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The Care and Feeding of Warriors: Wrath report card -- protection

The Care and Feeding of Warriors is about warriors, who hurl themselves into the fray, the very teeth of danger armed with nothing more than the biggest weapons and armored with the absolutely heaviest armor we can find. Hey, we're not stupid, we're just crazy.

With patch 3.3.5 upon us and the absolute last raid instance of Wrath of the Lich King set to go live in a week or two, we're finally at the end of the roller coaster of class design for this expansion. Whether you love your class (i.e., play a warrior) or hate it (play one of those other classes like mages -- that one's for you, Dom), it's fair to say that barring any last-minute surprise redesigns, what you see is what you're going to get until Cataclysm.

So where are warriors as a class right now? Since we're a tank/DPS hybrid with two roles and three specs (if you count PvE, anyway; if you include PvP, then we effectively have four roles and three trees to fill them), how well does the class do in each role, and how do our specs shape up? This week we'll discuss protection, the dedicated tanking tree for warriors.

At the beginning of Wrath of the Lich King, warrior tanking saw a pretty significant shake-up in terms of its talents and abilities. Tanking in general was redesigned to be more fun, and a new hero class that was a tank/DPS hybrid was introduced. All of this changed the playing field for warriors pretty significantly. Warrior tanks found that for the first time, protection was possibly the most viable leveling build.

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Icecrown Citadel raid buff to 20%

The Icecrown Citadel raid buffs, Hellscream's Warsong and Strength of Wrynn, just went from 15% to 20% with today's maintenance. As always, this means a bunch of raid groups will be able to progress a lot farther in Icecrown Citadel, and we're two thirds of the way to the final 30%. Assuming the schedule remains constant, the last Tuesday in June, the 29th, is when we can expect to see the next 5%.
Adam Holisky: I'm doing 10k single target dps right now on my huntard in ICC. today I'll magically do 10.5k. that just doesn't seem right.

Basil Berntsen: It's better than suddenly reducing the health of the bosses by 30% like they did in BC
While this might cheapen raiding rewards for many hard core players, I'll take a slowly increasing, optional buff against a flat out 30% HP reduction any day. Also, I suspect we might see some new achievements or rewards for players choosing to not use the buff once it finishes hitting 30%.

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Armory Data Mining updated for patch 3.3.3

One of my favorite WoW information sites, Armory Data Mining and its related blog, has now been updated for patch 3.3.3. We've profiled the site here before, but if you're not familiar with it, it's run by a fellow named Zardoz who trawls the armory assembling statistics on race, class and spec popularity. He also gathers information on class battleground performance and professions.

From what I've seen, there haven't been any giant changes between the patch 3.3 and patch 3.3.3 data (you can find the former at the profile link above). Paladins are still the most popular class, followed by death knights, druids, priests and warriors. It's well worth a look if you're interested in seeing what WoW's statistics look like right now.

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Icecrown Citadel raid buff to 15%

The Icecrown Citadel raid buffs, Hellscream's Warsong and Strength of Wrynn, have increased from 10% to 15% today. This is great news for those guilds just on the cusp of downing a boss -- expect to see quite a few new Lich King kills and some more progression in the next day or so.

The buff is going to keep increasing, so expect it to go to 20% in about four weeks.


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Icecrown Citadel raid buff has been buffed to 10%

Raiders rejoice (or despair depending on how you feel about it)! The Icecrown raid wide buff has been increased by an additional 5% to 10%. Anyway, if your raid has been on the brink of taking down some bosses but could not muster enough firepower, then the improved Strength of Wrynn or Hellscream's Warsong could be that extra push you need!

For more information and resources, check out's Icecrown Citadel raid strategy and information page!

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The Queue: Mike Sacco and the Saccos

Welcome back to The Queue,'s daily Q&A column where the team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Alex Ziebart will be your host today.

What happens when you put staffers in a room with a karaoke machine and alcohol? The video embedded above is what happens. And there were only two of them, Mike and Fox! BlizzCon is going to be... interesting.

scraggerly asked...

"I was just visiting Dominic's warlock column, mainly because I love the lock-mage feuds and comments. Is there a particular origin (maybe lore) to the feud, like the montagues and capulets, or is it mainly player generated?

Also, can we start more feuds?"

