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Wondering why the Lunar Festival ended early?

If you checked the calendar in advance (it was updated today), it informed you that the Lunar Festival was scheduled to end on the 8th of March -- that would be this Friday. However, if you've bothered to log on to the game at all, you'll notice that all of the decorations are gone and the elders have vanished. Whyso? Apparently, the calendar was in error -- according to Blizzard poster Ommra, the festival was supposed to last 19 days. So if you were waiting for the last day to turn things in, or the last minute to run around hunting elders (like I was -- I know, I'm a slacker), you're stuck waiting for next year.

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WoW Moviewatch: Kiting Omen

For those of you who don't know, Omen is a raid boss in Moonglade who is present for the Lunar Festival event (which continues until the 8th of March for those of you who haven't yet had time to participate). And in true if-you-build-it-they-will-come fashion, industrious players across the realms are working to kite Omen to the nearest major city -- Orgrimmar, of course!

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Holidays in Azeroth - Love 'em or Hate 'em?

Have you noticed the way holidays in Azeroth seem to strangely coincide with holidays in the real world?  Noblegarden shows up on Easter, Hallow's End on Halloween, the Feast of Winter Veil on Christmas, and the Lunar Festival on the Chinese New Year.  Sure, CM Caydiem would always come up with fascinating reasons why each of these holidays fit properly in to Azeroth's lore, but doesn't it break down the immersiveness of an alternate reality when you see someone who looks suspiciously like Santa Claus sitting in the middle of Ironforge?  I enjoy the change of pace provided by Azeroth's holidays as much as anyone else, but I do wonder whether Azeroth has any of its own holidays.  So what's your take on Azeroth's holiday schedule - love it or hate it? 

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Mayhem in Moonglade

The Lunar Festival is underway, as if we hadn't got enough world events to be getting on with. Buy fireworks from vendors in all major cities, and set them off to gain access to that heretofore secluded Druidic retreat, Moonglade. Pay your respects to Elders around Azeroth and gain coins which you can exchange for items in Moonglade; team up and defeat a demonic ex-hero, Omen, and bask in the light of Elune.

Or, rather; get barred from an Omen raid because you're under level 50, waste money on fireworks in Stormwind when the quest is bugged (you have to let them off in Ironforge or Orgrimmar for them to count towards the quest), and glare at the smug Druids teleporting to Moonglade at will.

The Lunar Festival is an interesting distraction, and with fifty Coins of Ancestry to collect, there's reputation aplenty to be gained. Fortunately, you can get Elune's Blessing from Omen's body without being in a raid group, so you may be able to complete all of the Lunar Festival quests without being level 60--hunting for those coins in opposite-faction cities may be interesting, however!

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