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It came from the Blog: Join us for Candy Run 2013

It came from the Blog Join us for Hallow's End 2013
Azeroth is celebrating Hallow's End, which means it's time for another It came from the Blog Candy Run. We won't get Deathwing to join us like he did two years ago, but there still should be plenty of fun without being roasted like a marshmallow.
  • When: Friday, October 25 at 10:30 p.m. EDT (7:30 p.m. PDT, 11:30 p.m. server time)
  • Where: Meet at Brill on Zangarmarsh (US-PvE-H)
  • Who: Any level Horde character, though the more flightpaths you have, the better
  • How: Ask Tizzi or any member of It came from the Blog for an invite, if you're not already in our family of guilds
We'll be running around collecting candy from willing innkeepers for the first half of the event. Then we'll abandon the lowbies and continue via flightpaths in order to complete the continent. So bring your character with the most old world flightpaths if you want to participate in the entire event.

Come and join us this Friday for some Candy Run fun!
Please join us on Zangarmarsh (US-PvE-H) in It came from the Blog. All guild ranks can invite, so /whisper Tizzi or any online member. You are all welcome as long as you play by our simple rules -- basically, don't be a funsucker! Visit the guild FAQ for more details.

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Drama Mamas: He's ready to plaaayyy ...

Time for a nostalgic trip back to Ulduar, boys and girls. This week's letter writer? Like a certain clockwork creation from our past, he might be just a little overeager to come out and play ...

Hi WoW Insider Drama Mamas,

So ... I'm a WoW n00b. I get the impression I'm a rarity these days (even with the release of Mists of Pandaria) (I'm so n00b I've only recently worked out that WoW means World of Warcraft and not like "Hey, man, WoW!" with a badly placed capital letter).

IRL I'm a pretty outgoing bloke as well. I'm not short of mates, and friendly to most people I know. I even have a young family, and a wife I love very much. I'm an internet veteran who remembers ICQ and IRC chat. I've hung out on rock band and football club forums and successfully existed online there. I've played MMO style games before, in particular Second Life which is all about being social, and I've done well in the whole making friends thing there.

But when it comes to WoW, I don't seem to be able to strike it, socially at least.

I've got one mate on my friends list, who I know from RL; however, I worry I make him sick of me bugging him with my n00b questions. (What's the Dungeon Hunter? Where do I get leather from to make stuff with? Who's Leeroy Jenkins?)

I had a brief "fling" with a girl kind enough to take me on my first dungeon run. I kept dying. I'm sure she was laughing her head off. But she was very gracious, kind, and friendly. I friended her, however I think she's since culled me from her friends list which of course makes me sad, but hey maybe she had to cull her list because it was too busy for her to concentrate on playing perhaps. I understand that sort of thing completely and I'm certainly not hurt over it.

Other than that ... Every time I chat publicly to someone I'm either ignored or they run away. Comments in the casual guild I've joined seem to get ignored. And like I say, I don't want to drown my RL mate in-game either. Would love to see what you both have to say. What makes the WoW denizen different from other online hangout denizens?

Many thanks,

Scott Nofriends

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A peek inside The Insiders with WoW Insider

A peek inside The Insiders with WoW Insider
Just like this headline, there's a lot to get inside of in this particular feature -- in particular, the WoW Insider family of guilds, which loosely connect our website with readers and fans in game. While a handful of WoW Insider staffers have ended up in the same raiding guild after this many years, most are just like you and me, following friends, family or changing raiding opportunities to different realms and different guilds. There is a place, though, where WI writers, editors and readers come together to enjoy in-game holidays, meet and greet events where readers can chat with WI staffers, and a year-round home for casual players: the WI family of guilds on Zangarmarsh (US-Horde).

This loose collective comprises It Came from the Blog, an open group for anyone who'd like to run holiday events with a gang of other WI readers; My Other Guild is Full, an overflow guild for alts; and The Insiders, a casual guild of players who enjoyed the atmosphere in ICftB so much that they stuck around with their mains. In the thick of all that activity is Kijani, a once-alt who's become an officer with The Insiders, helping an enthusiastic team of other "blog lords" build a group that's offering more and more to its huge group of members.

