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One Boss Leaves: Malchezaar vs. Hakkar

Two bosses entered, but now one will leave. In last week's edition of our fantasy deathmatch series, we considered a fight between Karazahn's Prince Malchezaar vs. Hakkar the Soulflayer. Though the fight was relatively close, with fairly even argument for either side in both our comments and our poll, Hakkar has emerged victorious in the end. Why? Hakkar's supporters cite his Blood Siphon ability as a killer -- he could simply keep himself healed up while Malchezaar pummeled away at him (since without adds, there would be no way for Malchezaar to poison himself). However, a number of readers point out that Malchezaar's infernal adds aren't targetable by abilities, and that Hakkar could only siphon from Malchezzar, something they believe could be DPS'd through.

But at the end of the day -- Hakkar had the votes and moves on to our next round. Be sure to check back later today for another episode of Two Bosses Enter!

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One Boss Leaves: Kazzak vs. Vaelastrasz wrap-up

Vaelastrasz the Corrupt has emerged victorious from last week's encounter between himself and Doom Lord Kazzak. There's a lot of disagreement in the comments as to why, including lengthy discussion of whether Vael's Burning Adrenaline ability should be considered in the fight and whether Kazzak's Twisted Reflection ability could just heal through whatever damage Vael might do. But disagreement aside, Vael won by a landslide:

The comment winner of the week, however, has to be Jess, who stays out of any detailed discussion of numbers or abilities and gives us the following:

Vael because after a few minutes with him Kazzak would want to /wrist rather than keep fighting that whiny emo boss.

For anyone who's fought Vael, you know exactly what Jess is referring to. Will his attitude win Vael the overall top spot in our competition? We're nowhere near the end yet, but you can check back later today for another matchup!

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One Boss Leaves: Curator vs. Archimonde wrap-up

It should come as no surprise that Archimonde came out the winner of our episode of Two Bosses Enter. He's got a much wider array of powerful abilities than does The Curator, whom we pitted him against, and Archimonde won out by a huge margin.

Be sure to take a look at our brackets to see how things are shaping up for our continued series of fantasy deathmatches, and be sure to leave us comments letting us know if you think we've overlooked something. Otherwise, check back later tonight to see our next battle!

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One Boss Leaves: Kel'thuzad vs. Nefarian wrap-up

It looks like Kel'thuzad was the big winner in last week's battle. But the comments on the fight were half and half, with nearly an equal number supporting Nefarian as Kel'thuzad. Comments suggested Nefarian's shadowflame could win the day (especially since no one thinks Kel'thuzad has an Onyxia Scale Cloak). And a great deal of discussion has been given to this fights' adds -- while the usual rule for these fights is "no adds," we considered summoned adds for the case of both Kel'thuzad and Nefarian. Some posters noted that the fight would be clear in Nefarian's favor if none of these were considered. However, for now, Kel'thuzad is moving on and Nefarian is eliminated. Here are our final results:

Also, Take a look at our brackets to see how things are shaping up!

Let us know in the comments what you think about considering adds in boss fights, whether you think this turnout was fair, and any concerns you have about future fights. Otherwise, check back later tonight to see our next battle!

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One Boss Leaves: Ossirian vs. Al'ar wrap-up

Last week's episode of Two Bosses Enter was our closest fight to date, with the margin of victory being a scant seven votes. (In case you were wondering whether your votes made a difference, this time it only would have taken a handful of votes to turn the tide.) Ossirian won with 786 votes to Al'ar's 779. Commenters noted that Al'ar would be unlikely to figure out the trick of getting Ossirian out of his Supreme Mode, and when he's moving as fast and hitting as hard as he does in Supreme Mode, he's a tough cookie. And even if Al'ar did kock Ossirian out of Supreme Mode, Ossirian has high magical resistances, and Supreme Mode only makes him vulnerable to one school of magic -- meaning that Al'ar's fire attacks still only have a chance of hurting him.

However, while the votes were close, there's a possibility this matchup was only close because the Ossirian fight is particularly gimmicky -- and not a good one for comparison. (Note: if you see any matchups in our brackets that you don't think work out, feel free to drop me a note at elizabeth DOT harper AT wowinsider DOT com. I'm happy to listen to any suggestions.) However, for the time being, the fight is won and Ossirian is moving on. You can reference our current brackets, complete with nifty linkage, over at WoWWiki, page creation courtesy of Imandir.

