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Totem Talk: Misinformation

Totem Talk is the column for shamans. Matthew Rossi has decided to spend this week's column exploring the odd notions people, including up and coming shamans, sometimes get about the class. He'll admit that he was guilty of one of these himself, and looks forward to your guesses.

I was thinking I might talk about how to solo and quest as a restoration shaman. After all, there are a lot of new dailies out now and you might not have anyone online to run them with. Since elemental and enhancement are both DPS options, I thought it would be reasonable to talk about some things like putting Frostbrand or Flametongue on your weapon instead of Windfury (I always used to use Windfury with my dinky, 41 dps healing mace, and it was the wrong move) if you're soloing in your healing gear. Both frostbrand and flametongue get the benefit of 10% of your spell damage, making them better than Windfury for elemental or restoration shamans who won't be doing a lot of weapon damage - I use frostbrand on my resto shaman and would prefer it over flametongue if I were elemental, because I like to try and get back out to casting range, but flametongue can do a lot of damage on a fast weapon so a lot of elemental shamans like it better. And I definitely think I'll probably still do a column about proper soloing for the healer shaman. (Hint: your healing gear has a decent amount of spell damage now.)

But then I got into a discussion with an old game friend I haven't talked to in a while about shamans, and things he's had people ask him or tell him while he was playing his (he has three, making me feel like a shaman slacker) and he told me that a group he was running with recently got upset with him for not shifting to Ghost Wolf to clear an entangle.

Perhaps they thought he was a druid, you might say, even with the totem dropping and the being a troll. I find these kinds of errors to be regretfully common, and so I decided that for today, we could cover a few of them and try and clear up any mistakes people might have about shamans. A lot of these will seem obvious to long term shaman players and those familiar with the class, but believe me, sooner or later (in my case, often sooner) you will group with someone who does not know this stuff.

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My wife likes to tame wolves in swamps

One of the more interesting facets to having a wife who plays World of Warcraft (heck, she started playing in the old Beta, way before I did) is that you find yourself taking your newly 70 Draenei Shaman into Dustwallow Marsh to spend several hours popping Heroism so that she can tame a Grimtotem Spirit Guide before it dies in seven seconds. You can see how other folks did it here and we posted a how-to here, but I never expected I'd be doing it.

It's not the first time that I've found myself doing something like this. I helped sneak into Zul'Gurub to tame windserpents, I've taken my orc warrior to Winterspring to get her Sian-Rotam (and I noticed while we were there this time to get her Juju Flurry for the tame attempt that the Ursius quest is open to Alliance now) and once or twice I may have accidentally killed Lupos before she could tame him.

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