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Patch 2.2 on the PTR: New Violet Eye Recipes

New recipes have appeared on the test server with our Karazhan-related friends, the Archmages of Kirin Tor sect known as The Violet Eye. Some of these recipes are very nice indeed, including a high-end crafted leather chest for rogues and feral druids, a +20 agility enchant to weapons, a Flask recipe granting +35 to all resists & +18 to all stats and another high end leatherworking recipe, this time a cloak with a boatload of strength and melee crit stats.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Violet Eye faction, reputation is gained through the key quest for Karazhan as well as a quest within Karazhan and killing mobs in the 10-man raid zone. Reputation rewards they currently provide include the Violet Signet Rings (through a reputation gaining quest), the Iceguard frost-resist, plate recipes for blacksmiths, a crafted frost-resist ring and an Inscription granting +7 to all resists on a shoulder item.

Read on for exact details on the new recipes.

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Around Azeroth: Entering Deadwind Pass

I agree with Valens of We Know on Eitrigg, who sent in this shot. Deadwind Pass is creepy. Really creepy. A screenshot really can't do it justice, though -- if you actually venture there in-game, you'll see the corpses in the trees slowly swaying in the wind. And if you follow the roads, the majority of the zone is unnervingly empty. I recall my first trip through Deadwind Pass as a young warlock trying to complete a quest that required me to visit the Swamp of Sorrows for the first time. Approaching the entrance to Deadwind Pass, and seeing the corpses and warning signs, I asked on my guild line whether it was safe to run through. "Of course!" they all told me -- and they were right, but walking down the empty road towards the swamp, I couldn't shake the feeling that there must be something somewhere nearby that was responsible for these things.

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See more of your pics from Around Azeroth.

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Around Azeroth

Around Azeroth

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