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In-game fixes for March 26th, 2010

This evening we have another round of in-game hotfixes that were applied separate from the minor patch this morning. Bornakk posted them in the official forums as follows:

Bornakk - In-game fixes
  • The Endless Healing Potion is no longer usable in arenas as intended.
  • Warlocks using a lower rank of Life Tap will receive a reduced benefit from their shadow spell power.
  • The damage done by the cannons in the gunship encounter in Icecrown Citadel has been increased and the rate at which their heat decays has been reduced.
  • In Alterac Valley, the buffs that the Generals get from the Warmasters and Marshals now grant them negative enemy dodge. This means they will now ignore some of their target's total dodge percentage. The base health of the Generals has been increased and the buff also grants a slightly increased amount of damage and health.
  • The cheese items in Dalaran as well as the Kvaldir Berserkers in Icecrown will once again respawn at a faster rate.
  • The window that comes up when talking to an NPC should no longer close on its own.
  • Some changes to the battleground queuing system have been made to improve performance and group queuing.
  • The timer for when the next battle in Wintergrasp will occur should no long disappear

There are a lot of other problems still with addons and the "loading screen boss." When those will be resolved fully is anybody's guess.

The entire list of hotfixes for this patch so far after the break.

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Patch 3.3.3a should fix issues for some Mac users

A heads-up for our Mac users, although there's a good chance you've already been painfully aware of this if you play on one of the affected systems -- patch 3.3.3 has been causing major issues for some PowerPC and Tiger users, which have (hopefully) been fixed by the mini-patch 3.3.3a.

S4d1K -- 3.3.3 Known Issues for Mac players
We are aware of 2 critical bugs that are affecting users with specific configurations.

#1 PowerPC G4/G5 users get disconnected after login.

#2 Users with a MacBook Pro GeForce 8600M and 10.4.11 crashes after entering the world.

We are very sorry and we are working on these issues and hope to fix them as soon as possible.

UPDATE 5:10pm:
We have a fix for both issues but it will require a client patch. We don't have an ETA for now.

UPDATE 3/24 12:15pm:
We are currently testing a patch. We want to make sure that we do not break the game for another group of people. We are doing everything to release this patch as soon as possible.

The patch in question is (we think) 3.3.3a. With the patch, many of the affected users are now reporting that WoW is playable again, but while monitoring the official thread on the issue, it's apparent that a lot of players are still having problems. We had several people drop comments on Adam's earlier post on the mini-patch -- did 3.3.3a work for you?

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Patch 3.3.3a is now live

A small update has been deployed this morning -- patch 3.3.3a. The file is only about five megs, and we don't know a whole lot about what it does. Speculation is that it allows PPC users to play the game again, although we can't verify that right now (I'm sure some of you can, hint hint).

The patch notes are supposed to be up in the Bug Reporting Forums, however nothing is there. The patch notes provided with the patch are as follows:

Patch 3.3.3a
World of Warcraft Client Patch 3.3.3a

We are updating World of Warcraft with a minor bug fix patch. For updated
information regarding the changes made in this patch, please visit the
official Bug Report forum at:

We'll update this post when we know more.

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Patch 3.3.3: Bugs with old gear, missing gems reported

As of patch 3.3.3, some people have noticed that some of their level 70 gear is now missing gems and enchants -- they've simply up and disappeared. It only appears to be affecting gear and equipment acquired prior to Wrath, so level 80's shouldn't have too much to worry about -- but for leveling alts, or mains that are taking their time, it's definitely a concern. This has been reported, and there is a blue response on the issue:

There is currently an issue that we are aware of where gems and enchantments are missing from items that had them before we released patch 3.3.3 this week. This appears to be affecting some equipment that was acquired before the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. We are planning to resolve this during the next maintenance on Tuesday, March 30th, and recommend that you do not try to gem or re-gem any of this gear until after that time. We will provide further updates if this situation changes.

So for now, if you've noticed your gear has significantly less sparkle than it did prior to Tuesday, sit tight and don't do anything to it -- it should be fixed next Tuesday with the regular weekly maintenance. If there's any changes to this information, we'll let you know.

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The Daily Quest: Post-patch 3.3.3

Here at we're on a Daily Quest (which we try to do every day, honest) to bring you interesting, informative and entertaining WoW-related links from around the blogosphere. Is there a story out there we ought to link or a blog we should be following? Just leave us a comment and you may see it here tomorrow! Take a look at the links below, and be sure to check out our WoW Resources Guide for more WoW related sites.

