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Throne of Thunder easter egg

Throne of Thunder Easter Egg
Finding easter eggs in video games is always fun, and Blizzard Entertainment has always had some very good ones. This year it would seem though they took the Noble Garden Festival to quite the literal extreme. If you find yourself in the Throne of Thunder, specifically in the lair of Ji-Kun, you will find that all of the eggs surrounding the hatching eggs have been replaced with Noble Garden counterparts in all their bright and vibrant colors. I personally never pegged the Mogu as ones to celebrate the holiday, but maybe, just maybe we've misjudged them a little bit.

Little things like this that are always fun to find, and it's amusing how many little details can sneak their way in to what some folks consider the normal routine of their daily wow life. Whether it is noble garden eggs in a raid zone, or Winter Veil Lights in dungeons, little touches like this are welcome surprises. Makes me wonder if anything else has been altered, even slightly, in Pandaria for our Noble Garden festivities. Are there other little changes like this for this year?

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I am not there. I do not die.

Frequent commenter Heraclea, in commenting on John's post about Pleasant Patch Surprises, managed to do just that as far as I'm concerned. Mentioning that a new questgiver in Stormwind was giving out an odd delivery quest to a person on the Aldor Rise in Shattrah, I decided this needed exploration. To make it harder on myself, I hopped onto my night elf warrior, a poorly geared 70 Scryer, to see if the quest was limited to Aldor only.

After a brief sidetrack in Stormwind where I did an old level 10 warrior quest requiring me to beat a drunk up for his mug and made an astonishing 4 gold for the whole experience, I made my way to Stormwind Keep and sure enough, a little girl gave me Alicia's poem and some gold to deliver it to Shattrah. Amazingly, I was able to ride right onto the Aldor rise and hand the poem to Caylee Dak, a night elf huntress.

The poem is based upon this one, which is somewhat famous as a remembrance or funeral poem, with some changes to make it work for Azeroth and Outland. This quest reminds me slightly of the Letter of Sully Ballou quest in that it was inspired by a real life writing. It's an interesting easter egg that reminded me, as someone living in Canada, that Remembrance Day was this week and for you Americans, Veteran's Day was as well. Yet another real life holiday making it into Azeroth? I don't know, but I would find it very interesting if this is how they chose to do it, and somewhat fitting.

Edit: Risa in the comments provides this link to add some context.

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That shifty Vargoth

Ever wanted to bring a smile to the face of the projection of an NPC trapped in a far off tower? Now you can. When you dance with the Image of Archmage Vargoth, the tricksy little mage now laughs. I heard this rumor and had to try it myself. It seems that the devs added this in the patch. I ran straight out and pulled my Archmage Vargoth's Staff out of the bank and tried it. Sure enough, he's a chuckling fool. I tried telling him jokes, pleading with him, flirted a bit, but only the dancing seems to charm his exiled soul.

Now we have an audience if we ever feel the need to burst into dance. Sure he wants me to turn in my quest, but since my only purpose in visiting Netherstorm these days is to farm primals, he's going to continue to be disappointed.

These are the sorts of small undocumented changes in the patch that make me giggle. Have you found any little gems that have shifted in the game without being mentioned in the patch notes? If so, what's your favorite?

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Blizzard, improve Noblegarden!

Some of the best times i've had in World of Warcraft have been participating in Blizzard's entertaining holiday events. Large portions of the world are revamped with decorations, new quests, and of course, prizes! And, while the prizes may not be that important (food, Halloween costumes, etc), participating in the holiday events is always a fun change of pace from the norm. However, I have to say Noblegarden -- Blizzard's Easter event -- pales in comparison to their other holidays. Why?
  • No decorations or changes in any of the cities... not even a lone NPC to inform players that they can hunt for eggs.
  • A one-day holiday as opposed to the week(s) of festivities for Halloween, Winter's Veil, etc.
  • Noblegarden eggs are quite rare... and the prizes are sub-par at best.
  • No holiday quests. Not a single one!
If you didn't participate in Noblegarden this year, I'll give you the rundown. In the secondary newbie zones (not the starting zones, but the zones after that), eggs were hidden. You could loot the eggs to get a few copper coins, assorted candy (61 health over 18 seconds), and a chance at an Easter dress or pieces of a tuxedo. Yesterday I spent four hours (can you tell that I really wanted an Easter dress?) scouring Elwynn Forest for eggs. During this time, I managed to locate 26 eggs (which comes out to about one egg every 9 minutes). While I got plenty of candy and perhaps a whole silver worth of coin, I didn't get any of the holiday clothes that were the only appeal of the event -- but after spending 4 hours at the hunt, I couldn't bring myself to keep going. (And I imagine most sane people would have stopped sooner than that.)

