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Wolfheart excerpts now available

Tonight, Blizzard has posted two excerpts from Richard A. Knaak's newest WoW novel Wolfheart, releasing tomorrow, Sept. 13. The novel tells the story of Varian Wyrnn and his quest to come to terms with his identity as Lo'Gosh, leadership of the Alliance, and Garrosh Hellscream's massive military movements into the forests of Ashenvale.

Varian and the Worgen are at the center of the story, so for those of you looking for more of the political relationship between Stormwind and Gilneas, this book is full of it. Hit the jump for the full excerpts of the new novel.

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First chapter of new Wolfheart novel free to read

Varian Wrynn
The Sept. 13 publication date of Wolfheart, the newest WoW novel written by Richard Knaak, draws ever closer. We know surprisingly little about it at the moment. We know that it will take place on Kalimdor but will focus on King Varian Wrynn and his relationship with the wolf spirit Goldrinn and the new members of the Alliance, the Worgen. If you're eager for more information though, you're in luck. Shelfari, a book wiki run by, has the first chapter of the book available to read.

Click here for your free sample chapter and choose the Read First Chapter Free button below the picture of the book cover on the left side of the page. You'll be able to read the first chapter, as well as the chapter titles for the book (by pushing the back arrow on the pages). There are going to be a lot of spoilers in both the chapter names and the chapter itself, of course, so read at your own risk. For a quick (spoiler-filled) summary and a discussion of the possibilities, check after the break.

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Wolfheart audiobook to include game sounds

Not only will our friend and the king of Stormwind (and my heart) Varian Wrynn be getting his own novel soon, but said novel will also be released as an audiobook. Richard Knaak's Wolfheart will not just be released as a novel, but also as a recording with special effects, in-game sounds and narration. The novel is scheduled to be released Sept. 13, 2011, and the audiobook is expected not long after.

Are you excited? I'm excited! I'm actually looking forward to seeing how King Varian and the Worgen, especially their king Genn Greymane, interact in this book. Thanks to BlizzPlanet for the heads up!

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World of Warcraft: "Wolfheart" novel description now available

A preview description for the next book set in the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm universe, Wolfheart, has appeared courtesy of BlizzPlanet. The novel, penned by Stormrage and War of the Ancients trilogy author Richard A. Knaak, follows the exploits of Varian Wyrnn, Genn Greymane, night elf leaders Malfurian Stormrage and Tyrande Whisperwind, and surprise guest Maiev Shadowsong. From the description, it appears the novel will focus on the tensions between Stormwind and Gilneas due to their tenuous new alliance, the Highborne's reintegration into night elven society, and the continued fight in Ashenvale against the surmounting Horde odds.

Christie Golden's Thrall: Twilight of the Aspects, is currently on the shelves, chronicling Thrall's journey post-Cataclysm with the Earthen Ring and his counterpart Aggra, as well as the dragons and their quest to stay alive and allied during Deathwing's brutal return. With Wolfheart, it seems we're getting an Alliance leader's story opposed to that of Thrall, who was once the Horde's warchief.

World of Warcraft: Wolfheart is going to be available on Sept. 13, 2011. Hit the jump for the full description.

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Blizzard at the New York Comic Convention

Blizzplanet did a terrific job of covering all of the Blizzard action at the New York Comic Convention last week (none of us, unfortunately, were able to go). The best place to start is probably Medievaldragon's big roundup -- he was able to meet both Mickey Neilson as well as the man himself, Chris Metzen, and talk to them about the lore of Blizzard's various universes. He also learned more about that upcoming Arthas book, and visited the DC folks to see what's new on their front: namely an upcoming King Wrynn figure, as well as a new Night Elf Hunter and even a Ghoul figure.

He also nabbed video of all the Blizzard products floating around the convention (including those figures, very cool-looking), and a long interview with Chris Metzen and Mickey Neilson, in which we hear lots of insight about what's going on in the Starcraft and Warcraft extended universes and the lore books at Blizzard, including what's going on with Sargeras' body, Garona and her mysterious background, and a really interesting hint about what might happen to the Aspect of Magic now that Malygos is dead.

And there's a nice little hint at what's next in Warcraft: Malfurion Stormrage is the next big focus of the lore books, so that might tell you a little bit about what might happen in the game's next expansion. Big thanks to Medievaldragon for covering the NYCC -- even though we weren't able to go, it was nice to have him on site there for the whole community.

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Night of the Dragon - Richard Knaak interview

Our friends at Blizzplanet have a video interview up with Richard Knaak, author of the Warcraft novels Day of the Dragon, the War of Ancients trilogy and the upcoming Night of the Dragon, as well as the Sunwell Trilogy and upcoming Burning Crusade manga. For those of us who can't watch video due to work or other issues, they've even thoughtfully presented a transcript of the interview here.

What I found especially interesting are the little hints Knaak dropped in the interview about Malygos, Rhonin and his role with the Kirin Tor, what effects the characters of the upcoming Burning Crusade manga have on Wrath of the Lich King, and the sputtering response to the Diablo 3 question. Is there something fishy going on there? (Probably not.)

Additional tidbits of note: we will probably see Vereesa again, and no, she's not big on the Blood Elves (may we dream of a sisters Windrunner family reuinion?), Knaak would like to use a Draenei in the upcoming book, no word yet on if Hakkar the Houndmaster was an eredar or what relation he has to Hakkar the Soulflayer (perhaps identical cousins?) and finally, Knaak's contracts with Blizzard keep him from saying too much, which for a lore junkie like myself is very maddening.

Savor the interview and let the rampant speculation commence.

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Warcraft Archive Giveaway

While we were exploring the BlizzCon convention floor, we ran into Richard A. Knaak, who kindly autographed two copies of the Warcraft Archive (a collection of four original World of Warcraft novels, one by Knaak) for us. Why do you care who we met at BlizzCon? Because we're giving these away, and all you have to do for your chance to win is leave a comment on this post within the next 24 hours. Two commenters will be selected at random and receive a signed copy of the Warcraft Archive!

Now, for the rules:
  • Only one entry per person -- multiple entries will get you disqualified.
  • You need to be a US resident of age 13+ in order to win.
  • You'll need to be willing to give us a valid mailing address so we can send it to you.
That covers the basics, but sure to check out the full official rules before leaving your comment!

: The contest is closed and the randomly selected winners have been notified, so check your mailboxes, folks!

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