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The Queue: In case of emergency break glass, release kraken

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. All the usual suspects are sick, so backup emergency Queue writer Matthew Rossi has breached his vault and, bypassing all the eldritch seals, brings forth a Queue that writhes with tentacles vast beyond imagining. Ia! Ia!

Yes, that's right - everyone's sick, and so I'm writing this Queue. I was just reading about the original mythology about the kraken, the idea that it was so big that people used to think it was an island and it would eat entire boats and kill people by submerging. Isn't that wild? For once, World of Warcraft has completely downplayed the thing. As you can see from this wikipedia article, Jacob Wallenberg argued that the kraken wasn't very large since it was only roughly sixteen kilometers.

I'm fairly sure Jacob Wallenberg was a hard dude to impress. On to your questions!

hstein31 asks:
In the Operation: Shieldwall quests, Varian says that he was courting the Blood Elves to join the Alliance. That seems rather important to only be casually mentioned while scolding Jaina; does that show up in any other source, like a novel or short-story?

Nope. It takes place entirely within the game. Aren't we constantly saying that's what we want?

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