"Kijiani exemplifies what is great about the members of The Insiders (as well as It came from the Blog)," says WoW Insider's Robin Torres, who leads It Came from the Blog special events. "He helps make guildchat and group activities fun. While he is enthusiastic, he's also relaxed. I'm happy he's representing such a wonderful guild."

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Cataclysm: Guild cap revised, now 1,000 members

After a very vocal community outpouring and harsh response to Blizzard's announcement that guilds would be hard-capped at 600 members, the policy has been re-evaluated and the cap has been raised to 1,000 members per guild in patch 4.0.1.

While there are not a huge amount of guilds that go over the 1,000-player limit, those multitudes of players came out in anger over Blizzard's decision to set a hard cap. Now, with that cap raised, these guilds may potentially fall under the new rules, keeping their organizations intact. Hit the jump for the full announcement.

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Cataclysm: New 600-member hard cap imposed on guilds

Large guilds face a certain number of unique challenges. Beyond the usual demands of leading large numbers of players, guilds with memberships greater than 500 have an unfortunate tendency to break the guild interface. Up until now, this has been more of a nuisance than anything else -- Blizzard has never imposed a hard cap on guild membership. (WoW Insider's very own guild, <It Came from the Blog>, stands at 1,100 members, for example.)

Blizzard was keenly aware of the problems that these large guilds suffered, promising earlier in the summer to address them for Cataclysm. Well, not-so-great news, members of giant mega guilds: Blizzard is effectively throwing in the towel on large guilds and imposing a hard cap of 600 members effective the moment patch 4.0.1 goes live.

While the official blue post by Mumper says this will have no effect on 99.9 percent of guilds, this move could effectively devastate the remaining 0.1 percent. The full text is available after the break.

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15 Minutes of Fame: Cutting up with WoW Insider regular Brian Cutaia

From Hollywood celebrities to the guy next door, millions of people have made World of Warcraft a part of their lives. How do you play WoW? We're giving each approach its own 15 Minutes of Fame.

Time flies when you're having fun -- and somehow it's been two whole years since we last profiled a reader favorite from the hallowed halls of the WoW Insider comments. Time to remedy that!

So who's the latest man of the hour? Why, commenter extraordinaire Brian Cutaia, of course! He's already a prolific commenter, and he's well on his way to becoming a prolific guest writer, too. Cutaia (rhymes with "papaya") is also a vocal member of <It came from the Blog>. The only point in the WoW Insider landscape that his acerbic commentary and wry witticisms seem to be absent is Twitter. (A new frontier for Cutaia? Stranger things have happened ...) Join us today in discovering why this WoW Insider community regular is so soundly appreciated by both readers and staffers alike.

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WoW Rookie: Cataclysm changes to early and middle levels

New around here? WoW Rookie has your back! Get all our collected tips, tricks and tactics for new players in the WoW Rookie Guide.

If you're not a leveling player -- and sorry, but that does not include you wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am types zipping up your latest alts -- then as I tell my family when they're hovering around me when I'm trying to write, "I love you; now go away." Today's WoW Rookie is all about stuff that matters to players who focus on WoW's leveling game. If you've got the whole leveling thing down pat ... if leveling is just a chore to get to the end game, where "the game begins at 80" ... if your pre-80 character is just one among your entire stable of toons ... then move along, big guy. Your secret handshake didn't pass muster at this clubhouse.

For those of us gleefully picking our way through the levels, we're going to take another look this week at what's ahead for us in the expansion. First, I've got a lead to share on a friendly place to tuck into for companionable leveling. Then we'll round up a whole collection of facts and developments on how Cataclysm will change the game for players in the 1-60ish range. If you're an assiduous reader of The Queue, none of this will be new news; we've cherry-picked some recent goodies that apply to players in the early to middle levels.

