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Breakfast Topic: High definition

There are some things that define us. The way we carry ourselves, our manner of dress, our tiny affectations... a lot of tiny things that make up who we are. The same goes for the game's classes... there are abilities and motifs that belong to a class' so-called kit. I mean, when I think of a Druid, for example, one of the first things that comes to mind is Moonfire. Blame it on the dreaded Moonfire spam made popular back in the day. Sure they probably use much more abilities now, too, but their reputation as Moonfire spammers is set in stone. Druids are also all sorts of leafy.

One ability that used to define Shamans was the dreaded Frost Shock, although it's fallen out of fashion lately now that Flame Shock is the precursor to a 100% crit Lava Burst. Still, I'm old school, and Frost Shock is still one of my favorite spells. Of course, Shaman are also defined by gear that hearkens to the elements -- and the Tier 8 looks like sheer amazing. Although the different classes have various powers at their disposal, what do you think are the defining abilities of each class? Just name one or two of the ones that stand out for you. What motifs fit the classes best? Skulls aren't just the domain or Rogues, but knives seem to be exclusive to those backstabbers. What abilities and themes define the classes best?

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Mounts now welcome in Booty Bay

Tcher on WoW LJ comes through with an interesting change in the Wrath beta: mounts are now usable throughout Booty Bay. Personally, I've never had a problem navigating around there without a mount, but apparently it's a welcome change -- you'll be able to go all around one of the coolest cities in Azeroth without dismounting.

Even more interesting than the change itself, though, is the thinking behind it -- apparently Blizzard is still tweaking where mounts can and can't go. And though it's a small complaint, this has always been an area that's been a little confusing -- why were mounts fine to use in Ironforge but not in Booty Bay? Why weren't ships ever considered "outdoors," but the crates on them are?

At any rate, if Booty Bay stays changed through the updates on the live realms for 3.0, it'll be clear Blizzard is still tangling with their strange definition of "outdoors," and the rules on where mounts can and can't go, even in old Azeroth.

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Breakfast Topic: Define this

Lavinia over on WoW Ladies found a pretty funny definition for "gold plz" that got me thinking. What if we "redefined" a few WoW phrases to make them a little more "accurate"?

PUG: (noun) A group of people who probably aren't finishing an instance today.

DEATH KNIGHT: (noun) What we'll call Ret Pallys after WotLK is released.

THE BARRENS: (noun) A section of the world where those who can't play, chat.

OVERPOWERED: (adjective) Anyone who beats me in PvP.

Those are all right, but I bet you all could come up with even better ones. Choose a term from WoW and "redefine" it to better describe what our world is really like.

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