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Forum Post of the Day: Features you wish were in WoW

Over on the official forums, Granada asks what features you've seen in other games that you wish were available in World of Warcraft. Sure, some of the suggestions are just silliness (do we really need chainsaws and nailguns?), but there's quite a bit of good info in the thread as well. Some common suggestions:
  • The music-playing system from Lord of the Rings Online
  • Player or guild housing found in many games
  • Fully automated NPCs that could be hired to fill party slots, as in Guild Wars
  • Armor dyes found in many games
So, have you seen anything in another game that you'd like to find it World of Warcraft one day?

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Beware of posting spoilers on the US forums, too!

Last week we heard that they were going to be taking spoiler postings seriously on the European forums -- and that spoiling other players' enjoyment of books or movies would be a quick way to get yourself banned. However, Drysc has recently reminded US forum-goers that they take the subject just as seriously. Drysc tells us:

We would like to remind our forum goers of our strong stance against trolling by way of posting spoilers for movies, tv shows, and books. We take these attempts to cause others grief and produce general unrest on these forums very seriously, and we take a harsh stance against any outright or veiled attempts to spoil the enjoyment of others. Posting spoilers can result in a lengthy suspension, up to and most likely a permanent removal of all posting privileges from these forums.

I'm quite glad to see they're taking a strong stance on the subject, since nothing's worse than having a book or movie's ending spoiled for you. However, I still think the best case is going to be to avoid this, and all other internet forums until after you finish reading that last Harry Potter book. After all, CMs are only human, and there are a lot of spoilsports out there.

[via World of Warcraft Warcry]

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Forum Post of the Day: Notice of legal action

If you aren't familiar with the Shattrath City and its the Aldor's home within, I'll explain. The Aldor reside on an upper level of the city, which is reachable either by lift or by flying mount. Says forum poster Nalle announces:

This is a notice of legal action against the Aldor. Their platform is a danger to all who use it, without safety precautions there is a danger both to residents of the Aldor terrace and the floor below. Many residents have already fallen to their unnecessary deaths, as well as taken expenses of durability in a location supposedly guaranteed to be safe by the Naaru.

But, of course, this legal action is started by a member of the Alliance. Any Horde are long-since familiar with the dangers of in-game elevator platforms via the Undercity elevators. CM Drysc responds to this complaint with:

Well, we are actually taking precautions to help make sure future elevators don't pose such serious health risks. At this time, however, the Aldor elevator is protected by the Sha'Tari Historic Landmarks Act of '28, enacted by the Sha'Tari Council of Self Preservation and Advancement. Our hands are unfortunately tied in these matters.

Hey, Drysc! What about those Undercity elevators, eh?!

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Beware of posting spoilers on the official forums

Over on the European forums, Aeus is getting serious about banning people from the forums for posting spoilers. (Likely due to the immenent release of the final Harry Potter book, though he's clear that bans will come down for people posting any type of spoiler.) Says Aeus:

Posting spoilers is one of the worst ways to troll; not to mention the amount of players whose enjoyment and anticipation can potentially be utterly ruined.

If you were around the day the previous Harry Potter book was released, you would understand where Aeus was coming from. Every forum was packed with posts giving away the book's ending, in the titles of the posts and hidden behind misleading titles. And, I don't know about you, but I visit the official forums to talk about World of Warcraft. Aeus is off to an enthusiastic start, telling a spoiler-posting player:

Suspended for 9 days, that's when the book comes out. If... [the spoiler occurs] this becomes a permanent.

But while I admire his enthusiasm, with the number of posts on the topic that appeared with the release of the last book, I wonder if it will be practical to keep the forums spoiler-free. However, if you're a fan of the Potter series, I've got to recommend staying away from the forums -- and the general chat channels -- until after you've finished the book.

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Forum Post of the Day: What if Blizzard let you design your own quest?

Of course, this design-a-quest thread started by Sheeplle on the US forums is full of all sorts of silliness, but in between that there's some interesting quest ideas. Basically, Sheeplle asks anyone on the forums what they would do if Blizzard let them design one (just one) quest for World of Warcraft. Ideas I'd love Blizzard to take some inspiration from include a low-level quest allowing you to jump to level 58 (if you already have a level 60 or 70 character) and a new Scarlet Monastery quest awarding players a trinket that increases the amount of experience gained in Azeroth. (I'm all for anything that speeds up the grind of new characters through Azeroth, though, so perhaps that's why these stand out to me -- after all, I think most of us have played through everything in Azeroth at least once.)