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WoW Rookie: 10 ways to meet other new players

New around here? WoW Rookie points WoW's newest players to the basics of a good start in the World of Warcraft. See all our collected tips, tricks and how-to's at's WoW Rookie Guide.

Come out, come out, wherever you are ... We know you're out there leveling! The dungeon finder feature isn't the only way to meet new and leveling players – in fact, it's one of the worst, since you'll only occasionally be paired off with another player from your home realm. Today's WoW makes it possible to scuttle from the auction house to the dungeon finder without forming any lasting relationships to speak of at all. Here at WoW Rookie, we're all about enjoying the journey, rather than racing for the finish line. Let's go over the best ways, then, to join up with folks you can adventure with along the way. In ascending order:

10. Hit the dungeon finder. We know, we just said the dungeon finder is not a great way to make friends. It's not. That said, we've heard more than one tale of players who transferred realms to play with friends they met through the dungeon finder. You're more likely to find a compatible group for the length of a single evening than a permanent partnership that persists over the levels -- but hey, it could happen.

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Reminder: Battleground Bonanza II today

It came from the Blog is holding its second Battleground Bonanza today:
  • When: Saturday, January 16th, 4:30pm EST (1:30pm PST, 2:30pm Server time)
  • Where: The Hall of the Brave (where the Battlemasters are), Orgrimmar, Zangarmarsh U.S.
  • Who: Any level 10 or above Horde character.
  • How: Ask any It came from the Blog Lurker or Robinator for a guild invite.
  • What: Battleground premades
We will be forming groups and hitting as many level/group-size appropriate BGs as we can for an hour or so. If you can't make it to the Hall of the Brave in time for the event, you will miss out on the first screenshot, but will still be able to participate. We will also be doing some BG related quests, so there will be some traveling for certain level ranges.

If you are unfamiliar with Battleground play, please do some homework so that it will be more fun for both you and your teammates. Also, if you have any questions about the guild, please read our FAQ.

Come join the fun!

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It Came from the Blog: Hallow's End and Kodo Run galleries

Last week, the gang from It came from the Blog participated in several Hallow's End activities. We put out the fires in Falconwing Square, pranked Southshore and went Trick or Treating through the Eastern Kingdoms. Levels were dinged (and those that received them were called Dingalings), Achievements were achieved and a dwarf dressed as a troll was rescued.

Here are some screenshots of the fun:

Also, at the beginning of October, It came from the Blog went on an Epic Harvest Brewfestival Ride to honor a hero in Ashenvale. The pictures from this event are long overdue and here they are:

Look for more It Came from the Blog activities in November and throughout the in-game holidays.

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WRUP: Ziebart craves brains edition

Well, here we are at the weekend, and yet again we're all in danger. Alex Ziebart has been bitten by the dread PTR and is stalking the halls of central, craving our succulent brains and/or posts about patch 3.3, while we struggle to survive. Or to provide him with PTR posts and patch details like, say, Quel'Delar, This weekend, it's not just a game, it's a battle to survive against a fiend more dead than alive! Well, until he gets his morning nosh, then he's usually okay. Woe betide thee that denies said nosh! A peckish zombie is a fearful adversary. Luckily, I have a character skilled in dealing with the undead and he just got himself a new toy.

But what about the gaming, you ask? I'm glad you did, because I'm awful at segues. Seriously, just awful. I mean, look at this one, it's just atrocious.

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Reminder: It came from the Blog Pirates' Day event today

Ye not be forgetting It came from the Blog's Pirates' Day parrrty!
  • When: 5pm EDT (3pm Server Time, 2pm PDT) Today
  • Where: Meet in Orgrimmar in front of the bank on Zangarmarsh U.S.
  • Who: A Horde character, any level
  • How: Send a tell to Robiness or any It came from the Blog member to join the guild
Be ye in league with Bloodsails? The Booty Bay guards arrrr sleepin' off a bit too much brew, so ye can join in on the parrrty. Aaargh the guards be wide awake and feisty.

