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Paid character transfers shut down

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As someone who recently did a character transfer of my own, I have to admit I was nervous about the transfer considering some of the horror stories that I'd heard about long transfers, multiple charges despite cards being rejected, and more. However, it would appear that Blizzard has decided to take the entire process of Paid Character Transfers offline while they see what they can do about fixing it.

Per Pavonum on the Customer Service Forums:

As some of you have already noticed, the Paid Character Transfer service has been temporarily shut down so that further efforts may be made to ensure that its correct functionality is restored; our developers are currently working to repair the underlying coding issues that have contributed to the present complications for many players. While it is not known at this time when further updates shall become available, you may rest assured that we shall make you aware with all due haste at that time; for now, we are greatly appreciative of your continued patience. Thanks, folks. :)

Obviously this isn't going to do much for those who have already had problems of getting multiple charges or characters caught in limbo between realms. But I am very glad to see that Blizzard is taking the system offline and checking to see what they can do to fix these problems moving forward from this point. Personally, I'd be willing to wait for however long they need to make sure the overcharge bug is 100% fixed.

[via the Customer Service Forums]

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Paid character transfer update (sort of)

Well, I have some difficulty calling this an update, since it was initially announced in August -- but since the initial announcement was rolled in with news about new realm openings, I imagine it didn't get the attention it deserved. So today, to much applause, Eyonix has informed everyone that paid character transfers will not be available to any realms not yet open for 6 months (as opposed to the previous 3 months). This will allow new realms some time to ramp up and approach other realms in content before potentially troubled by a flood of new (and better geared) players into the realm economy. Of course, there are still players complaining that 6 months is not enough -- but it's certainly a lot closer to what I would consider a reasonable ballpark.

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Additional EU Character Transfers Opened

Today, Blizzard's European branch has opened an additional 25 realms to the paid character transfer service, bringing the total number of open realms to 61. So if you've been waiting to move to a new server, now you might have your chance. To move a character, you simply need to log on to account management, and then click the Paid Character Transfer button. However, it's probably worth reviewing the FAQ first (which has its differences from the US version) - you can only move a character once every 6 months, so it would be best to be certain first.

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US Character Transfer Offline

No, it's not broken and there are no technical problems.  However, the system apparently works on a queue basis - and when the queue is filled, it automatically stops accepting new transfer requests.  CM Tseric informs us that the queue system is in place to ensure that the system remains stable.  If you managed to sign up for a transfer before the queue stopped new transfers, you should still be in the queue to be transfered - but because the queue's been maxed out, there may be a bit of a wait.  For the rest of us - if you have a character you'd like to transfer, you just need to check back to see if the queue has opened up.

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More US Realms Open for Transfers

More realms opened up for paid character transfers yesterday, with even more planned for today and the rest of the week.  Though it looks like most realms will be open for transfers by the end of the week, the rules for transfer availability remain the same.  So we're still waiting to see whether players' complaints on the fairness of transfers to new servers will have any long-term impact on the transfer policy.  In the meantime, Blizzard Europe's policy has a slight alteration - adding the opening of the gates of Ahn'Qiraj as a factor in opening transfers. 

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EU Launches Paid Character Transfer Service

It's no real surprise this service was heading to European shores, but it does surprise me that the rules are slightly different.  While most of the US and EU FAQs are identical, there's a slight difference in when servers are allowed to be open for transfers.  On US realms, transfers are available to realms that have been open longer than 90 days (assuming the realms aren't already high population, with login queues, etc).   On EU realms, there's an additional qualification - if a realm doesn't yet have the gates of Ahn'Qiraj open at 90 days, transfers won't open until either the gates open, or the server has had another 90 days to work towards it.  This means that transfers may not be opened for as long as 6 months.  I wonder if this restriction would be enough to calm some of the complaints on US forums as Ahn'Qiraj geared players start to transfer on to realms where the gates have not yet opened.

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The Results of Paid Realm Transfers

I've spent a long time looking forward to the idea of paid character transfers.  I have two well-geared 60s on an old realm that I abandoned for various reasons, and I'm excited at the prospect of having them available for play on the realm I now call home.  So I've always looked at the prospect of transferring as a way of regaining access to characters that I'd put a lot of time and effort into, but had to abandon in order to play with friends.

However, one of my want-to-transfer characters is in full tier 2, with some Ahn'Qiraj gear.  I'd be transferring to a server well Nefarian has not yet been slain nor the gates of Ahn'Qiraj opened.  And I can't be the only one wanting to move such characters, for one reason or another.  There are many impassioned cries by players on realms old and new - as characters far beyond the realm's progression transfer over and start changing the face of PvP and PvE. 

With the number of restrictions on the transfer service ($25 per transfer, can only transfer every 6 months, can't transfer to severs less than 3 months old) it's obvious they've thought about the potential problems.  And it's equally obvious, with the effort put into rolling out this program, that it's not just going to vanish.  So where's the happy medium between a free-for-all transfer and allowing players to rejoin friends on other servers without abandoning previous efforts?  Blizzard seems to be listening to player concerns, but where it will go from here, and how open character transfers will continue to impact realm status, is still a mystery.

[Fan art by Guillaume Bonnet]

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Additional Realms Opened for Paid Transfers

Blizzard seems to be moving quickly to expand their paid transfer service, and has opened eight new realms to transfer from.  So if you have characters you're interested in moving off one of these realms, you're in luck!  Characters may now be transfered from Burning Blade, Durotan, Earthen Ring, Elune, Laughing Skull, Lothar, Medivh, and Shadow Moon.  Realms also seem to be disappearing from the ineligible destination list, meaning there are more places you can transfer to as well.  (I haven't found a specific list, but noticed a realm I have characters on - Duskwood - is no longer on the ineligible list, though it was yesterday.)

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New Paid Transfer Destinations Opened

Blizzard has added seven realms to the list you can transfer from.  For those wanting to take advantage of the service, servers Arthas, Dalaran, Magtheridon, Spirestone, Stormrage, Turalyon, and Zul'jin are now available to transfer from.  I have two level 60s on a server that I no longer play on, so I am glad to see that they're opening up new transfer realms relatively quickly - even though neither the realm I want to transfer from nor the realm I want to transfer to are currently available for transfers.  When they do open up transfers to and from my desired realms, I'll get back to you with a users' perspective review of how the service works. 

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Paid Character Transfer Feature Opened!

Blizzard has officially opened their paid character transfer service today.  The official FAQ on the service appears quite similar to the leaked information we saw last week, so if you read that, there should be no surprises.  However, there is, of course, a catch - at present, only five realms are available to transfer from: Altar of Storms, Argent Dawn, Demon Soul, Illidan, and Warsong.  If none of those are servers you've been wanting to transfer from, you're going to have to keep waiting.  Blizzard plans to add more realms to this list, but they're starting small for now.  Ready to transfer?  Head over to the account management page and click on the "Paid Character Transfer" button.

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