But what about you? If you had a chance to design just one quest for the game, what would you create?

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Should multiboxing be illegal?

In the wake of some of the crazy multiboxing stories going around recently, on the forums there's some interesting discussion on whether multiboxing should even be legal. On one hand, someone playing five characters at once (not to mention ten or twenty!) clearly has a power advantage against you. (Plus they never have to spend tedious hours in LFG trying to find people to join them for an instance run -- a huge boon in and of itself!) But on the other hand, that power comes at a cost. To play five characters (for example), you need five active accounts ($75/mo, plus the $95 initial cost for 5 game-boxes and the $175 initial cost for 5 expansion packs), plus five computers capable of running World of Warcraft, and a friendly internet connection or ISP that doesn't simply explode from the traffic you'd be causing with all of that. And, of course, the cost scales upwards with the more characters you try to play. But making multiboxing work is a matter of doing more than throwing money at the problem -- there's the entire issue of being able to control multiple characters at once, which in my mind, is really a matter of skill. But what do you fine folks think -- is there anything wrong with multiboxing?

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Forum post of the day: Patch 2.2... not really

[Deleting Shamans makes baby Thrall cry.]
While I have to admit, I wouldn't normally have thought of the Shaman forums as being the party place to be lately, this thread claiming that it had the 2.2 Patch Notes has certainly lived up to that feeling more than most. Sure, some of it is pretty dark (such as the part claiming that they've just deleted Shamans altogether) but I have to admit, even the parts that poked fun at my favorite classes were fairly funny.

Here's a few of the highlights:

General Notes

* Changed flight points to make them go the scenic route more often
* Adjusted flight point costs to reflect the longer distances. Longer distances = more money.
* Poor players will no longer be able to speak. Sorry. No begging or gold website advertising.
* Will of the Forsaken will be removed, due to popular opinion. Replacing it will be Emo Feelings of the Forsaken, which makes the /dance emote cooler. I mean, coolioo.

So for a Forum thread that is full of silly fun (or perhaps just full of weird, depending on your sense of humor) head on over to the Shaman forums and check the "2.2 patch notes" out.

[via the Shaman Forums]

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Forum Post of the Day: Your favorite boss quote

Unlike boring trash mobs, bosses in World of Warcraft all have their interesting catchphrases, some more memorable than others. And over on the EU forums, poster Lindey is looking to figure out what other players think is the best boss quote in the game. At the top, so far? Molten Core's Ragnaros and Blackwing Lair's Vaelazstraz with their classic introductions:

Ragnaros: Too soon, you have awakened me to soon Executus! What is the meaning of this intrusion?
Too late... friends. Nefarius' corruption has taken hold. I cannot... control myself. I beg you Mortals, flee! Flee before I lose all sense of control. The Black Fire rages within my heart. I must release it! FLAME! DEATH! DESTRUCTION! COWER MORTALS BEFORE THE WRATH OF LORD....NO! I MUST FIGHT THIS!

But beyond Lindey's list of player favorites, the thread itself is a collection of some of the most entertaining dialog tidbits Blizzard's thrown into the game. Take a look for yourself!

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Forum Post of the Day: I have never looted an epic

I am impressed by EU forumgoer Yippi. Despite having two characters at level 70, one at level 69, two more at 60, and a host of lower levels, Yippi has never even seen a world drop epic. That's enough to make you wonder if the darn things even exist! Even though, in my experience, I have to say that they do -- while leveling, I've gotten Robes of Insight, an Underworld Band, a Jeweled Amulet of Cainwyn, and I've seen (though I didn't win) a Krol Blade. Maybe I'm as lucky as Yippi is unlucky?

But, I don't know... like the guys over at Penny Arcade say -- green is the new purple. Maybe missing out on those world drop epics isn't that bad after all.

Interested in more forumgoer opinions? Take a look at previous forum posts of the day!