Drag yer carcasses to Orgrimmar early, else ye will be travellin' to Booty Bay on yer own. Thar will be no summonin' fer lazy landlubbers. Ye have been warned.

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It came from the Blog: Let's celebrate Pirates' Day!

Avast me hearties! It nears time for Pirates' Day! Yarrrr!

Come celebrate Pirates' Day with It came from the Blog. Here are the details:
  • When: 5pm EDT (3pm Server Time, 2pm PDT) Saturday, September 19th
  • Where: Meet in Orgrimmar in front of the bank on Zangarmarsh U.S.
  • Who: A Horde character, any level
  • How: Send a tell to Robiness or any It came from the Blog member to join the guild
  • What: We'll get a pirate costume and an Achievement.
We'll run from Orgrimmar to Ratchet together and then take the boat to Booty Bay for the festivities. All races and levels should be able to get to Org with little trouble. Tauren can take the zeppelin from Thunder Bluff and Blood Elves can take the teleport from Silvermoon to the Undercity and then the zeppelin from Undercity to Orgrimmar.

So get there before 5pm EDT if you want to run with the guildies. All latecomers can just meet us at Booty Bay.

For more info about It came from the Blog, please see our FAQ.

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WoW Insider Show special video edition live tomorrow

The day has arrived. A little while ago, we challenged you fans to get us over 9000 Twitter followers, and somehow, some way, you delivered. So now we have to keep our promises -- tomorrow, the WoW Insider Show, which has only ever been an audio podcast, will include video with our live feed, and you'll be able to see the faces of all your favorite bloggers (for better or worse). Turpster and I will be dressed in our finest threads, we'll be toasting champagne (so bring your own if you want to toast with us, 21+ please), and we'll host a cavalcade of bloggers and friends of the show on live video. We've got some surprises planned, and hopefully Ustream will hold up under the strain -- whatever happens, it'll surely be wild.

The show begins our Ustream page at May 23, 2009 3:30 PM EDT , or you can jump after the break to see an embedded feed. The audio archive of the show will appear here on Monday, and we'll have a video version on Ustream, but unfortunately Ustream will only save one video stream -- mine. So if you want to see Turpster and our guests on video, someone in the live audience might have to Fraps it out. And directly after the show, we'll be spending some time on Zangarmarsh (It Came From the Blog is our guild over there on Horde side, and I'll be hanging out and dueling Peggle if you want to stop by).

Whew. It will be memorable, I can guarantee that. We'll also talk a little bit of Warcraft, and of course we'll talk about the new and what it means for the podcast as well. We'll see you (and by see you, I mean you'll actually see us) tomorrow afternoon.

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Reminder: It Came from the Blog Lunar Festival event today!

So, here I am in Orgrimmar, all ready for today's It Came from the Blog Lunar Festival event. The Spousal Unit is going to take The Spawn for ice cream so that I can focus on herding you cool cats from Elder to Elder. It looks like people (Hi Cowzilla!) have been getting their Death Knights through the initial quests and sanctioned by Thrall to be ready to hang with the lowbies today. I also have some emails (Hi Diahix!), but unfortunately, I can't ginvite via email. Here are the details:
  • When: 6PM Eastern Time today, January 31st. (That's 4PM server time, 3PM Pacific Time)
  • Where: Meet at the Bank in Orgrimmar, Zangarmarsh U.S. (PvE server, sorry ganker wannabes)
  • Who: Any Horde character at any level as long as you have 3 silver and Thrall has welcomed you to the Horde (I mean you, DKs)
  • What: We'll be doing the initial Lunar Festival quests and then running around picking up Ancient Coins as well as flightpaths for you non-Death Knights
  • How: Send a tell to Robiness or any It Came from the Blog guild member for invite to the guild
Please be at the bank in Orgrimmar before 6PM so that we can get started on time. If you have a low level Tauren character, I will summon you, but otherwise everyone should be able to get there easily.

I hope to see you there!

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