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Patch 5.2 PTR: Mac OS X 10.6 no longer supported as of 5.2

Patch 52 PTR Mac OS X 106 no longer supported
Mac OS X 10.6 will no longer be supported in patch 5.2, so if you happen to be running under that operating system, you may want to consider upgrading. While World of Warcraft has long been known for running on ridiculously outdated computers, it has over time dropped support for older operating systems. Does this mean you can't play if you're running OS X 10.6? Nope -- but it means it will no longer be supported, so if your game suddenly stops functioning correctly with that operating system, there's not much to be done about it other than upgrading your OS.

There is no need to panic if you're currently running with said operating system, however -- your game isn't going to suddenly stop running tomorrow. Daxxari posted more information about the changes, as well as some helpful links to follow as a polite heads-up warning in advance, so players using this OS will have time to make any changes they need.

In the upcoming Patch 5.2: The Thunder King, players using Mac OS X 10.6 will be presented with a message stating that we will no longer support Mac OS X 10.6. During this time, you will be able to continue playing; however, Mac OS X 10.6 will no longer be supported. We recommend Mac users upgrade their systems to Mac OS X 10.7.5 (or newer) as soon as possible.

We are giving players advance notice of this change to ensure Mac users have enough time to update their operating systems in preparation for the release of Patch 5.2: The Thunder King. We will provide an additional update when we no longer provide technical support for Mac OS X 10.6. Mac OS X 10.7 and Mac OS X 10.8 will continue to be fully supported per the recently posted Mac OS Support policy here. For more Mac-related information and help, visit the support site.

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Wowhead releases Mac OS X download client

Wowhead announced today that it has released a download client for Mac OS X. Now the denizens of the cult of Mac can contribute to the collective WoW knowledge base that so deliciously feeds our need for data on lewtz. Just like the Windows version, the new OS X client installs Wowhead Looter, an addon which tallies up information in the background as you play and populates the Wowhead database with stats the game's items, drop rates, quests, and all sorts of other goodness.

Just remember that you need a Wowhead account before the Looter can upload information back to the database. Otherwise, you've just got yourself an addon that's all dressed up with no place to go.

[Thanks, Toras.]

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Leopard: plays well with WoW, not so well with Vent

For those of us who are both Mac users and WoW fans, there are two very important types of software release: a new patch for WoW and a new version of Mac OS X. Patch 2.3 may not be out yet (although we can always hope for next Tuesday), but Mac OS X 10.5, AKA Leopard, is released today! This is no place for a comprehensive review of the OS refresh (you'll have to head over to TUAW for that), but I would like to talk a bit about how 10.5 and WoW interact.

To put it bluntly, it's exactly the same. On my MacBook Pro, I'm not perceiving any difference between 10.5 and 10.4. The good side of that is that there are no crashes, stability issues, incompatibilities, or anything like that (at least not that anyone's come across yet). The bad side is that I'm not seeing any performance increase, which is a bit of a disappointment, since 10.5 apparently comes with a new version of OpenGL. There have been mumblings in the WoW Mac Tech Support forum that this update might help some people for a little while now, but at least for me, that does not seem to be the case. It still plays fine, certainly no worse than it did under 10.4. And the "stuttering" issue reported by players with the NVIDIA 8600 graphics card is, according to multiple forum reports, gone.

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