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It Came from the Blog: Day of the Dead gallery

It Came from the Blog got together Monday night for a last minute Day of the Dead Dance Party. We danced, we got dead pets and we traveled to all the old world Horde graveyards.

Paragus and others made some Bread of the Dead for all to share. Rossor (Matthew Rossi) joined us as well for some dancing and tank discussions.

I am still working on the video, but here is a gallery of stills from the dance party:

We'll definitely have a PIlgrim's Bounty event and I'm hoping to fit in a DK Battleground party as well. Join us!

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Day of the Dead begins

Because we're such nice guys, we over here at would like to remind everyone that while the Hallow's End festivities have come to a much-too-soon end (who doesn't enjoy all of Azeroth feeling a little bit like the Undercity?), a new, very short holiday kicks off, too. Day of the Dead, literally the English translation of Dia de los Muertos, the Mexican holiday celebrated to remember those who have moved on, begins right when Hallow's End ends. The short, two-day holiday happens on November 1 and 2, coinciding with the Catholic holidays of All Saints' Day and All Soul's Day, which are celebrated elsewhere in the world.

During the event, players will have to /dance with an NPC named Catrina in order to get the Dead Man's Party Achievement, a reference to the Catrina dolls of Mexico, those skeletons in fabulously fashionable dresses and hats. There's also a recipe in-game for Bread of the Dead, another translation of the holiday's Pan de Muerto. This is required for The Grateful Dead, which appear to be a collection of quests requiring players to bring the bread to various ghosts in graveyards all over the game world. We hear the bread also goes very well with some Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia.

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Official WoW EU sites covers upcoming player-run events

I don't think this page is necessarily new, but I haven't seen it before, and I think it's a great idea. Over on the official WoW Europe site, they've started tracking player-run and community events on their Community Events page. Slorkuz is even posting on the forums when specific community events are coming up, including their latest, an in-game beauty contest called "Miss Undercity" happening on the EU Darkmoon Faire realm this weekend. I think that's great -- these are completely unofficial player-run events, but Blizzard is still helping spread the word about them on an official page.

In fact, I wish they had something like that on the US page -- if there is one in there, I don't see it linked in the "Community" section as it should be. As an example (and a reminder), Sleeper Cartel is hosting that Dead Man's Party this coming Saturday evening on Perenolde. It would be great for Blizzard to give a little extra official punch (and maybe even some pie) to these player-planned parties.

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