So what could Blizzard do to make this event fun and worthwhile for its players? Read on for speculation!

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We're hunting for Easter eggs...

It's that time of year again! No, I don't mean to run outside and start hunting for colorfully painted eggs mysteriously hidden in the grass. I'm talking about Easter eggs in our favorite computer game, World of Warcraft. And with Blizzard's odd sense of humor, you know there are plenty out there to find. The first step on our hunt is to visit BlizzPlanet's excellent list of Easter eggs and Burning Crusade Easter eggs. And now? Time to jump into Azeroth or Outland and find some new ones -- in the spirit of the season, of course

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Remember! Noblegarden tomorrow! [Updated]

Don't forget, tomorrow, April 8th, is Noblegarden in the land of Azeroth. What does that mean to adventerous players like us? That there are colorful eggs to collect -- and some of them might contain unique prizes. (I'm still hunting for that Noblegarden dress!) For those interested in egg hunting this year, they're found in the lowbie zones around major cities. So hunt in Mulgore, Tirisfal Glades, Dun Morogh, Elwynn Forest, Teldrassil, and Durotar Eversong Woods, and Azuremyst Isles -- at least presuming they've updated the event to include these new zones. The screenshot above (Blizzard's official Noblegarden shot) is deceptive -- last year, at least, the eggs were half that size at best.

Happy hunting, everyone!

Update: Fixed two errors in my initial post, adding Teldrassil and Tirisfal Glades as locations, and removing Silverpine Forest. Also, according to reports, there seem to be no eggs spawning in the new Burning Crusade zones, Eversong Woods and Azuremyst Isles. Thanks to commenters Auriea and Rob!

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Why hello, Easter eggs!

Paris HiltonIf you've explored a little bit, you've no doubt come across numerous Easter eggs -- amusing and sometimes obscure references to the real world that are just enough to make you grin when you encounter them. And, of course, the Burning Crusade has not been immune to such treatment, and we probably haven't found the half of them yet. Who is the Blood Elf pictured to the right? Well, according to the game, it's Haris Pilton <Socialite>. You can also meet her pet, a wolf named Tinkerbell. And then there's Adam Heman (complete with tiger), Slim <Shady Dealer>, Floyd Pinkus, and even Eyonix himself (he's an innkeeper). World of Raids has a thread covering a few of these (including a full version of the Haris Pilton shot), a link to a screenshot gallery at JudgeHype with more (the site is in French, but I'm sure we can all figure out how to click on screenshots), and then there's the soon-to-be-legendary thread about Eyonix's in-game appearance.

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Easter Eggs in WoW

I love discovering little hidden references in games, and during my time playing WoW, I've spotted a fair amount of in-jokes, from the various Goblins named after USS Enterprise crew members, to the Friday the 13th homage in Ellwyn Forest. The guys over at Blizzplanet, however, have done their homework far better than me. They've compiled an enormous list of easter eggs to be found throughout Azeroth, some of which I now realize that I had seen, but never made the connection before.

For example, the Psycho-themed names in the Undercity I should have gotten right away; I'm dissappointed in myself. And who'd have thought they'd squeeze in so many Thundercats references?

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Breakfast Topic: Hidden gems

From an out-of-the-way inn my guild uses for meetings, to the time I finally managed to watch a race in the Shimmering Flats, Azeroth has many well-kept secrets. How many times have you stumbled across a location or piece of scenery and wondered what on earth it was there for? Aside from the game's easter eggs, which are fun to track down, some places seem to hold unfulfilled potential.

I've found that RP gives me a whole new outlook on these places; every one suddenly suggests several possible storylines, although I've acquired the habit of dismissing a lot of the empty-looking content by saying "oh, that's only for RPers". Do you think this is true? Are the deserted buildings and empty locations there for RP enjoyment alone, or to lighten the hearts of the players who love running around into every nook and cranny? Have you found a particular spot that surprised or delighted you?

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