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One Boss Leaves: Instructor Razuvious vs. Ragnaros wrap-up

The last week's match wasn't wasn't a close one, and it surprised me. Votes often tend to go to the boss in the higher level instance, but in this case Ragnaros came out on top of Instructor Razuvious, and by no slim margain. Commentors cited Ragnaros' ability to damage weapons, his knockback, and Razuvious' lack of fire resistance as reasons for Ragnaros' victory. (And to those talking about the Instructor's Deathknight Understudies -- remember, these fights are boss on boss, and don't take adds into account! Razuvious doesn't have his Understudies and Ragnaros doesn't get his Sons, either. The final vote is as follows:

That's all for this week's wrap-up -- but check back later today for another matchup and another fight!

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One Boss Leaves: The Four Horsemen vs. The Twin Emperors wrap-up

In our closest match to date, the Twin Emperors are walking away with a very narrow victory over the Four Horsemen. In fact, they won by only 12 votes -- out of a total of 1700!

However, a victory is a victory. Commenters cite the twins' ability to heal one another as a major deciding factor in the fight -- because while the horsemen can certainly dish out the damage with their stacking debuffs, the twins are capable of so much healing that they might not even notice it.

Later today we'll talk about our next boss fight, but until then, you can take a look at our most recent standings. (Note: These are completely subject to change -- and to keep the fights interesting, the second tier of fights will probably have to be mixed around.)

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One Boss Leaves: Rajaxx vs. Mandokir wrap-up

Last week we considered a fight between General Rajaxx and Bloodlord Mandokir, and the results of the vote were quite clear: Bloodlord Mandokir emerged vitorious, and by a wide margin. As you can see by the vote results, it wasn't even a close fight:

Of the people who commented on the battle, all seemed to think that Mandokir's ability to level up off of kills would render him completely unstoppable after he eliminated Rajaxx's army of minions. Those voting for Rajaxx felt that his Thunder Clap ability, which halves the health of anyone nearby, would manage to take Mandokir down anyway.

So another battle is finished, leaving the overall standings as follows. And our next fight starts tonight -- so stay tuned!

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Two Bosses Enter: Rajaxx vs. Mandokir

Two bosses enter... but only one gets to leave! We've made a list of 32 of the most interesting raid bosses in World of Warcraft and are going to pit them against each other, one at a time, until there's one ultimate victor remaining. And who gets to decide who wins? You, of course! Each of our winners will be decided by your votes.

Interested yet? For this week's fight we're matching up Ahn'Qiraj's General Rajaxx (not to mention the General's many soldiers!) and Zul'Gurub's Bloodlord Mandokir. To find out a bit more about these two -- and for a chance to voice your own opinion -- keep reading!

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One Boss Leaves: Onyxia vs. Sapphiron wrap-up

Last week we pitted Onyxia against Sapphiron in the battle of the dragonflights. And if the screenshot above is any indication, you should be able to make a reasonable guess as to who won. Sapphiron absolutely wiped the floor with Onyxia, as you can see from the result of our poll:

Of the responses, readers felt that even if their health and damage levels were equivallent, Sapphiron would win out for several reasons:
  • Sapphiron is an older and more experienced dragon (he lived a long life before becoming undead!)
  • Sapphiron can drain life to regenerate health, whereas Onyxia can just deal damage.
  • In our scenario, Onyxia didn't have her swarms of dragon whelps to cause trouble.
Thus far, in our epic battle of the bosses of World of Warcraft we've only seen one fight, but here's the standings so far. It's too late to have a say in last week's battle, but the next fight, between General Rajaxx and Bloodlord Mandokir is coming up this afternoon. Stay tuned!

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Two Bosses Enter: Onyxia vs. Sapphiron

Two bosses enter... but only one gets to leave! In this feature of pure speculation and theorycrafting, we're going to talk about the major bosses found in the World of Warcraft and pit them against one another -- until at the end we have a single winner. From the hundreds of bosses in the game, we've picked 32 of the most interesting to match up in a series of fights -- where you get to decide the winner.

And we're going to start out with a dragon battle for the ages: the black flight vs. the blue flight, the living vs. the undead, Onyxia vs. Sapphiron. For more information on these two bosses, speculation on what might happen if they ever met up in Azeroth, and a chance to vote for the winner, read on!

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