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WoW Moviewatch: Circus

This is a blast from the past. A long time ago, I was forcibly hauled into awareness of modern pop music by machinima. Circus was one such brutal awakening to the offerings of Britney Spears. After all, it's not like I was sitting around wondering what kind of music Britney was making. And then Demachic came along with this amazing music video, and I found myself humming along.

It doesn't take much to see the appeal of Demachic's music video. The scenery is rich and luxurious, filled with enough moving parts to entertain but not so packed that it distracts from the action. The piece flows well with the music. I have to admit, I find myself looking for more videos like this.

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WoW Moviewatch: Circus

At this rate, Demachic's gonna give me a complex. I now know far too much about the current happenings of Britney Spears. My knowledge of Britney music has quickly become my dark, secret shame. The kind of shame you keep quiet, tied up and gagged under the bed, where polite company needn't see it as they come by to visit. Which is a roundabout way of saying Demachic is back with another Britney Belf music video -- Circus.

This video is as astoundingly well done as Demachic's other Britney offernings. I suggest watching the WoW version first, before going back to see the Britney version. I have to admit that I think Demachic did a better job of characterizing the music. I do think that the blood elf model chosen by Demachic is a great representation for Britney, and operates in the confine of the video very, very well.

I particularly like the glamorous circus Demachic built for this video. It would have been an easy cop-out to simply use the Darkmoon Faire as a setting for the "Circus" video. Instead, she built the entire set piece by piece, to emulate the actual circus environment from the Britney original. It must have been a painstaking effort, and one that paid off for her.

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Breakfast Topic: All's faire in love and war

Once again, those funny little circus guys are coming to town. They'll be right outside Shattrath this week, so the ghost town which used to be bustling with activity will see a few visitors swing by if only to claim their new Darkmoon Cards. After that, Shattrath will be empty once again, echoing only with the hooves of Deathchargers and the synthesized laughter of Death Knights. The traveling circus will sell drinks, frogs, and have some amusing games for about a week and then merrily pack up and disappear again. Anyway, so, the Darkmoon Faire is coming around.

Does anybody else feel like these guys deserve something a little more than being just a stopover for epic trinket turn-ins? I mean, there aren't even any Achievements for them. Shouldn't getting shot out of the cannon without dying be an Achievement? How about sampling all the crazy food and drink they offer? That should be an Achievement, too, right along with owning a frog or a Darkmoon Card. These guys have entertained us, stuck with us for years, and they don't get so much as a welcome or a thank you whenever they roll into town.

Considering it's a monthly event, what else do you think can be added to the Darkmoon Faire to make it more of a stop? I think Achievements are in order, at least. Professor Thaddeus Paleo receives more visitors than anyone in the faire, but nobody ever remembers him. Silas Darkmoon may be a gnome, but he's everybody's circus gnome. Who doesn't know Jubjub? Let's give these hard-working guys some love. What's your best memory about the Darkmoon Faire? What would you like to see? Would it be cool if they visited Northrend, too?

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