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Shifting Perspectives: A 3.3 miscellany

Every week, Shifting Perspectives examines issues affecting druids and those who group with them. Today we root around our inbox and herd a series of scribbled notes across our desk, trying to get what we actually know about patch 3.3 in order. Also, Zach Yonzon's PhotoShop skills for the win, but we already knew that.

This week's column is going to be a little bit of a grab bag in much the same way that our patch 3.1 miscellany post was, because there have been a few changes on the PTR recently that we haven't yet discussed.

Before we get any farther, I'd also like to give a shout-out to our readers and commenters on last week's column, "The disappearance of the bear." I was a little antsy over how it was going to be received (lengthy articles on what's going wrong with a spec can get derailed into QQ-fests pretty easily, and that wasn't my intent), but was heartened to see so much quality discussion. One of the things I realized after reading through the comments was that Blizzard may actually have succeeded a little too well in their quest to make tanking more attractive and fun to the average player. WoW's four tanking classes (warrior, paladin, druid, and death knight) comprise 4 of the 5 most popular classes in the game right now. As I've written previously, the druid functions as the proverbial canary in the coal mine as a harbinger of class balance concerns, and with each of the game's plate classes numbering among the most played at 80, it's impossible for this not to have an impact on druid spec choice.

Anyway. For the moment, we are going to turn away from this rather depressing situation, and concern ourselves with what's going on in patch 3.3.

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Patch 3.3 PTR: Quel'Delar and the new Icecrown instance

What, pray tell, is Quel'Delar?

That's a good question, and as of Patch 3.3, we're about to become far more intimate with it. At present all we know about Quel'Delar is the area near the Argent Tournament called Quel'Delar's Rest (as seen above), where a massive dragon skull seems impaled on a sword half buried in the ice. Speculation on the sword, the thing it is impaling, and whether or not we'd get to pull it out of the ice (as well as to links to Quel'Serrar/Quel'Zaram, famous swords with the Quel prefix meaning High in Thalassian/Darnassian) look to be on the verge of being solved.

It seems that MMO-Champion has found a whole series of spells related to Quel'Delar and the new Icecrown instances in the latest PTR build. You apparently need to bring the blade into the Forge of Souls and temper it, then bring the tempered blade to someone, possibly Krasus, which then possibly phases you into a battle to cleanse an evil form of the sword. Please keep in mind this is all speculation based on spell descriptions, but at the very least we know that there's more to that patch of barren ice near the Tournament than we'd been led to believe. It's apparent from the descriptive text on this spell that Quel'Delar is deeply connected to Icecrown Citadel.

Is Quel'Delar eventually going to be a player item? Is it connected to Quel'Serrar, as was speculated? Does it want to help or hinder the Lich King, or is it connected to some other denizen of Icecrown? We don't know yet, but the time till we find out seems fast approaching.

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