Wednesday morning the staff went through their usual routine at HQ. Which is to say we staggered, zombie-like, to the coffee machine, browsed our RSS feeds, had a nerf gun fight, polished a few articles... and then we realized we hadn't received any reader tips all morning. Was our mail server down? Was the mailing list broken? Had the world come to an end and no one had told us yet? None of the above -- but the day after a patch is very much akin to the turkey-coma that you lapse into after Thanksgiving. All was quiet and peaceful. Today's another story, but in the meanwhile, let's have some thoughts on the latest patch from the blogging community:

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Milling cast time reduced to one second

There have been reports in the blogosphere that there was an undocumented reduction to the milling cast time in patch 3.3.3. It used to be two very long, agonizing seconds for a scribe to turn herbs into pigments, and is reportedly going twice as fast: a blazing speed of one mill per second.

This is a huge deal to anyone who uses inscription to make money. Milling herbs into ink is one of those tasks that limits your production capabilities, and can't legally be done while afk. In fact, the milling grind time (four clicks, and until now, eight seconds per stack of herbs) is one of the reasons I rarely advocate new auctioneers getting into selling glyphs. In addition to generally overcrowded marketplaces and auction house campers, it's a business that requires almost super-human patience.

This will probably make the glyph market even more crowded, as the amount of unhealthy AH camping you can do with a finite amount of playtime just went up by a fair bit.

[Thanks to Wolfgang Staudt on flickr for the image]

Patch 3.3.3 brings about small but noteworthy changes to the World of Warcraft. From a faster CoT, to putting those old Frozen Orbs to better use, to changes to the auction house -- there's several things all WoW players need to know.'s Guide to Patch 3.3.3 will keep you up to date!

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Scattered Shots: Patch 3.3.3 hunter changes

Welcome to Scattered Shots, written by Frostheim of Warcraft Hunters Union and the Hunting Party Podcast. Each week Frostheim uses logic and science mixed with a few mugs of Dwarven Stout to look deep into the Hunter class. Got hunter questions? Feel free to email Frostheim.

Patch 3.3.3 has hit, bringing some surprises with it. We got the BM buffs we knew about, but we were also slipped some changes that weren't on the PTR. In addition to some truly odd things, Ghostcrawler put on his santa suit and slipped in some nice presents for all the good hunters of the world.

Unfortunately some of the patch notes are a bit vague, or they're worded very poorly (in one case implying the exact opposite of what the change really was). But after a bit of legwork and testing, it looks like most of these changes are good things for us.

Join me after the cut as we take a look at the more notable patch 3.3.3 hunter changes.

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Encrypted Text: Guide to patch 3.3.3 changes for rogues

Every Wednesday, Chase Christian of Encrypted Text invites you to enter the world of shadows, as we explore the secrets and mechanics of the Rogue class. This week, we discuss the recent changes in patch 3.3.3, and what they mean for rogues everywhere.

I can always tell when it's patch day. I don't have to read it on the forums or check our tip line for a Blizzard insider spilling the beans. All I have to do is watch my iPhone. It'll be mid-morning on a Tuesday, and my phone will start blowing up with texts from all the rogues in my address book. They're eager to bounce various spec ideas off of me, ask if I've done any testing with the new glyphs, and to see if I can spot them 40 Cardinal Rubies for their brand new gearing strategy. The answer to the last question is always "no", as I have more important things to spend my gold on, like a shiny new ilvl 277 cloak from a GDKP run.

If something is rebalanced, it's done via hotfix. Only the really major changes make it into a patch, and so a patch is inherently a Big Deal. That's the reason that any rogue forum you visit for the next few days will be inundated with "what's good in 3.3.3?" threads. I'm going to do my best today to lay all of the changes on the table, and let you know which ones are important and which ones you can safely ignore. The patch notes affect all 3 rogue specs, and so you'll want to understand the updates even if you're not interested in the subtlety revival (which is more of a whimper).

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Breakfast topic: Your favourite patch 3.3.3 change?

You psyched about the latest 3.3.3 changes? In case you need a download mirror, check out our sister site over at Big Download. I'm not looking forward to fixing my addons but I know there will be a few issues with it. For me, there are good number of updates that I'm extremely happy about:
I'm a little disappointed about:
  • The changes to the healing priest tier 10 4 piece bonus. (Redesigned. This bonus now increases the effectiveness of the caster's Power Word: Shield by 5% and Circle of Healing by 10%.)
But my favourite change of all?
So what's been your favourite change so far in the latest patch?

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