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MP5 replaced by Spirit on Druid Arena S3 gear [Updated]

Resto4life is reporting on a fairly significant change to the Arena season 3 gear on the PTR with Patch 2.3. Evidently the previous mana regen stat MP5 is being tossed over for Spirit, and this has some players howling. Now, I know there is some debate as to the utility of Spirit for priests in a PvE setting, but as they mention in the article, there appears to be little use for it at all in Arena PvP, at least where Druids are concerned.

The Restoration druids in particular are unhappy about this change, especially when taken in context with the recent change to the game that will allow everyone to see what magical buffs you have placed upon you. What this means is that just about every time a druid casts Innervate -- the spell that would benefit most from the change to Spirit -- there is a high probability it will be immediate dispelled. Now we have heard tell that Spirit as a stat will be changed somewhere down the line, that it will begin affecting spell damage as well as mana regen, so perhaps this is the first step toward that change. It's tough to know for certain.

What we do know, however, is that the change makes the PvP gear more attractive for use in PvE, where Spirit does help with the longer battles. But I have to wonder, exactly why would the developers, who have professed that they want to create two separate gear sets for PvP and PvE, make the Season 3 Arena sets more PvE viable? It may be that they want more people to participate in Arena battles, or it could be for some unknown reason I'm not seeing. Help me out here. Do you think the change from MP5 to Spirit is a buff or a nerf?

Update: Another patch just pushed through on the PTR, and this change to the Druid healing S3 set has been reverted. The gear will retain its MP5 stat bonus.

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Hunter pets rejoice, for there is a plan - and 2.3 news!

Hunter supreme Mania of Mania's Arcania and Petopia reports that Blizzard does indeed have a plan to help with pet leveling if it turns out that they need one. My wife turned me on to Petopia a long, long time ago and even though I rarely play a hunter (I like to melee too much) I do enjoy browsing the site, so I'm well aware that Mania generally has her thumb on the pulse of pet developments.

Also, it seems as though various hunter abilities will be scaling with
ranged attack power. The abilities mentioned include Serpent Sting and Immolation Trap. Since hunters tend to want to stack RAP anyway, these seem like pretty decent changes to the class in my opinion. Also, Arcane Shot is now dispelling one magic effect when it hits.

I don't know if this buff love is enough to balance out the fact that hunters tend to be under-represented in arena teams, but I'll leave that up to you hunters to decide.

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Engineering crafted flying mounts confirmed

Gyrocopter pilots of Azeroth, your day is coming. So says CM Bornakk today in the official forums. He mentioned both normal and epic mounts arriving in Test Patch 2.3. He went on to clarify where Blizzard is on the development of these:

The specifics of the mounts, such as skill and materials, isn't finalized yet, but we really want to get this mount/machine/gizmo into the game for engineers to enjoy. Whether it is easy or a challenge, the road to it will begin in 2.3, keep an eye out for when it hits the PTRs. ;-)

This news is so cool, makes me want to go out and level up engineering. But the question now is: what form will this mechanized flying mount take? WoW Wiki has an entry on gnomish flying machines from Warcraft 2 and their evolution into dwarven gyrocoptors and then gnomish biplanes.

But where's the line between fantasy and science fiction in Azeroth? Is Engineering just another kind of "magic"? What form would you like to see the engineered flying mount?

Check out our screenshot gallery of the engineering mount!

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More accelerated leveling news

Pre-60 accelerated levelingPlayer Maruine of the Magtheridon server wanted to know if the pre-60 accelerated leveling mechanic was going in with the next patch (2.2).

Community Manager Drysc confirmed that it will NOT be in the next patch and he could not give confirmation of which patch it will go live. The only future patches we know of right now are 2.3 that introduces the new 10-man Zul'Aman and 2.4 with the Sunwell Plateau including its 25 man raid and 5 man instance.

Though many players are happy with reduction of experience for each level and the increase in experience gained from questing pre-60, some questioned the impact of this change on other aspects of the game.

Reputation gain was one concern. Since quests granting rep will go grey faster, will rep gains be buffed? (No.) Hunter pets were also brought up. There is already a problem with the Hunter outleveling their pets. Will this also be tuned? (No.) Lastly, will gold and loot drops be increased since some classes have much higher training costs then others? (Again, no.)