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Forum Post of the Day: Your "I never want to do this again" quest

You know what forum poster Timat is talking about. Those quests that you died a half dozen times attempting to complete. The quests that took hours of travel or multiple dungeon runs to complete. The quest that you completed after it went grey in your quest log simply because you refused to let the quest beat you. Posters in the thread already have some suggestions: the druid sea form quest, the Onyxia key chain (both horde and alliance versions are a nuisance), and, of course, "Vast Ocean, Deep Sea."

See more player opinions in previous forum posts of the day.

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Forum Post of the Day: Levels 1 - 58 need reviewing

In comparison to all the excitement to be found leveling from 60 to 70 in Outland -- numerous dungeons, zones, and quests available at every level range, with great quest rewards -- old Azeroth looks awfully pale. And to this end forum poster Colrum suggests that perhaps after the 2.1 patch adds the Black Temple, Blizzard could spend a bit of time polishing Azeroth. And commenters in the post have plenty of suggestions on where Blizzard can start. While there are plenty of places in old Azeroth that I find immensely tedious to level through, I still think that I'd rather look forward rather than backwards. But what do you think -- does Azeroth need some work to bring it up to par with all the new content in Outland?

[A full version of the artwork above can be found on Blizzard's site.]

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Forum Post of the Day: Kiting Gamon

Ah, the things boredom can drive you to do. But at least in the case of Waffels, it's something that can entertain all of us. One dull day, Waffels decided to take Gamon (a level 12 NPC in Orgrimmar used for the rogue lockpicking quest) for a little walk.

To Silithus.

It took him about an hour and a half, but Waffels managed to take Gamon all the way to Cenarion Hold before getting into trouble with a shadow priest decided to end the adventure with a mind blast. However, the 10 copper worth of loot made the entire trip worth it, don't you think?

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Forum post of the day: The "no one else has my name" club

Oh, but the fun there is to be had with the armory. And if you're bored of using the armory for laughs (trying to find the game's worst players, perhaps?), here's a new use to keep you occupied -- at least for a little while. This thread is a tribute to the game's players who, as proven by the armory tool, have completely unique names. Of course there are some problems with this, as pointed out early in the thread: either they're the only ones with their names because they're lame names to begin with or their formerly unique-and-cool names are about to be copied by every last person reading the thread. So why not go on and take a look? I'm sure you're unique, just like everybody else.

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Official forums going down for maintenance

Where will 8 million plus World of Warcraft players go to complain about class balance when the forums are taken down for maintenance tonight (Wednesday, March 14th) at 11:59 PM PDT? While I'm not certain, I'm sure we'll find out during the extended maintenance period, expected to last for about ten hours (until 10:00 AM PDT, Thursday, March 15th). The details of this maintenance are unknown (forum maintenance isn't terribly common), but it's reasonable to assume that, since no specific changes were announced, that the forums will come back online tomorrow just as we left them today. However, Blizzard has surprised me before...

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Forum Post of the Day: Who's your main healer?

DruidPoster Runeolth asks forumgoers whom they'd pick as their main healer: a druid, paladin, priest, or shaman? There seems to be little agreement on the subject, with players answering every option, a few saying that all are viable, and a few answering with options that weren't offered. So what does each healing class bring to the table?

Pros: Excellent variety of HoTs (especially talented), MotW a very nice all-purpose buff, leather armor (and ability to shapeshift into bear if needed) makes them fairly durable
Cons: Can only rez once a half hour, no damage shields, group heal on a cooldown
Pros: Most versatile array of healing abilities (a HoT, direct heals, a damage shield, and group heals), PW:F an excellent stamina buff (great for group survivability)
Cons: Squishy, and with no good way to dump aggro if needed
Pros: Very mana efficient, excellent variety of buffs (blessings and judgements), very durable (plate!), low threat heals
Cons: No HoTs, no group heals, short duration buffs
Pros: Versatile buffs with totems, quite durable (mail), can self-rez to save a corpse run after a wipe, good variety of healing abilities (direct heals, group heals, and some healing over time via totem)
Cons: Need to be in range to get totem buffs, can't always give players the buffs they would want because of element restrictions, only damage shield is a 41-point talent

What's your opinion -- is there anything important left out of this little chart? And do you have a healing class of choice?

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