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Broken CE pet for EU players, but Blizzard makes up for it double

So Burning Crusade is now live on the European servers, and one mistake has already been made. It's also been fixed, however, and the fix is pretty darn sweet.

A few players opened up their expansion packs to find that their code for the Netherwhelp pet didn't work, and they weren't able to get their pet ingame. But Blizzard wasted no time in fixing things: they put up new instructions to get the pet, and they compensated players with not only the Netherwhelp pet, but another pet named Lurky the Murloc (brother, we assume, to Murky, the Murloc pet available at Blizzcon, and Gurky, the pet Blizzard has been giving away in a few places). In addition, they gave 2 free days of play to people affected.

On one hand, I'm impressed that Blizzard fixed things so quickly, and was so generous in doing so. But on the other hand, I'm wondering: maybe my expansion could be broken somehow? Please?

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EU Maintenance Extended

Proving that the US isn't the only one with extended weekly maintenance periods, CM Thundgot tells us that EU realms will be down until 16:00 CEST today. Here's to hoping Blizzard figured out something from the many problems with the US patch roll-out and the deployment over the European realms will go more smoothly.

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Hardware Upgrades Coming for EU Servers

CM Thundgot has announced plans to retrofit all existing realms with new hardware over the next month - in preparation for the expansion's release. These upgrades should result in an immediate performance improvement - however, the realms involved can expect additional downtime periods in which to perform these upgrades. The realms needing upgrades have been divided into three groups, and will be receiving upgrades group at a time (with specific dates and times to be announced).

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Patch 1.10.1 Delayed for EU servers

EU server maintenance is on Wednesday, which I have always guessed provides the EU team with a useful opportunity to observe the US roll-out and possibly make changes.  Well, this week they have made a change - because you won't find any European realms running patch 1.10.1.  In explaining the issue, CM Vaeras is not clear as to why the patch was not applied (only saying that there were "some issues" that were corrected, but too late to hit this week's maintenance window).  Hopefully this means that next week's EU rollout of patch 1.10.1 won't have the same issues that the US rollout did - but who knows, the patch may have been delayed for entirely different reasons.

Note: I can't seem to get to the specific post on the forums about this, though the forums themselves seem to be up.  The link should be good whenever the forums straighten themselves out.

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