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WoW Moviewatch: I, for one, welcome our new Highlord Kruul

If you missed it earlier, Highlord Kruul is running wild in the major cities (and killing our most beloved friends). If you haven't seen him yet, he's amazing. Here he is rocking the Eastern Plaguelands (for a minute or so anyway, vid cuts out halfway through).

Zeroen from Daggerspine has posted a nice pictoral guide to Highlord Kruul (it's not what you think), and a few servers have already dropped him. A few players mentioned that he has been heard asking for "shards"-- what does that mean? And finally, since I love all the BC teaser stuff so far, Tseric says perhaps the event isn't over yet... perhaps.

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I fought Highlord Kruul and Highlord Kruul won

Hey, everyone who complained about the Scourge world event being too wussy -- the Burning Legion sends its regards. Eliah Hecht has documented that Highlord Kruul is owning everything on most servers, but no one has answered the question: Is it possible to kill this guy?

Short answer: Yes. He appears to be a renamed Kazzak with most of Kazzak's abilities, plus he has Kazzak's loot table. He seems to hit harder than Kazzak and enrage sooner, but an organized, or even slightly disorganized, raid of 40 people can kill him. WoWWiki has a good strategy guide for Kazzak. Exo and Trans killed him on Smolderthorn, as did groups on Illidan, Medivh and Kalecgos, apparently.

Long answer: Probably not, at least if your server's anything like mine. Kruul heals massively every time he kills a player or pet. So if Kruul spawns near a major city, it's nearly impossible due to the number of deaths. Unless you can clear the area of everything but organized 60s working in a raid group, just get naked, sit back and watch the carnage.

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