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Free transfers live from a few realms

As reported on the WoW LJ community, selected realms are getting free transfers to lower population realms. I will admit to being a tad disappointed that the realm where most of my alliance characters languish isn't one of those realms. But for the inhabitants of a super-crowded realm this can only be good news, and I congratulate you all for getting a chance to move while the offer is open.

The complete list of realms who will be getting these transfers and the destination realms will be presented after the jump in case you can't access the links for one reason or another. If you are on one of the realms being offered the move, you have from Thursday, December 6th to Thursday the 13th to get your bags packed and make the trip to your new homes.

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Free transfers open for select EU realms

Dancing gnomesToday free transfers closed for several EU realms and opened for several more EU realms. Today's transfers are planned to remain open until next Wednesday, the 14th, but the transfer list can be changed at any time, so if you want to take advantage of this, better sooner than later. Currently, players on Grim Batol, Outland, and Warsong may transfer off to Spinebreaker. Want to get started? Read the transfer FAQ first (remember -- this is a one-way trip!) and then head over to the character transfer page.

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Impending free transfers to ease queues

As I'm sure many of you have noticed, server queues are back in a fairly big way. My own realm (Shadow Council) has been experiencing 500-ish person queues at peak times since a bit before Christmas. I know that's not huge, but we never used to have any queues at all. I've heard similar reports from many other realms, most of them worse than mine. It seems that Blizzard is aware of the problem, and planning on implementing some good ol' free character transfers from impacted realms. In the words of Tseric:

  • In the past week, we have seen something of a surge and we are already in the works to provide Free Character Transfers for a number of realms to deal with spiking of queues. Obviously, we will deal with the most severe realms first, so if you do not see your particular realm on the first list, it does not indicate that you will receive no assistance for this in the future.

    Keep watch on the General stickies for announcements relating to Free Transfers within the next couple of days.
Edit: Blizz have now announced specific transfers. The transfers will begin at 12 PM on Thursday, January 4, and run to 11 PM on Tuesday, January 8. Those of you on lleria, Anvilmar, Blackhand, Burning Blade, Daggerspine, Destromath, Draka, Durotan, Duskwood, Eonar, Executus, Garona, Greymane, Icecrown, Illidan, Kel'Thuzad, Mal'Ganis, Skullcrusher, Spinebreaker, or Warsong will be able transfer to Nazjatar, Baelgun, Alterac Mountains, or Arygos (as usual, you don't get to choose; it depends on your specific realm). I'm assuming these are new realms, since I don't see them on the realm status page.

Further Edit: Battlegroups have been announced. Nazjatar and Baelgun are in Shadowburn, and Alterac Mountains and Arygos are in Nightfall.

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