Drysc did say that if any of these factors become an issue, they will be addressed, but at this time, they don't have plans to do so.

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New pre-WotLK zone announced: Sunwell Plateau

Utgarde Keep Entrance
ActionTrip cornered WoW Lead Designer Jeff Kaplan and Art Director Chris Robinson today at the Leipzig Game Convention in Germany (E3 for Europe.) And boy, did they get a lot out of those two about Blizzard's plans for the future. Here are the highlights:
  • The art for the expansion will look more like classic Warcraft (gothic fantasy), and less like Outlands art (high fantasy)
  • Sunwell Plateau will be coming in a patch before the WotLK launch. It will include both a 25-main raid and a 5-main instance with both normal and heroic mode.
  • WotLK will have "just as much" 5-man instances as TBC and more 10-main instances due to the popularity of Karazhan
  • A new PvP area called Lake Wintergrass will combine world PvP (non-instanced) with the new siege weapons and destructible buildings. The faction that controls this zone may receive an effect that not only applies to the zone, but to the whole continent
  • When asked about class balance, they said they had no plans for any major changes to classes
  • The Death Knight unlocking quest will start at level 55-60
If I'm not mistaken, the Sunwell Plateau is north east of Silvermoon city, the Blood Elf capital. I hope Blizzard is planning some kind of Alliance friendly transportation into the area with the introduction of the Zul'Aman raid zone in Patch 2.3. If not, they are definitely going to need it for these new zones.

Full interview can be read here.

Via WorldOfWar.Net

EDIT: In regards to #14's comment: Stratholme is the new CoT instance according to this interview with Lead Designer Jeff Kaplan aka "Tigole." It is a 5-man, Level 80 instance. You will travel to the past before Arthas was corrupted and help him rid the city of demons and burn it down. As far as we can tell, the Sunwell Plateau will only be accessible by traveling there physically.

That same article also mentioned that future Hero Classes could be Demon Hunter, Archmage or Blademaster.

He also talked about the Death Knight rune system. What runes the Death Knight carves into his blade will determine what role he plays in the group (i.e tank, dps, a mix of the two, etc.)

In this separate interview, Kaplan revealed another new WotLK instance, Nexus, located in the Borean Tundra zone. It will be split into several wings, one of them for a 25-man raid that must defeat Malygyos, the blue dragon.

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Beyond Patch 2.2: Schwick's compilation of verified info

Patch 2.2, currently in testing on the PTR, has some great improvements like voice chat and reporting AFK'ers in Battlegrounds. What it doesn't have is any new, big, sexy chunk of playable content. So when are we going to see the post-Karazhan 10-main raid zone, Zul'Aman? New Heroic Badge rewards? Guild banks? Oh, we already know that last one.

Forum MVP Schwick on the WoW European forums has compiled a list of known updates in Patch 2.3 and beyond. He often provide reference links to his sources form many of his future patch notes, which makes him an information god in my book.

He also goes on to list all the verified information about the WotLK expansion. I thought I had read all the info that was out already, but on Schwick's list I found items I didn't know, like the fact that Blizzard has a plan to deal with the fact that the Horde doesn't have a fear ward. Or that Naxxramas, the last raid zone introduced before TBC launched, will be repurposed in the new expansion. Or that new shaders will be introduced for shinier graphics. Mmm, sparkles.

Check out Schwick's post if you want to get a look ahead about what's known for future patches.

Screenshot of Zul'Aman boss models courtesy of

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Guild banks are now scheduled for Patch 2.3

Guild banks were initially intended to go live with the Burning Crusade launch. Apparently Blizzard wasn't happy with them and postponed their implementation until "a later date." That date has been confirmed by a blue on the WoW Europe forums as Patch 2.3.

According to this preview article, guild banks are designed so that every member of the guild can deposit or withdraw cash or items. Limits on transactions can be set so a new recruit doesn't walk off with all the good stuff. Also, all activity will be viewable by the guild so the guild officers can't keep the best things for themselves without everyone else knowing.

My favorite feature of the new guild bank system is the ability to use guild funds when paying for repair costs. A new button will appear on all repair NPCs and repair-bots. This function can also be set by the guild leader to work for only certain ranks within the organization.

Soon we'll be saying goodbye to the guild mules and hello to an era where guild resources are viewable, if not available, to all.

Update: we have tons more patch 2.3 info!

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