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BlizzCon 2011: Heroic Scholomance and Scarlet Monastery redesign

scholomance interior
One of the most exciting things last year was the announcement that in the Cataclysm expansion there would be a redesign of classic dungeons into new heroic modes for level 85. Shadowfang Keep and The Deadmines got quite a face lift including new layouts, new boss mechanics and in some cases entirely new bosses. The redesign was quite successful, and the new instances were fun and fresh and breathed new life into content that had previously been considered stale.

With the announcement of the new expansion, Mists of Pandaria, there was a very exciting announcement that we will be receiving three new heroic dungeons as redesigns. These rediscovered zones are Scholomance and Scarlet Monastery. Both are iconic instances and most players have some fond (or not so fond) memories there.. During the Dungeon and Raids panel we received a few bits of information about each of these revamps. Join us after the break for details.

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For great (Badge of) Justice!

The other night my guild stepped into a heroic instance for the first time. Now this isn't great news for those of you who already spend your weekend nights huggling Gruul, but it's a great accomplishment for us. Since we all have the Coilfang Resevoir key we started with Slave Pens, and I must say it was a joy to have challenge in that instance again.

It felt like I had been given the instance back, as it were. If I were to walk into Slave Pens at the normal level I would feel little interest since it's tuned for 62-64. I finally understand the method behind the heroic dungeon concept, to allow level 70 players to have fun going to those dungeons again. But what I'd really like is heroic dungeon settings for the old instances in Azeroth. Can you imagine what Van Cleef would be like at level 70? It makes me giddy just to think of it.

We only got as far as the first boss, and then the trash beat us to a complete pulp before exhaustion forced us to quit. I really was surprised how the tides shift with heroics. I have a hard time reconciling trash mobs who are impossible to kill and bosses who are manageable. Either way I am excited to have such a novel experience added to our game play. Whoever came up with the concept of heroic dungeons was brilliant. I have my first Badge of Justice, now. Only 112 to go.

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Ask WoW Insider: Heroic instance difficulty

Welcome once again to Ask WoW Insider, a weekly column that publishes your questions for our readers to answer. This week's question comes from Maedhras of Mannoroth, who wants to know the difficulty order of the heroic dungeons:
Here's the question that has me hesitating to take my friends into heroic instances.

What is the correct order of difficulty of Heroic Instances? Is it in any way related to their non-Heroic level (ie. Ramparts would be the easiest, with Arcatraz being the hardest?) (I shudder at the idea of the 2 Sentinel pull in Heroic Arcatraz). From what I've heard, the non-Heroic level is no indication, but I've been able to clear ramparts (what a scam btw, the last boss does not give a badge) and got my buttocks neatly handed to me in a Red Gift Packaging Ribbon in Steam Vaults.

So what's the dealio?

Also, where does Kharazan come in, difficulty wise?
Which heroics do you find the easiest and most difficult? What would you suggest for players just starting out doing heroics? And relatedly, which do you find much harder than their normal counterparts, and which relatively similar?

Got questions? Hit us up at ask AT wowinsider DOT com, and we may just publish yours next week.

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