bloodsails are attacked on sight.  To those contemplating the slow grind back to good standing with the Goblins, Tigole offers a ray of hope - patch 1.11 will feature several quests that will help  Bloodsails return to good standing with Goblins throughout Azeroth.

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Avoiding Familiarity with Pirates

Perhaps you have heard about the upcoming Dungeon 2 armor sets.  If not, I'll give you the basics - these are 8-piece, class specific sets, obtained via quests that require you to complete tasks solo or in small groups.  Four pieces of the set will be epic in quality.  The armor sets - and related quests - are currently live on the test realm for everyone to see.  And not everyone likes what they see.

One of the required quests begins in Gadgatzen, which leaves those who have spent time and effort gaining faction with the Bloodsail Buccaneers out in the cold.  Gaining faction with these pirates - for which you are rewarded a nifty pirate hat - happens to have the nasty side-effect of immensely lowering your reputation with all Goblin towns, which means the town guards will attack you on sight.  While many of us would question the wisdom of grinding to hated with the factions that control all neutral towns, loyal Bloodsails are unhappy they're cut off from these new content quests - and that Blizzard continues to add content while leaving their favored faction out. 

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