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Hard Mode raiding is here to stay

"Then there's Agalon the Raid Destroyer. He feeds off of your tears." Valnoth's gunning for the title 'cheekiest Blue poster' with this one, but it made me laugh anyway because I know lots of people who would sign up for a raid that had such a boss in it.

In a thread started by Lightsnight, who argues that hard modes in a dungeon are 'a stupid gimmick', Valnoth counters with what I think is a measured response (keeping in mind that I'm very sarcastic) - " Hard Modes are intended for people that want additional challenges and rewards. You might view them as a gimmick, but I assure you that hard modes will test the mettle of the most seasoned raiding guilds. The choice is yours, my friend. " This is a relief for me heading into Ulduar.

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