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Breakfast Topic: Is crafting useless?

Engineering GnomeIn my experience, crafted items have usually been items you use while waiting to get a better item to drop. With a few exceptions, of course -- crafted resistance gear tends to be some of the best you'll find and there are occasional gems (the priest in me is still giddy with the memory of getting a Hide of the Wild crafted). But the majority of crafted gear seems to be inferior to what you'll find even in the 5-man dungeons, and the disparity only gets worse as you participate in higher-end content. And in the Burning Crusade, where green quest rewards will immediately begin replacing any blues you might still be lugging around, will the outlook for crafting improve? In short, is crafting worthless?

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Epic Crafting

While everyone's interested in collecting powerful epic items, not everyone has the money to buy them from the auction house or the opportunity to raid Molten Core.  For these players, there is always the opportunity of crafted epics - epic items created by trade skills.  But just because they're crafted, don't assume they're easy to obtain.  Besides the fact that the recipes themselves are difficult to acquire, they have long lists of rare materials.  Read on if you're interested, but these items aren't for the faint-hearted!

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