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60 days until BlizzCon

It's 60 until BlizzCon, and there isn't much news yet. No news on when we'll get tickets, what fancy pet might be available to attendees. Really, not much news at all. That is unless you're a follower of the WoW tournaments.

At the close of the first day of the Blizzard North American regional arena tournament in San Diego, CA announced that the world finals tournament will be held at BlizzCon. This is actually pretty exciting news, since aside from the panel discussions, the tournaments were my favorite part of BlizzCon. I certainly hope they set up seating this year for spectators that are interested in watching the Global Finals.

So now we know that in addition to whatever announcements may or may not be made, and most likely a Starcraft 2 demo station, there will be some pretty hefty competitive gaming at BlizzCon in August. Check back with WoW Insider for the latest on BlizzCon.

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Team Pandemic takes the prize in China

[Pandemic wins World of Warcraft Arena WSVG finals in China! Faces are melted! Film at 11...]
They started out as Power Trip, and were the first WoW arena team to have official sponsors. But today, team Pandemic proved that all the money and hype weren't for nothing. After coming up through the ranks, which included 63 Chinese teams, one European team, and one other American team, Pandemic went on to dominate in the finals against Fnatic 3-0. This makes Pandemic the current WSVG World of Warcraft Champions. And considering the roar from the crowd when Pandemic was awarded their prize, it appears that WoW Arena teams are most definitely a welcome addition to competitive gaming.

The secret to team Pandemic's success appears to have been due to a combination of factors. One of the first, and most notable, is that the Chinese teams have not had access to the Burning Crusade expansion for nearly as long. This meant that those hometown teams were playing with spells and abilities that they are not very used to, whereas the US/EU teams have had the chance to get used to them for months. However, one of the most telling things in the final match was that both ending teams used a solid Warrior, Mage and Paladin combination. Why would this prove to be such a big deal? It's use put Pandemic in a far stronger place than Fnatic from the word go, as Fnatic's mage, Sander 'Vo0' Kaasjager, has only been playing his class for approximately three weeks. Both teams appeared to focus on the strategy of forcing the opposing team's mage to burn their two Ice Blocks as quickly as possible, which, combined with some poor crowd control and just plain bad luck on the side of Fnatic, proved to be the winning combination for Team Pandemic when it came down to it.

Now we wait and see what happens next when the WSVG reconvenes in Louisville on June 21-23. Hopefully the camera work for the webcast will be a bit better this next time. Or better yet, that a channel like G4 picks up the final rounds at least. For now, the China WSVG videos are all over the Internet, for those interested in catching the highlights of some of the finger-twitching-good action.

(The current team rankings and prizes awarded are beyond the cut.)

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WoW and LAN gaming

Having a WoW LAN at an event like BlizzCon seems only natural, but we're seeing an increasing presence of WoW at BYOC events. With an Internet connection as staple a feature as the local area network that gives LAN events their name, there's no reason why MMOs shouldn't be at these events, as they provide a great opportunity for players to meet up and play together.

Blizzard's recent announcement of their competitions at the Lanwar event in Kentucky got me thinking. Competitions are a great part of LAN events, whether it's cash, swag or prestige that's on offer. However, the time-restricted nature of a three-day event means that certain aspects of WoW get a lot more attention than others.

Rather like the earlier beta contest, two of the competitions revolve around levelling and PvP. How far can you get in three hours? Given a premade character, how well can you PvP? Finally, a test of teamwork and skill that can only really take place at a LAN event like this -- beat other teams in a Stratholme race.

Personally, I think levelling and PvP contests are quite limited -- but special events like PvPing against the devs, or a levelling contest using only Draenei and Blood Elves, could make an event like this truly special. Other areas of WoW could be highlighted, too -- how about testing a guild's tradeskill organisation? Finding rare and unusual pets and items? Mini-tank races?

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