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Patch 5.2 PTR: More class and set bonus iteration from Ghostcrawler

As testing continues on the patch 5.2 PTR, so dose the iteration from the design team. Some of the highlights from this round:
  • Druid Maim damage has been increased by 100%
  • Druid Cyclone range nerfed a bit due to PvP
  • Warlock 4pc bonus now increases Demonic Fury from all spells by 10%
  • Some changes with Arms warriors were rolled back
Ghostcrawler and his team also note at the end of the piece that these design iterations are typical for a PTR. Moreso many of the changes they make on their internal builds never go live, so even though this list is large, in some respects, it could be a heck of a lot worse. Ghostcrawler is right when he says this is pretty normal; since they started making directed design comments after each downtime, this level of iteration is par for the course in just about every aspect of the game's design.

Ghostcrawler's full post after the break.

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