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Reader UI of the Week: Your Addon/UI Columnist

Each week will bring you a fresh look at reader submitted UIs. Have a screenshot of your UI you want to submit? Send your screenshots, along with info on what mods you're using, to

As the new addon and user interface columnist, I've been given the task of not only finding and informing the community about new, useful and awesome addons, but also the unique job of taking a look at the community's user interfaces and highlighting some of the awesome creativity and innovations that the community can share. I want this column to be very reader oriented - let's go on this amazing addon journey together!

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Officers' Quarters: Grading your raiders

Every Monday Scott Andrews contributes
Officers' Quarters, a column about the ins and outs of guild leadership.

When your raids are going smoothly, there's almost a superstition among players not to look too deeply into exactly what everyone is doing. It just works: Players are clicking, the loot is flowing, confidence is high, and no one questions it. But when your raid hits a snag, you can either start blindly pointing fingers or figure out what you're lacking. Well-run guilds take the latter course. This week's reader wants to know exactly how to do that:

It would be great to see a post on your Officer's Quarters blog about how to measure/observe the raid's performance. For example, we are stalling on the Curator, and it would be great to hear some different techniques on how to measure who's getting all the heals, where is mana going, why exactly are people dying, etc., in how to assess performance and adjust.

Thanks! Great reading your stuff, keep it up.

-- Ciacco -- Malygos, 70 human rogue

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Building a better DamageMeter

WyldKard sent us this great piece he wrote over at about building a better damage meter. DamageMeters is a pretty standard addon by this point, and considering that even Blizzard has started to include damage and healing figures in some battlegrounds now, players have generally agreed that tracking your healing or damage output is a fairly good way to determine your skill as a player.

Except that it really isn't. Wyld lays out a few reasons why, the most obvious being that one player outputting tons of damage doesn't mean your group actually succeeds. As a resto Shaman, I often get the short end of the stick on damage meters-- I do both healing and damage, so I never end up at the top of either list. Also, Earth Shield still isn't listed correctly even in the latest version of DamageMeters-- all of that healing, which I'm clearly responsible for, gets listed as the warrior's.

That's more of a bug fix, though (DM just has to get its numbers straight), and Wyld has bigger ideas in mind for damage meters.

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Suggestion: an instance summary screen

Got this idea while doing a Shadow Labs run with my guildies this weekend: there should be a screen, in instances, that you can pull up to give stats about what players have done in there, just like battlegrounds. During the instance, every player should be able to pull up a screen that lists killing blows, damage done, healing done, and maybe even experience gained or even the loot dropped-- kind of an instance summary at a glance.

I know, as with all of my personal ideas, that opposition to this from you readers will likely be strong. I can just hear you saying now: "We can already do this!" Yes, mods like DamageMeters can track damage and healing done, in an instance or out, and across the group or otherwise. But they can't track killing blows and other stats, and not every player has access to the info-- it would benefit from being done by Blizzard (we already know they can do it in the battlegrounds, instances would be no different), and it would give us a standard system to track these kinds of stats for those of us who are interested.

The other objection, I'm sure, will be that some players don't want to know this info. Guilds will sometimes ban DamageMeters output in the chat channels, because they want their raiders to be working for a win, not for individual DPS. But to those objections, I say that if that was a problem, we'd already be dealing with it. If anyone is going to work for individual DPS, what's to stop them from installing DamageMeters and doing it right now? And if someone is working for themselves instead of for the raid, the simple solution is to just not bring them along to the raid. If a meter makes them ignore helping others, who needs them?

Of course, the other objection you might have to this one is that Blizzard should be working on more important things, and on that I can't really argue. But Blizzard, if you're listening and have the time to do it, I'd like to see the numbers on what my party is doing in instances.

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Reader UI of the Week: February 14 - 20

This week, Krool (of the guild Heartless, on Daggerspine US)shows off his pre-TBC UI, so think of this as one of those flashbacks you may see in LOST or Jericho or whatever show is doing flashbacks this week. I remember using Charcoal's unit frames and fonts way back, but could never develop an appreciation for, or understanding of, Discord Unit Frames. I'm really digging the borders around the UI elements, separating them from the rest of the screen. Is there any way to do something like this without Discord?

Anyway, I digress, and here's Krool to tell you about his UI:

Here's a screenshot of my UI. Unfortunately Charcoal isn't working any more and I'm so sad. It was my favorite bar auto-configurator of all time. As far as basic action bar, player and target bar geometry flexibility, Charcoal pwned everyting else I've ever seen. Crash said he's working on it, but it's going to take some time. But having said that, the screenshot enclosed is my UI the way I like it best of all at any time since the original beta when I started playing.

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Adventures in Beta: Who will be queen of the DPS team?

Players in the BC beta have hit 70 and are beginning to raid, which means the return of Azeroth's favorite sport: complaining how underpowered your class is in groups! Warriors and rogues started fast out of the gate with some pretty heavy complaints. Warriors state that their rage generation has been nerfed enough that they won't be good DPSers anymore, and since druids and paladins can tank now, why would anyone bring a warrior? Rogues have noticed that they don't do damage as well as equally-geared mages and warlocks at 70, and since a lot of bosses have cleave and AOE attacks, why would anyone bring a rogue? Well, there are enough spare rogues and warriors running around to fill a large pit in Outland, and someone has to take the gear. Mages and warlocks have utility outside damage in raids, but rogues and warriors don't (unless you count suppression rooms, which you shouldn't.)

The casters have fired back, claiming that mages were always intended to be top DPS due to ... the character class descriptions in the guidebook, apparently. They also note that casters have limited mana pools, unlike rogues' constantly regening energy and the warrior's rage bar, and that caster DPS is more dependent on group composition than melee DPS (i.e. shadow priest group damage buffs.)

People from both sides and from healing classes have argued that because there aren't many great melee weapons and armor yet available at 70, melee classes appear underpowered -- but things will even out as better gear becomes available.

Do you think the melee classes have a point? Should melee DPS be higher on average than caster DPS because of the extra healing required by melee? Are rogues and warriors really in trouble? Or are they just whining because they have to work harder to compete on the DPS meters?

(Image from The Last Watch, Turalyon-EU server. DPS meters on Patchwerk in Naxxramas.)

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Essential Addons for the Discerning Level 60

Seeing as my Shaman (Shamanic on Thunderhorn, by the way, in case you want to say hi) is finally about to hit 60 and start raiding, I figured that now might be a good time to sit down and update and refresh my UI addons, something I haven't done for a patch or two now. So I monitored my play habits for a little while, checked in with guildies for their recommendations, and in the end, these are the five addons I decided were necessary to put in my /Interface folder.

-Titan Panel: If I was only going to put one addon in, this would be the one I use. Titan creates an extra bar at the top or bottom of your screen (on my setup, I actually have it in both places) that tracks all kinds of things for you: time played, XP/hour, Durability, stat buffs, FPS, game memory usage-- pretty much everything about your WoW experience you'd ever want to know (it also will tell you the coordinates of your position in the game-- extremely useful for getting around Azeroth). Titan, like the famous CTmod (which I tried but didn't like as much), is so complex there's even addons for the addon. If you've never tried a meta-addon like Titan, definitely give it a try.

Four more after the jump...

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