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Scorchling not available in this year's Midsummer Fire Festival

Looks like mini-pet collectors are going to be unable to get the Scorchling this year. Aredek posted in the official forums that the Scorched Stone is no longer on the Ice Chest's drop table from Ahune.

I'm afraid that the Scorchling does not appear to be available this year, folks. I cannot say for certain whether or not it will be made available in the future; however, we encourage you to share your thoughts on the Suggestions forum if you would like to see the Scorched Stone be obtainable in some other way.

It's unclear why they elected to leave it out this year, however it almost looks like it might have been a simple error rather than a design decision. Either way, the historical drop rates for this were so low that most players won't be able to tell the difference. Also, despite this, the Lil' Game Hunter achievement is much more easily obtainable now than it was this time last year, with the introduction of many new sources for non-combat pets.

Still, that's a very cute fireball.

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Animatronics: The manufacture, maintenance, and mastery of mechanical moppets

With corellary data regarding non-manufactured but just as mechanical companions.
"How to make new friends...from scratch."

The Engineer is unique among tradesbeings. For many reasons those practitioners of "the greatest art, the grandest science" (© U. Geargrinder) have long been set apart from their counterparts in less technical fields. Either the demands of science, or the cruel whims of physics, or the insistent demands of the local fire brigade have all set Engineers apart from the rest of the world.

But one way in which the Engineer is set above the crowd, and not placed in a containment cell "while the authorities sort this out," is in our ability to craft companions for ourselves, our associate, or the sake of our bookie. Engineers, unique to crafting professions, can learn to produce our own mechanical pets to keep us company. Here we will discuss the various pets available to the tinkerer, and related pets which are too advanced to be crafted by any but the masters of the field.

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